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You will be able to distribute your book on-demand (Print-onDemand). Print-on-Demand means that, instead of having

many books in your house and waiting for them to be sold, your book will only be printed once a customer places an order. That means, you will save money. In the old time, people used to print many books and wait for a buyer. The problem with this method is that if you don't have any buyer to buy your books, you are losing your money. With Print-on-Demand,

you are sure that every time your book is printed, it's because an order has been placed. Your book is not done yet? : Click on the link on the top or at the bottom and you will find the necessary tools and help.


Christy Pinheiro - Self-Published Author. Gene K. Garrison - Self-Published and author of "Widowhood Happens" and "Javelina (Have-uh-WHAT?).

“Self-publishing through CreateSpace has liberated me.

Anyone using Microsoft Word and the CreateSpace "I have used several Print-on-Demand publishers, but

cover creator software could publish a pretty

CreateSpace is at the top of my list. Why? Because of all the

professional-looking book. If you make $2,000 a month

services they provide, and the excellent product that results

at a job and you can make the same money by

from those services." Gene K. Garrison - Author of

publishing, why wouldn’t you?”

"Widowhood Happens" and "Javelina (Have-uh-WHAT?)"

During her interview with The Writing Corner.

In May 2010, Christy's books sold at over $18,000 for


the month. Since then, she quit her day job and is now working as a self-publisher.

Joanna Penn - Self-Published Author is talking about printon-demand service.

"Print-On-Demand, I really think, has changed my life. I can be a published author in the US or in India or in the UK, from

Lou-Tyrrell - Self Published Author Author of The Flying Phone Booth.

my house in Australia. There is no cost. That means anybody

Interviewed by, here is what Lou

can self publish. Anybody can use print on-demand." -

Tyrrell says about CreateSpace.

Joanna Penn has a Website called TheCreativePenn.

"I went to CreateSpace and they produced a wonderful converted by

book and a Kindle file that I uploaded to Amazon and since July I've been working to get people to notice The Flying Phone Booth and working on my second book. I'm Jay Virtue - Writer of 50 Novels

old, but interesting."

"Great link. My book is almost completed and I'm thinking of

doing it through Amazon. Using Create Space is a great idea. Great tools. This can certainly help a lot of authors, who want to self publish."

During his interview with The Writing Corner.


Get Access to FREE Book Publishing Tools Learn More >>

FAQ About Print-On-Demand And Self-Publishing Books What Means Print-On-Demand (POD) Publishing And Is Print-On-Demand Like Self-Publishing? Print-On-Demand means that your book will only be printed based on the demand (customers orders). Your book will only be printed once an order has been placed by someone. There are many different ways to publish or self-publish a book. Print-On-Demand is one way of self-publishing a book so, yes, by using print-on-demand you are self-publishing a book.

Do I Keep All Rights To My Book When I Self-Publish On Print-On-Demand? Yes, you keep all rights and copyrights to your book when you self-publish it on print-on-demand.

Will I Get To See My Book As a Proof That It Has Been Printed? Yes, once you are done using the free book design tools and publishing tools, you will be able to have your book shipped at your personal physical address. This way, you can see how it looks like and even show it to your friends and family.

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How Easy It Is To Design And Self-Publish My Book Using Print-On-Demand? It is really easy. The book publishing tools and design tools are a "do it yourself" tools so that anyone can self-design and selfpublish their books. If you have troubles designing your book with these tools, their will be resources and professionals help. SImply click on the link at the top to access these tools for free.

How Long Will It Take To Have My Book Self-Published? It can take one week to have your book self-published and available to potential customers.

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Self-Publish Your Book Worldwide in 7 Days  
Self-Publish Your Book Worldwide in 7 Days  

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