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Can I Hire You To Write My Thesis For Me? When it comes to asking strangers the strange question, “Can you write my thesis?” without inviting trouble, it is almost impossible. There are three possibilities: he might tell on me to my teachers and parents; he might rip me off by selling me substandard material; or he might take my money and run away. How can I make sure whether a person is trustworthy to be approached with such a question? The internet is a source of countless such websites that claim to write your thesis for you. Even with them there is a possibility of exposure of identity, sale of substandard products, as well as a false promise of a product after an advance payment. How can one avoid falling in tricks of such scams? There are some measures that one can take to keep himself from becoming a victim of such deceits while dealing with online writing services: •

To handle the problem of identity, one must seek for an option of doing business with a false name. Usually homework help websites have such options, but some do ask for the real names and details. These must be avoided, because, even if the facility itself does not let it out, the name might reach a person you want to hide it from. Usually the privacy policies also make it clear that they will protect your identity. Thus, while doing business of this sort, it is always wise to read the privacy policies and the terms and conditions of these companies.

To make sure that you are not sold some plagiarized paper or an amateurish writing, always seek websites that offer reviews and refunds in case of unsatisfactory products. Though almost all of the writing services offer a refund service, however, their policies for giving out refunds may differ. Thus, reading the refund policy is also a must before ordering a paper from a facility. Doing so will give you a little hint of the kind of service you will get from a particular website.

Finally, always delay the payment until after you get a glimpse of at least half of the paper. Even if the website asks for an advance payment, either ask them to reconsider their policy or go to another place to place your order. There is no other way to make sure that you won’t be fooled into paying money to con artists.

Can i hire you to write my thesis for me  
Can i hire you to write my thesis for me  

Who can I ask, “Can you write my thesis?” without inviting trouble? The person might report me or scam me.