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Pros and Cons Of Employee Feedback

Employees always have a lot to say about their workplace like shout-outs, improvements, etc. Everyone needs a platform where they can raise their opinion. Sometimes they feel that their feedback is not being taken seriously. So, it is important to take feedback from employees. It is extremely beneficial for the business. It is a great tool with endless advantages, but there are also some disadvantages. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of implementing regularly administered Employee feedback into your business.

Pros of Employee feedback Drives transparency: It is most important factor in the feedback for the growth of the firm. Through feedback, a line of communication get opens between managers and employees. When it get done anonymously, they make employees less intimidated that their feedback results in adverse outcomes. So, stay in touch with your staff through employee feedback app and know their thoughts about the business. It not only helps in improving the business but also leads to growth.

Improves organisational culture: An anonymous voice permits employees to bring up their issues and concerns that they have been holding back. With the help of such feedback, managers or owners come to know about the situation and find the solution. Increases engagement: Most of the employees feel shy to say to their boss that he/she is not happy, but with the help of feedback app, managers can be aware of thoughts and feelings of their employees about the workplace. From the recent survey, it has been noticed that 87 % fewer employees are likely to leave due to engagement in the workplace.

Cons of employee feedback Takes time: It is true that receiving feedback, whether it is from clients or employees is a time-consuming process. Employees have to take out their time from a busy schedule for the feedback. But it may lead growth and benefit of the company. Getting employees to buy in: Futility is one of the biggest snags, and it is totally up to managers clamp that mindset. They need to show to their staff that they are doing something on their feedback to build trust. The more changes and actions employees see, the more they will encourage to voice their opinions.

Feedback of employee is critical in a workplace. Though it has its obstacles, there are certain ways around them if managers are serious about listening to their employees. They have to be action oriented with the feedback. And when they are then can gain happier employees.

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Pros And Cons Of Employee Feedback  

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