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Become A Super Hero By Ali Mujahid

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Author Note

I have been using the word superhero all over the small booklet, and every time I used this word I felt uncomfortable. The reason of my discomfort was mainly because the term superhero is very gender bias. It should be like superhero and super heroine. So instead of using the word superhero or super heroine I have decided to use this logo


So whenever you see this logo if you are a female then read it


and if you are a male then read it as superhero and



Chapter 1

Saving the World from Dr Apocalypses In our society you would find people who fail to see the big picture. There whole life is surrounded by concerns of their own well being. As time passes by these individual’s evolve into opportunist, and from here the problems starts. The sole purpose of these individuals is to make sure that they have everything, and they are willing to destroy any one who stands in their way. I like to call these individual Dr Apocalypses. The reason is simple they want to achieve so much that they are will to destroy the planet and every creature living in it. Here are a few characteristics of these individuals

POOR LEARNERS: They cannot see how they are destroying the society and the people living in it

ARROGANCE: These individuals believes that they are superior to others

GREED: They always have the feeling that they don’t have enough

SELFISH: They most important thing on the world is how they feel about themselves

IRRESPONSIBLE: They hate responsibility. They believe it is not their fault the world is in this big mess.

These individuals cannot see their weaknesses. And they are getting stronger day by day. Most of them are at highly influential position in our society. They have created a whole new culture of greed.

Dr Apocalypses is not any individual. It is an attitude that we carry with us. Whenever we become selfish and greed take over then we become Dr Apocalypses. Defeating individuals is an easy task defeating their attitude it’s a whole different ball game.

Chapter 2

Why Justice League and Avengers cannot solve our problems Our challenges are more complex, they have different layers. For example a factory polluting the water and air cannot be shut down because it has employees who would be out of work. The


in the justice league and avengers are excellent in finding short term solution. For example if a fire was started then we can rely on the avengers or justice league to help us, but they cannot device a plan to make sure that these types of accident cannot take place again. Similarly they can prevent a bank robbery but they cannot prevent it from happening again.

Here is another interesting scenario, how do you think they

would resolve the Arab, Israel


issue. Whose side would they defend; both parties claim that the other sides are the real terrorist. Lastly these


know who their enemy is, they

can see them. They can easily point out who are the evil people. But in real life we are not in particularly struggling against people, but against their attitude. So they might look good in the comics and movies but in real life they would go cu coo in an instant

Chapter 4

What can we learn from Justice League and Avengers I think after a few years


won’t be able to

impress anyone. The reason behind is that our technology has liberated us to the extend we can become

. Like we can fly see through walls,


go into space and so forth. I can imagine children in the past loved superman for all the things he did but two or three generation down the line children won’t be so impressed by the concept of superman or ironman. Simple because one day technology would enables to do a lot of those things independently. However there is still something we can learn from these


, and apply it in our daily lives.

If we study


you would find a pattern how

they defeat the grand enemies and save the day. I intend to develop a model and improve it a little. Challenge

• The hero/heroine is stuck in the corner • He is going to die


• He studies the enviroment • keeping in mind his/her strenght


• Design an escape • Apply it


Now this is how I think we should improve this model

Societal Challenge

• The hero/heroine is stuck in the corner • He is going to die


• He studies the enviroment • keeping in mind his/her strenght




• Design an escape

• Apply it • Teach / Inform others how he/she has succeeded or failed

By sharing your knowledge you would as an individual would enhance your skills; plus you would be helping others. Make sure you share your failures also, this others facing the same challenges put think of a better idea.

The Process of Escape Let’s briefly discuss the process of escape:

Challenge This is basically the problem in hand. It could be societal, family or any organizational. Whatever it may be, write it down. Then simply ask “why” this problem exists. You may come up with an answer and then ask why again. What we are trying to do is to distinguish between symptoms and root problems. “Root Problems” This is the main problems Symptoms Smaller problems, they usually look like problems but are only symptoms. From the challenge we can develop objective we are trying to achieve

Learning This is basically the study of the environment. What resources we have, internally and externally. Out of these resources which are useful and which are useless. Resource can be anything like human resource, economical resources or natural resources even our skills would be considered as a resource. Anything that can help us resolves the current issue and helps us achieving our objective or overcoming our challenge. Designing This is the part where we devolve a plan keeping in mind our objectives. Applying In this step you have to put your plan to actions. Make sure you write it in sequential form. Like Step 1 --------------

Step 2 -------------Escape & Teach Others Congratulation you are out of the challenge. The tasks know here is to teach other. If you are not out of the challenge then I would go back and see where you went wrong

Chapter 5



to Super Leader

Do you really want to become a


. Like I

discussed earlier technology has enabled us to do everything they can do. Why not go one step forward and become a super leader. You won’t be working alone you would be working as a team to protect the world form people whose attitude is like Dr Apocalypse. If you wish to work alone then I will not stop you. But a brief reminder that people whose attitude are like Dr Apocalypse are more in number and are powerful. They always work in teams in the form of organization. So there are likely chances that in the middle of the battle you would give up or even worst join them. So it’s better to work in teams.

There are basically five steps in order to become a super leader:

The first thing you have to do is to understand who you truly are. This is the most important aspect of becoming a super leader. If you are having a difficult time that simply mean you are lost. In life I believe the most difficult challenge is the feeling that you are lost. Being lost does not mean where you want to go. It simply means you are not aware of your current position. So you have to know yourself first. Here how you are going to know yourself. List down your strengths first. Your strength are things that you do well. Make a list starting from the most powerful strength.

After this list down all the weaknesses of your current society. Then look at them and see what you can do to contribute to it. This simple activity would motivate you to develop an action plan.

One should not be ashamed of recognizing your weaknesses. Make a list of you weaknesses, from this list develop a “Not to Do List�. This list should contain activity that is a complete waste of time.

The third step is to recognize your internal enemies and your external enemies. Your internal enemies are a reflection of your weaknesses. It could consist of your attitude, habits etc.

On the other hand external enemies are people who are trying to put hurdles in your way. At this point in time don’t show any reaction, just try to listen what they are saying. These enemies are providing you with vital info which would help you when you are developing your own.

This step requires you to sit with your friends and discuss how your group can solve the community challenges. Your groups of friends have to go through the same process but not as an individual but as a group. You have to identify your group core competencies by applying the same formulae. Group strength + Societal problems = Group Core Competency

Here you would start working as a group on small group task. During the process evaluate the group. Recognize all the hurdles which were on your ways and develop strategies how to avoid them in the future

After working on small projects you would be able to understand how your group works. Plus you would have a brief idea of your group weaknesses. Now sit together and develop a shared vision statement. A shared vision statement is where your group members see themselves in the future. This would be an important statement, because your whole group would be motivated by this statement.

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