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Pr oj e c t s Hapt i cE nc l os ur e : P r ot e c t i onf r oms e e n&uns e e n I de aof S he l t e r : Adapt abi l i t y&S oc i al i t y

Haptic Enclosure:

Protection from seen & unseen

External Torso:

Voice Analysis Detection Galvanic Skin Response Speech Recognition Negative Energy Recognition Heart Wave Analyzer


Negative Influence Backbiting Lies Fraud Others



Protection from the Unseen ( Emotional Conditioning) Temperature Change Electric Shock Turns Twists

Back Support/ Spine Double Layered Soft Fabric Supporting live Ribs with flexible spine

Living Ribs Double Layered Soft Fabric containing detectors/ twisting mechanism

External Stretchable Fabric/ Mesh Holding living Ribs

External Torso:

Protection from the Unseen

Protection from the Unseen

Rotation/ Twisting of Torso as it gets activated & responds to particular interaction ( Negative Inuence)

Axis of Rotation

External Torso:

External Torso:

Protection from the Unseen When connected to Live Crime rate data, particular component of External Torso change shape. - Becoming rigid and uncomfortable as the crime rate goes high - Backspine Rotates as crime goes up, and become extra sensitive to negative inuence

Idea of Shelter:

Adaptability & Sociality

Artist JR work serving as a starting point for studies related to ideas involving informal economies, settlements, and homelessness.

Natural disasters are somewhat beyond human control, and homelessness caused by natural disasters is in focus. Following research is conducted to look at the impact of environmental disasters resulting in loss of shelter.

An interactive soft architecture is proposed serving as a conversation starter on homeless caused by environmental disasters. Designed and crafted around the ideas of adaptability, and sociality


As the two soft structures touches each other or an adjacent project it actuates and a sound of rain/ thunderstorm is played which intensifies as weather gets worse at a particular location. Live weather data acts as an input for this intensification controlled by arduino and processing.

Soft Architecture  

Studio "felt" MArch Geiger, Jordan University of Buffalo Fall 2012

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