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Journal Entry #8 Silhouettes Inspired by baggy sweaters from China, bulky loose fitting knits will be all the rage this season. Sweaters will be at classic mid thigh length with draped necklines and various sleeve lengths. In Rio, several collections inspired by the 1940’s and 50’s silhouettes will have an impact on hemlines. Over the last few seasons we have seen maxi skirts and dresses that sweep floor mixed in with mini dresses but it seems skirts will finally come to rest just above the knee. The belted waist will accentuate curves. I have seen these styles coming into the U.S.A. in many ways. I noticed a lot of shoe styles turn into a modernized version of their 1940’s and 50’s ancestors. I also have noticed that turtle necks and other big, baggy wool or cashmere sweaters have made their way into our closets this winter.

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