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What is


Tech Cycle is a national level project, run by several

Step 3: Refurbishment

universities all over Malaysia, with SOLS Tech at

The electronic waste goes to the workshop at SOLS

the helm of affairs.

Tech where it is refurbished. SOLS Tech is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher. The components are taken apart and the system is repaired in such a way that it is ready for usage.

Step 4: Donation The refurbished PCs and digital devices are donated to NGOs and underprivileged communities all over Step 1: Spreading Awareness E-waste is a global problem, which needs solving at the local level. Tech Cycle begins with generating awareness about electronic waste: telling the community what is electronic waste, what are the dangers of e-waste, and how to be responsible while

disposing off e-waste

Step 2: Collection Tech Cycle focuses on collection of broken/ unused/ old digital devices and office equipment. Collection takes place at a door-to-door level, in university and high school campuses, and also at the

corporate level targeting IT companies.

Malaysia. The NGOs are identified by SOLS and AIESEC committees and assessed to see if they meet the requirements. Thus, Tech Cycle ensures that one person’s waste is someone else’s treasure!

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Tech Cycle E- Summit Conference

On the 13th of May, AIESEC UKM organised the Tech

recycling. Vidya B from India took over from Syaban in

Cycle E-Summit Conference at DAM-FST. It was attended her presentation about Tech Cycle in UKM. by students from UKM and UTeM. We also had Exchange Participants from Ecuador, Morocco and India as our

After a chain of fun ice breaking activities, Andrew Lee


of Chaserz co-ordinated an interesting activity where the delegates had to draw their faces on balloons.The balloons

The day started off with an en exhibition of booths

were then collected on stage. The delegates had to search

displaying AIESEC culture and souvenirs, trinkets and

for their balloons. Immediately after, the balloons were

photographs from India, a Tech Cycle donation booth, and

returned to the stage. This time, the delegates had to pick

a stall for Champfactor.

a random balloon and find the delegate who belonged to

Following the Booth visits, the delegates were led into the

that balloon. Andrew used this activity as a metaphor for

auditorium and welcomed with the traditional AIESEC

human interaction. In the former case, everyone was

Square Dance.

focused on themselves. In the latter case, people cared for each other. Electronic waste and Tech Cycle’s model

With energized spirits, the delegates were ready for a series

of management works on the basis of empathy and care

of meaningful sessions. Qi Yong and Kushalini, who were

for underprivileged communities.

the emcees for the day, effortlessly led the flow between events.

The lunch break was followed by a talk by Mr. Ramesh of

First, Seng Wee, Local Committee President gave the

MACRI about Intellectual Property Rights and Content

audience a big picture of AIESEC. Syaban Mohammad,

Creation. Jon Ng from Chaserz followed it up with the

represented our National Partner SOLS 24/7 in his

theoretical basis of video making and editing.

informative talk about the many ways that SOLS impacts Malasyian communities through education, IT and

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Page 3 In World Cafe, the delegates were divided into four groups. On a rotation basis, they visited four stations: Brazil- led by Heera and Vernon, this station’s core value was Consequences. They made their delegates understand the consequences of the thoughtless disposal of e-waste by explaining how Brazil is impacted by this.

World CafĂŠ stations

India- This was led by Vidya. The core value was Empathy. The delegates were shown videos about child labour in the e-waste sector. They had to respond to the videos by writing letters to these children and posting them in the

Armed with information, the delegates were presented the Futuristic Time Machine, a skit by the members of AIESEC UKM. The actors aimed to showcase the past, present and future of Electronic Waste and its impact on the world at large.

Post Box set up for this purpose

Durian Company- This station was led by Joanne and Jia Hui. They used the core value of Reverse Engineering and role played a typical scenario of a company that focuses on Profits, Human Resources, but ignores its Corporate Social Responsibility. By doing this, they tried

Futuristic Time Machine

to convince the delegates about what an environmentally conscious enterprise should

The day slowly came to a close with the Reflection, where

NOT do.

the delegates had to close their eyes and ruminate on all that they had learnt. Following this was a sharing and debrief

Creative Stall- Led by Yuanning and Yee Na,

session. Finally, there was a photographic review of the

this station used Imagination and Creativity to inspire their delegates to create something and Innovate from electronic waste

eventful day that everyone had experienced . AIESEC UKM hopes that everyone present left with a heightened awareness and commitment towards electronic

Page 4 Induction Day Induction Day was the day on which Tech Cycle was officially launched in UKM. It was held on 24th

March 2014 at FSSK, Social Science and Humanities Faculty of UKM. Induction Day was held with an aim to introduce this project to UKMers, explain to them what Tech Cycle

Group activities were organized for reflection, and

is about.

motivation to take the first step to donate electronic

On that day, the Exchange Participants from Morocco waste. and China shared their experiences working in this

Induction Day set the stage for a series of other activities


organized by AIESEC UKM.

Donation AIESEC UKM identified United Learning Centre as a

their parents are still trapped in Myanmar, but these

beneficiary of Tech Cycle. Together with SOLS Tech,

children are given a future thanks to the efforts of ULC.

representatives of AIESEC UKM visited United Learning It was heartening to see the children run up to help the

Centre on the 16th of May.

volunteers of SOLS carry the PCs from the pickup truck to

10 computers were donated with the specifications:

the office. Their willingness to help and enthusiasm made

Pentium 4, Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, 5 CRT

our efforts worthwhile.

Monitors and 5 LCD Monitors respectively. United Learning Centre is located in Kuala Lumpur. It protects, cares for, and teaches 70 refugee children from Myanmar. They are provided two hot meals a day, and a basic education. This initiative of United Learning Centre

protects the children from human trafficking. Some of

College Run and Booths To promote Tech Cycle, we set up booth in the cafeterias of kolejes all over UKM, and distributed fliers and donation forms to interested students. They not only learnt about electronic waste, but also learnt how to pro-actively find solutions to this problem. Some of them even donated their electronic waste on the spot.

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Partners National Partner: SOLS 24/7 As national partner, AIESEC Malaysia works in close collaboration with SOLS 24/7 which is a “non-political, non-religious, non-governmental organization, providing education and social services without prejudice, beyond borders, to underserved communities”. They have centres in Malaysia, Timor Leste, India, Japan, Laos, Cambodia and a pilot project in Thailand. TechCycle in UKM works in close collaboration with SOLS Tech, a branch of SOLS dedicated towards collection, refurbishment and donation of technological devices.

Title Sponsor: PM UKM It is an association that leads all associations/clubs in UKM. It functions as a representative of all students. PMUKM will be a place accommodate all the students’ problems and will be willing to helps all students in all aspects

Learning Partner: MACRI The Malaysian Association of Creativity & Innovation (MACRI) is a non-profit organization whose title speaks for itself. They promote creativity and innovation through workshops, courses and training programs. They focus on creation of high quality digital content and empowering youth to innovatively contribute to this pool.

Supporting partner: Chaserz CHASERZ' is a Creative Supporting Firm. They design expressions for your initiatives, organizations, businesses or projects. CHASERZ’ is the official mentor of AIESEC UKM.

Conference In-Kind Sponsors Berjaya Times Square Theme Park Berjaya Times Square Theme Park is an indoor theme park on the 5th to 8th floors of Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Bar-B-Q Plaza Bar B Q Plaza is a self-cooking Mongolian and Japanese style barbeque restaurant, focusing on the selection of high-quality meats and vegetables where customers can experience self-grilling.

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