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The best way to explore the beauty of Norway is by hiring a car If you're planning to visit Norway, make sure you hire a rental car. It gives you freedom to experience everything Norway has to offer. A rental car will give you flexibility to go where you want and when you want. If you're visiting Norway, a rental car is one of the best ways to get around. Norway is a Scandinavian country but has the astounding geographic diversity of a major continent squeezed into its small size. For example, a 3- 4 hours drive of in Norway's will offer you sub-tropical beaches, mountains with ski fields, forests, unspoiled trout fishing rivers and world class golf courses. Having a Bilutleie i.e. rental car services gives you the freedom and flexibility to go wherever you want and when you want. Driving in Norway For most overseasvisitors driving in Norway is a breeze as compared to what they are used to, there is surprisingly little traffic on the roads - especially in the South. Whilst Norway is small in size of it’s not densely populated. The limited number of motorways and freeways offer roads that are generally 2-laned and frequently windy due to the ever changing landscapes.In Norway we drive on the left, as in UK. If you're from some-other country that drives on the other side then you might feel hesitant and less confident about having to drive on the other side of the road. People of Norway are less considerate to other drivers than is seen in other countries, so you can easily overcome your fear and anxieties by driving off smoothly. Norway Car Rental Firms Norway Leiebil firms range from the familiar multi-national big brands like Bilutleie to small local car rental firms that operate in local and remote areas. The plus point of the big car rental firm is that they can be found throughout Norway and they offer the biggest fleet of cars when compared to small car rental agencies. The disadvantage of hiring a car from small car rentals that offer cheap deals is threat of being exploited as lack of professionalism on the part of such agencies often result into criminal activities such as loot and robbery. Between these extremes you'll find a wide range of the country car rental firms catering to different needs and budgets. What are Norway's Road Rules?

Here's a brief over-view. You can get more details at the Government Land Transport Authority’s website: • Be careful while driving off from market places and restaurants, as these places are more often crowded, diving may become problematic for a right hand driver. • Make sure that you are overtaking from the right side and are allowing more space between your car and the car in front of you to see the road ahead. •

Norway strict drink driving laws is stricter than U.K itself has.

Seat belts must be used all the times for your own security.

The country has a fixed seed limit to be followed.


Norway Leiebil firms range from the familiar multi-national big brands like Bilutleie to small local car rental firms that operate in local...

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