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“Every Child is an Artist” Cultural Heritage

First live event about Cultural Heritage. Participat countres:

Ukraine /Halyna Sikora/

Greece /Athanasia Zafeiroloulou/

Tunisia /Imen Taktak/

Teacher: Halyna Sikora, Students: 3 A, B; 6 A; 10; 11 B. Ukraine.

Teacher: Athanasia Zafeiroloulou, Students: B1, C3, C2a ICT . Greece

The event URl:

Teacher: Imen Taktak, Students: 9B4 and 9B8. Tunisia.

The event URl:

Second live event about Cultural Heritage. Participat countres:

Armenia/Alina Movsisyan/

Greece /Anastasia Vradeli/


/ Imen Taktak,

Randa Haoues, Faten Chaabane, Souhir Triki, Noura Trabelsi, Anis Amouri, Fatma Bouaziz /

Teacher: Alina Movsisyan, Students: 7 A; 9A. Armenia.

The event URl:

Teacher: Anastasia Vradeli, Greece.

Teacher: Imen Taktak, Tunisia.

The event URl:

Teacher: Fatma BOUAZIZ, Tunisia.

The event URl:

Teacher: Mrs Randa, Tunisia.

Teacher: Souhir Triki, Tunisia.

Our live event was about presenting our students their productions in different ways The link of the live event ** Pioneer middle school: Video abou Tunisia History ** Imen Sahnon prep school: the history of the Jurist Imem Sahnoun ** Mahfoudh prep School: Powerpoint presentation about Sfax and 2 padlets (students presentation and Tunisian actors)

Third live event about Cultural Heritage. Live event is a collaboration with the Tunisian partners Fatma Bouaziz, Rim Jabeur, Anis Amouri, Houda Benmiz, Kawthar Hakim Ayadi, Nouha Ayadi and Souhir Triki. It's about cultural heritage. Our classes enjoyed playing the kahoot and mentimeter games. Our students enthusiastically sang nice traditional songs. Together we execl! Fruitful Tunisian collaboration.

This is the link of Kahoot Game:

Fourth live event about Cultural Heritage. Live event under the name " Discover Tunisian culture through art" in collaboration with Habib Bourguiba College (Kawthar's class) and Ali Ennouri College (Fatma Derbel's class).

Our partner Athanasia Zafeiropoulou gave us a nice video on the occasion of this event

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