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Hey friends! We are back once again with an exciting issue of Young Nation so that you wouldn’t miss out all the interesting information, amazing stories, funny activities and so much more‌ So what are you waiting for! Love, Edi.

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Hey kids, kindly send us letters, stories, poems and events detail on the following address: Or Editor Young Nation 4- Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore.


Dear sir, My name is Zaeem Yousaf and I want to become a poet. I am sending you a poem related to our lifestyles. Please print it and I can send you some more. Regards, Zaeem Yousaf Dear edi, I hope that you and your team are doing fine. I simply love your magazine, it

simply rocks. My exams are coming up and I am busy. So i won’t be sending you stories and poems for sometime. This is my eighth letter, to you, when I saw your magazine and my story, ‘New Year Party,’ I simply loved it. I loved the Winx Club poster. Please add more stories which are long. I loved the story, ‘Our Precious Special Ones’ in it. I am going to send you some information on White Geese this Saturday, please do publish it. Also please add some information on Winx Club. I love you guys! Good luck, Maira Imtiaz Class: 6 Rawalpindi Dear edi,

I hope you are fine and enjoying the winter season. You and your team are doing an excellent job. Please publish the poster of Winx Club as it is loved by many girls. You are really rocking! Keep it up! Yours biggest and craziest fan, Fizza Babar Gujranwala Dear edi, I feel so much homely with YN. This issue was great. I was really impressed by ‘Story Time’ written by Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee and ‘Natural Process’ by Shafique Mansoor, ‘Land of Palaces’ by Eesha Fatima. It was really impressing as I wasn’t much aware about my province Punjab and your piece on ‘Land Of Palaces’ gave me much information about it. Warm regards Ali Kamran Rasheed Riyadh, KSA.

Words of wisdom “Come my friends, ‘tis not too late to seek a newer world.” -- Tennyson “If you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are.” -- Zen proverb “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.” -- Meister Eckhart “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” -- Albert Einstein “Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have.” --Unknown

Young Nation-Feburary 19, 2011


Title: The Roald D ahl Treasury Author : Roald D ah l Pages: 446 Price: 1295 Synopsis: The Roal lection by and ab d Dahl Treasury is a wonderful out Roald Dahl, th co ing genius. e great stor ytell-lFour themed sect ions - Animals; Mag ic; Family, Friends and Matters of Im and Foes; portance - introdu ce some of Dahl’s characters, from best-loved Willy Wonka to th e BFG, from the the Twits, from Ja Witc mes to Matilda. In each you will find hes to stories, poems, m emoirs and letters co , as well as some un mplete poetry and letters published . The Roald Dahl Tr ea by Quentin Blake, sury is beautifully illustrated in fu as well as by lead ll colour in Briggs, Babette Co le, Posy Simmonds g artists such as Raymond and Ralph Steadm an. ‘Those who don’t believe in magic wi ll never find it,’ Ro You will find a to ald Dahl told his re uch of magic on ever y page of this aders. perfect gift for all sumptuous book. lovers of Roald Da It is the hl, and for all thos his magic. e who have yet to discover

Title: Girls Li Guide To Being Author: Schofe The Most Amaz lastic ing You Number of Pag Price: Rs 720 es: 126

Synopsis: Decisio n, decisions. How do I get my crus notice me? How h to will I tell my pa re nt s I do n’ t want to play soccer anym ore? What shou ld I wear to my friend’s birthday best party? Should I take French or ish? How can I go Sp anto summer cam p and not get ho sick? Get the an m eswers you need an d sa y go od stressful situatio -bye to ns.

Young Nation-Feburary 19,2011






There were times when children used to go out to play as soon as they return from school. But now times have changed and the whole scenario is ameliorated, all thanks to the television set at home. But what is it that has changed the taste of the children? Why is it that instead of playing with their peers, they prefer to stay at home? The culprit is the cartoon channel!!! Earlier, there used to be a certain time allotted for cartoon shows. There were no specific cartoon channels on air. But now there are a number of cartoon channels and it has become a great pass time for children and a nightmare for parents. Buzz up! Children

Young Nation-Feburary 19, 2011




The queen wore it in her crown. She looked so regal with the jewel shining in her crown, like water in a pond with the sun shining above it. The jewel was priceless and the price was determined, but not so accurately. It could not be so, as this particular jewel had a long story

behind it. And so it goes. To the North of the equator and in the tropic of Capricorn, there existed a land of which two rival bodies

By Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee

Young Nation-Feburary 19, 2011


claimed ownership. These rival bodies that co-existed previously had now developed a lot of differences. Obviously so, as the new generation came forth, it came with, its own peculiarities. The foremost dif-

ference was religion and at the bottom of the list was the dress. These differences grew into enormities, which again led to war, which was sparked off by a country that ruled over them. In this land was born Ali. Ali was taught in school about brotherhood. He was told that all the boys in his class were his brothers. Ali‘s so-called brother Natoo ‘s father was a barber. Now it so happened that Ali’s father went to Natoo‘s father for a haircut. Natoo looked down upon Ali’s father. But Ali‘s father had no place else to go since Natoo‘s father ‘s shop was close tto his house. Mr. Brown, who’ belonged to tthe ruling class, the tthought world of himw self He would not even sit on tthe chair that Ali‘s father and A his companions had sat on. “Ali, Mr. Brown wants yyou to go to his house because he said he wants yyou to clean it”. Although it hurt A his pride he knew he would have to go, because Ali‘s father worked for Mr. Brown. It hurt his pride because Mr. Brown tthought cleaning was a petty job. w “Ali, pick up tthis piece of furniture and

put it there “. Mr. Brown pointed with his finger to where he wanted it kept. The piece of furniture was so heavy that Ali bent over while picking it up. Nor his years, such a job was difficult but he had to do it. Such were the conditions in which Ali was brought up. Others like Ali and Nattoo fought with each other, and Mr. Brown cashed in on it. The queen of Mr. Brown‘s country was very dominating and she ruled with an iron fist. She was also known for her greed. Ali‘s father read the headlines to Ali one day, “Jewel missing from the museum.” Ali listened with interest and asked his’ father, “Who could have taken it, Dad?” His father remained silent, as he did not have the answer. The next day Ali went to school carrying a satchel. The topic of discussion among his friends was the jewel. Natoo agreed with

Young Nation-Feburary 19, 2011


Ali, about the disappearance of the jewel and who was responsible. They both agreed that the queen was greedy and maybe, she could have done it. They also knew that the queen‘s minister had visited their land a few days ago. The reason for his visit was still a mystery. But the timing was similar. The timing of the disappearance of the jewel and the arrival of the minister. Sure enough, a few days later, a news item in the newspaper read, “Queen‘s crown studded with heirloom jewel missing.” The jewel belonged to Ali and Natoo‘s land, as it was mined there. But Mr. Brown s people got away with it because Ali and Natoo’s people did not get along with each other. They were busy fighting with each other. This lesson of life has taught them the hard way.

as they get ready for school. Easy to watch programmes work best during the morning rush. Programmes that typically work are cartoons like The Scooby and Scrappy Show or Super Rupert. However, it doesn’t become the main focus until the evening, all thanks to the cartoon channels. The children have become so desperate that they go on watching cartoons while they get ready for school and while eating. Even before sleep, there are some who even want to watch cartoons while they are studying. Their excuses are so impressive and they sound so desperate that they cannot be moved away from it. Here are some interesting tips for kids to which can prevent them become a constant viewer of the cartoon channels. Set limits: Limit your self use of TV and cartoon channels as much as possible. Plan your viewing: He should never spent all his time watching cartoon channels but distribute his time watching different channels of use and that will help him in the long run. Some channels for knowledge that is Discovery channel; and National Geo-

graphic channel are really good ones. Watch TV with your parent Whenever possible, watch TV with your child and talk about what you see. If your child is very young, she/ he may not be able to tell the difference between a show, a commercial, a cartoon or real life. Explain that characters on TV are makebelieve and not real. If your schedule prevents you from watching TV with your child, talk to them later about what they watched.

things to do with his time, such as the following: • Playing • Reading • Activities with family, friends, or neighbours • Learning a hobFind the right message Some television pro- by, sport, instrument, grams may portray peo- or an art Set a good example as stereotypes. Talk • with your parents and ple elder siblings about the real-life roles of women, Encourage your chilthe elderly, and people dren and guide them to that may not be shown choose the right kind on television. The car- of show toon characters may be- that, will provide as come role models for a learning lesson for them and they may find them. them to be real ones. Look for quality chil- Get more information dren’s channels other Get information from different sites and newsthan cartoons. papers and know the latest news and trends. Give other options Watching TV or car- Start early to work on toons can become a this and don’t delay, as habit for you. Help then you will make it all your parent find other the more worse.

Young Nation-Feburary 19, 2011


Martin Harvey / WWF – Canon

You know, I don’t always have to travel to far off places to meet interesting animals. Sometimes they come to me. One morning I was trying to take an after-breakfast nap under the big rosewood tree in the back garden. I could smell the lovely roses in their flower beds that Mina and Mehdi’s parents loved so

Young Nation-Feburary 19, 2011

© David Lawson/WWF-UK

Sarus Crane S (photograph by: Sahastrarashmi)


Martin Harvey / WWF – Canon

“You’re a good kid,” she said. If you hadn’t brought yyour humans when you did, I think I would have died!” Her husband put his good wing around her. He obviw ously loved her very much. “They were terrible people, who shot at us,” he said. w I asked them where they’d come from. “We used to live in the desert,” said the gentleman crane. “But there’s a drought on, and the wattering hole near our home dried up. So we had to leave, to try and find water and another home.” “Yes,” said the lady. “And on the way, as we were flying over this city, three people with guns saw us and started shooting. It was terrible!” She shudw dered. “We were so afraid we wouldn’t make it, specially since we’re going to have babies soon.” I was totally shocked. What kind of people would do this to harmless birds? Sara and Sar, for those were their names, stayed with us for about a month. The three of us became great friends, and I was very sorry to see them go. As they rose into the air, so gracefully, I thought, what a wonderful couple! I sure hope they find a large body of water and a good place soon. I also hope I see them again some day.

much, and hear bees flying lazily around them. I gave a deep, contented sigh and wiggled my nose further into the warm sunshine. Suddenly the sun was blocked by something big that flapped. I hurriedly opened my eyes, and saw something absolutely beautiful. Two really big birds, grey and white with gorgeous red heads, had landed in our garden. One of them was limping, and the other’s wing was all bloody. I stood there in shock, and one of them spoke. “Hello, there,” he said. “Er… wuff,” was all I could say. “We’re sarus cranes, my wife and I,” said the bird. “We were flying over your city and somebody started shooting at us. We’re both hurt. Can you help us?” I gasped. “Of course, of course,” I said. “Please rest here. Let me go get my humans!” I tore around the garden to the kitchen door, and ran inside. Mina and Mehdi’s parents were there, doing the washing up. I barked and barked, trying to tell them to come with me. “What’s the matter, Blackjack?” asked Mom. “Bark,” I said. Unfortunately, I can’t speak to humans. Dad ruffled the fur on my head. “What’s wrong, boy?” he

asked. I grabbed his trouser leg, and started to pull. “I think he wants us to follow him,” said Mom. I rolled my eyes in relief. At last, they understood me! I ran out to the garden where the cranes were, Mom and Dad running after me. When they saw the cranes they stopped dead. “Oh my goodness,” said Mom. “They’re hurt,” said Dad. Slowly he walked toward them. The cranes knew that Mom and Dad were there to help them, so they just stood there while Dad came closer. One of the cranes was fainting, and her leg had been broken by the bullet. She was the wife, I learnt later. The one with the hurt wing was the husband. Mom made a soft nest for the cranes, and Dad gently examined them, then went to call the vet. I just sat there the entire day, when the vet came and set the crane’s leg, and bandaged up the other crane’s wing. Then we gave them grains to eat and water to drink as well as some medicines. That night they slept, and in the morning they seemed better. I sat next to them as they had breakfast, and chatted. The lady crane was feeling better enough to talk to me.

Young Nation-Feburary 19, 2011


Sarus crane facts •

Sarus cranes are among the world’s tallest birds. An adult male can be up to six feet tall! • They reach adulthood in about five to six years; • They eat water plants, insects and grains; • Sarus cranes are not migratory birds, although they often move around to find better environments when water bodies dry up; • There are very few sarus cranes in Pakistan, found mostly in Tharparkar in Sindh, near the Indian border.

Young Nation-Feburary 19,2011


Young Nation-Feburary 19,2011


First Gymboree (Play and Music) launched in Pakistan LAHORE: Recently, Gymboree (Play and Music) launched their first franchise in Pakistan with Beaconhouse Liberty Campus. The grand launch was hosted by Sophia and Kasim Kasuri. Around 400 families with children uptill age 5 were present at the launch of Gymboree Play and Music in Pakistan. Gymboree Play and Music is considered world leader in Early Childhood Development. It has more than 700 centres in 46 countries around the world. “97% children who attend Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDs) beginning birth to three years of age perform better during the early years of their life and in Preschool as compared to children who don’t attend such centres,” said Director Gymboree Corporation Stuart Ford, an expert in Early Childhood Development. Stuart was also alarmed that there are a number of fake Gymboree programs running in Lahore but Beaconhouse is the only authorized franchise

Young Nation-Feburary 19,2011


of Gymboree programs in Pakistan. ECD programmes focuses on the cognitive, social and physical development of children aged 0 to 5 years through playing, singing, movement, and sensory development activity. Gymboree Pakistan Director Sophia Kasuri, a child development expert advised the parents gathered for the launch by that parents must participate in play and learn activities with their children to help their child’s development. The Educationist Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri was pleased that parents were becoming aware of the importance of quality time with young children, but regretted that before the entry of Gymboree Play & Music there was a dearth of developmentappropriate activities in Pakistan for the parents of pre-schoolers. She said that her organization (Beaconhouse) was pleased to partner Gymboree in Pakistan.

Young Nation-Feburary 19, 2011


Young Nation-Feburary 19, 2011


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My Letter from Riyadh,KSA

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