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Get on the Ball! One of the most effective ways to complement your adjustments between visits is to begin using a stability exercise ball to rehabilitate the muscles that support the spinal column. Our postural muscles endure relentless stresses throughout the course of each day that over time can lead to muscle spasm, tenderness, and impaired range of motion. Consistent use of a stability ball builds strength and balance in the vertebral muscles and can help to counteract the negative physical forces that life imparts on our bodies. Even simple acts such as standing or walking require precise coordination of the tiny muscles that support the spine and pelvis. Your adjustments help to ensure that these muscles are supplied with sufficient nerve energy to withstand the rigors of the job. Performing these exercises without clearing the nervous system of interference is like trying to swim against the current. When done in conjunction with your adjustments, stability exercises help to optimize your response to care, help to speed your recovery time, and improve your general level of fitness. If you think of chiropractic like orthodontics for your spine, then stability exercises are the wires that hold your adjustments together.

From a fitness standpoint, everyone can benefit from using a stability ball as an exercise tool. Since the ball engages the body’s core muscles, benefits can be derived simply by adapting exercises to the ball that would otherwise be performed on the floor or on an exercise bench. If it is determined that the use of a stability ball would benefit you from a rehabilitative standpoint, specific exercises will be recommended for your condition. Always be sure to ask us which exercises are best for you and how to perform them properly. Fitness ball exercises are some of the easiest exercises to perform while paying huge dividends on your strength and stability. Whether you are utilizing the ball for fitness or rehabilitation, the most important thing is to exercise consistently. Life doesn’t slow down and the stresses on your body aren’t going anywhere. Piece-meal workouts won’t get the job done. Stress is ongoing, and to combat its effects your exercise program must be a lifelong commitment. So for a fit body and a healthy spine, get adjusted, maintain a positive attitude, and follow the bouncing ball!

Stability Ball  

Stability ball and core strength.

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