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ali el sayed cv date & place of birth & nationality: 04.01.82, saudi arabia, palestinian. contacts: +966540548698 +96171434842 interests: social activities, music, health, technology and media education & work experience: 1988-1997: al faisaliya school, jeddah 1997-1999: al manrat high school, jeddah 2002: 3 points advertising agency, summer training 2002-2006: american university of science and technlogy, BA in graphic design 2006: grey worldwide advertising, training 2006: propaganda advertising, joiner graphic designer 2007-2009: what’s up jeddah magazine, senior graphic designer 2009-2010: what’s up jeddah magazine, art director 2010-present: interesting times - creative marketing solutions, art director



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54. Meeting Movie Icons Dar Al-Hekma College



19. Look Better in 3D What's Up Fashion Collection

63. Apple iPad First Saudi Shots

38. Christian Louboutin Red Sole Stamp of Excellence


60. Nokia X6 Product Review

12. Faith Connexion: Spiritual Clothing Revolution

42. Rosemin Manji Extraordinary Stylist

76. Abu Dhabi Yacht Show The Next Big Thing After Monaco


66. 2011 BMW 5 Series 70. Aston Martin Cygnet A Luxury Minicar


78. Voila Saudi-Handcrafted Chocolates 82. Cappuccino The Lifestyle Cafe



48. Why So Blue By Dr. Modi Batterjee

54. Mamoli Adds a Touch of Romance

46. FitnessTime Plus Elite Fitness


86. Jeddah Food The Definitive Source for Food and Hot Spots in Jeddah

50. Loemen Sculpting with Light



ATHR Gallery:

Opens a Box of Vivid Dreams Event

When we look at the whole concept behind Athr Gallery we can evidently see a tangible transition into the captivating world of art; providing Jeddah’s residents with a contemporary art sanctuary in the heart of Tahlia Street, to fulfill the need for an environment where Saudi artists, art critics and the passionate art society of Saudi Arabia can share and luxuriate their senses and minds in the finest works of art. Athr Gallery driven by passionate and qualified people in the field of art to exhibit internationally known artists to the Saudi art scene in order to enrich and infuse the creative minds of Saudi artists. To set such high standards, Athr Gallery has been an encouraging participant in Art Dubai 2009,

Venice Biennale 2009, and Edge of Arabia in London 2009. On the 16th of August 2009 Athr Gallery officially opened its doors to welcome the art community of Saudi Arabia with its first exhibition "United in Faith" that focuses on the Muslim’s faith, its peacefulness and tolerance. United in Faith exhibited works of famous international artists like the well known British photographer Peter Sanders, the legendary master of Arabic calligraphy Haji Noor Deen Mi Guang Jiang, the ambitious Saudi sculptor Noha Al-Sharif, and the esteemed Saudi Arabian artist Lulwah Al-Homoud. This first exhibition offered lectures by Haji

Noor Deen Mi Guang Jiang about the concept of "Art of Calligraphy in Chinese way with Arabic lettering". Photography workshops by Peter Sanders for amateur photographers that explains techniques and the way of thought behind them, plus workshops focused on the 'Art of Seeing'. With such an astonishing collage between workshops, art, and artists the United in Faith exhibition will be open to the public till the 14th of September. And that’s just the beginning since Athr Gallery will organize many more exhibits in the near future.

artists, in order to discover their talent and help them hone it, so that we can present them to the world to show the richness of their imagination that was mixed with their wealthy Saudi heritage.” Said Mr. Mohammed Hafiz.

“Athr Gallery’s main objective is to establish a place where we can shed light on creative Saudi

Both founders have devoted their lives to explore beauty, and share discovered masterpiec-

“When we started to showcase Saudi artists on the international arena, we discovered that the world really appreciated our works of art, they simply were mesmerized by it, and that is why we decided to create this gallery to discover more unpolished gems that would touch a special place in our hearts.” Said Mr. Hamza Serafi.

es, they have been working hard for years to establish the perfect setting in order to support the art sphere in Saudi Arabia thriving to refine the way we see modern art. And to spread the alluring vivid dreams of Saudi artists to the world.

vibrant visions of Saudi and international artists.

During our first visit to the Athr Gallery we couldn’t help but to admire the openness and tranquility of the surrounding, giving you a chance to unwind and adore such amazing pieces of fine art. From What’s Up’s perspective we can see that a careful eye has been focusing on all of the small details in order to create a world-class art gallery that connects both place and time to further enrich our culture with the

The exhibition will be open to the public until the 14th of September 2009. Opening hours during Ramadan will be from 10.00am - 4.00pm & 22.00pm - 1.00am (by appointment), Saturday through Thursday.

ATHR Gallery is located in the Business Center's 5th f loor of Serafi Mega Mall, Prince Mohammed Abdul Aziz, Tahlia St.

More information can be found on their website or you can call +966 (0)2 284 5009 to reserve a private viewing.




What’s Up Art Gallery:



Huda Nour Beydoun Graphic Design Student Dar Al-Hekma College Huda Beydoun found her passion in Abstract Expressionism Art, during her freshmen year in high school she noticed a growing interest in this school of art. A burst of creativity came upon her, as she mastered color combinations. Huda joined many exhibitions trying to enlighten people about this school of art, with the support of both her family and friends she managed to keep on painting. Her favorite artists are: Franz Cline, Pablo Picasso, and most of all, Jackson Pollack.

Eloquent Smoking


Fallen Tree

This painting emphasizes on richness and class among other thoughts running through the artist's head at the time. Using colors gold and brown to emphasize the woman's feminine and elegant side.

This painting has a figure of a male and a female attached together to show the differences and focus on the arrogance each feels towards the other, it still exhibits their attachment and dependency on the other side. Painting a larger feminine side to illustrate her hidden abilities.

What you might see is a tree that is set on fire, might as well be a painting of a tree that is enduring the fall season, simply a point of view.



Akoya: Unlimeted Possibilities Looking at the images of the AKOYA airplane unleashes a flood of ideas. Where taking-off near your yacht, flying to your private property, or even changing direction mid-flight and visiting ski resorts is now possible. AKOYA brings flying lovers and water enthusiasts together, since it gives you the freedom to land on ground, water, or even snow, all that while maintaining its elegance and style. LISA Airplanes’ AKOYA is a multi-access airplane with a Panoramic 180° view that can land and take-off in less than 330 feet on ground. The AKOYA can fly to the maximum range of 1.300 km, with a maximum speed of 300 km/h. The AKOYA is entirely made of composite materials, the fine lines of the aircraft combine aerodynamic properties with good looks. For a better flexibility and more safety, LISA Airplanes equipped AKOYA with new innovative systems like the Ri&Flex Wing. And to protect you in an emergency situation, AKOYA is fitted with the ultimate safety device: a parachute that ensures you and the machine a soft landing. The two-seat aircraft interior offers a comfortable and spacious cockpit. With stylish and ergonomic seats, spreading your legs to the front of the cockpit makes the cruise flight much more pleasant. This configuration is suitable for movement freedom, which turns even the longest flight into a real relaxing time. The panoramic vision of 180 degrees provides all the satisfaction for an accurate handling. LISA Airplanes proposes a complete offer. For €300.000, the price of the fully equipped AKOYA includes ultralight pilot license, and special training on water and on snow.


Silvestri 23 SC Meet what is known as the “Porsche of the sea”, the Silvestri speedboat is a 23-foot speedboat made by the same makers of the Spyker sports car. This beautiful boat is finished in an aluminum skin, with a spacious frame that houses all the cutting edge technology and hi-tech gadgets that is seen in most high-end sports cars on the roads. The interior features sleek leather and remote controlled hatched compartment, while the hull of the boat is extremely rigid, giving the Silvestri an ultimate level of firmness, making it the most durable boat of its kind. ■

16. editorial design

42. home & art


How Cute is Qee? • Qee figures, pronounced "KEY", are a design pattern creation that has taken the world by storm when it was first released in 2001. The craze caught the imagination of art lovers and collectors worldwide. These figures come both in a 2.5 inch tall designed by cutting edge artists from across Asia, America and Europe. And a 8 inch DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Qee program to help aspiring designers create their own Qee. The interesting part about Qees is that they come in 'blind' boxes so that their identities are concealed. You don't know what figure you will get! This just adds to the excitement. Qees inspire surprise, adventure and fun! Qees have distinguished themselves because they also double as key-chains. Each Qee has a removable attachment for those who wish to use it as a key chain instead of a display figure. Qees are produced in limited numbers and are highly collectible by Many contemporary artists and designers from all around the world. They have recently become both fashionable and desirable collector's items or as a stylish touch on your key ring. You can find them sold at Life Stores. •

Exclusive re-embroidered Shemaghs available at SID Store.

Jeddah Roshana Mall Riyadh Nojoud Mall








Lightning Strikes top picks


1. Dsquared 2. Miu Miu 3. Miu Miu 4. Miu Miu 5. Sonia Rykiel 6. Balenciaga 7. Prada








Christian Louboutin: Red Sole Stamp of Excellence


It was extremely exciting to meet a big-brand designer like Christian Louboutin, but what made it even more intriguing was to learn more about his passions and what drives him to be so creative.

my apartment in Paris, in that museum there was this sketch of a woman’s shoe, and that drawing raised a lot of curiosity in me. The drawing was a 1950s drawing back in the 70s.

What’s Up got the pleasure of a one-on-one interview with Christian Louboutin at his flagship store in Al Khayyat Center to talk about his designs and why he picked Jeddah to nest his boutique.

What was so special about it? The sketch design, made me realized that everything around us was designed, the sketch was crossed with a red “X” mark in the middle, as a child I wondered about what was forbidden about that shoe, was it forbidden because it is a shoe, or was it forbidden because it represented the feminine side. That drawing kept me thinking. It made me recognize that everything was designed, because this drawing represented the idea of a woman’s shoe, a shoe that doesn’t exist, but it was the idea of it. And that helped reshape my views on design.

How did you get into becoming a fashion designer? Many things combined in a way, I have always had a passion for showgirls, musical shows, and music halls, and that was one of the passions I had since I was a child. Another things was my interest in visiting museums, I had one next to

18. editorial design




BLÅ Station Oppo Collection Sofas

BLÅ Station is introducing a new line of fun and casual furniture that can be easily described as cool. The "Oppo" collection would definitely brighten up any residential or commercial office setting with an inviting place to relax and lounge. The soft shape Oppo invites you to communicate without words, since the collection comes in both a small and a large version, with or without armrests. Oppo thrives almost everywhere; airports, waiting areas, hotels, lounges, libraries or any other location. You can also log onto BLÅ Station’s website and use their design tool to create your own chair in a variety of colors to compliment your décor.

Fire Coffee Table Coffe Table

The Island Series Sun Lounge

A dreamy collection for outdoor lounging by the Dutch company Free-Line. The Island Series consists of three varieties: The Island Sunbed, which is a 2.50 m round sunbed, made of an aluminum frame, Viro fiber (artificial rattan) and Sunbrella cushion covers. While the wooden side inlay's are made of teak-

You might not have noticed it already, but it is Winter season, and nothing comes close to offering warmth and coziness to your home during this season, creating a warm place for yourself and family to gather around.

wood. It also includes a round 2.70 m umbrella with stainless steel pole and teak ribs, that can tilt to 360º. The second is the Island Lounge which has the same dimensions as the sunbed, yet is made to give you lounging experience that can never be forgotten. While the third is the Island Sofa, that

is made to accommodate yourself and your loved ones to enjoy the beautiful sun. All Island Series can be used adjoined or separated depending on your needs. Free-Line would price any of the three depending on the quantity and method of shipping, so the best way is to contact them for more details.

So we decided to choose this unique product to talk about. This fire coffee table is hand-made with a beautiful walnut veneer and works exclusively with ethanol that can give you a constant burn for up to an hour and a half. The colored area of the table sports a high-gloss varnish, while the fire burns within a stainless steel plate covered with a crystal glass cylinder. The Fire Coffee Table would cost about $6,500, You can find it sold at Opulent Items website.

Arafat Street, Al-Andalus Dist. Tel: 02-6682595





MT700G: Miton’s Ultra Modern Kitchen

Epoca Egg series

Oversized Zucchetti - XL Z94 Showerhead

With their new special designs Gruppo Treesse is offering the option of personalized finishings, decor, appliqués, and indisputably special materials on their new Egg series of bath tubs. You first start by choosing your bathtub model then you can customize it with capitonné upholstery, Swarovski crystal, painted finishes, and decorative accents. The result will be a reflection of your originality.

This new ultra-modern kitchen by Miton is called the MT700G kitchen. It features a Comfortable, ergonomically pleasing curvatures, that gives it this futuristic look and feel. You can choose either a peninsula or an island construction, giving you either one or two circular work-tops that incorporate a stovetop and sink. Above the stovetop you will find a cylindrical fan that extends reaches down from the ceiling, which is both visually impressive and practical. The MT700G kitchen offers a lot of storage for all your cooking essentials, the cupboards flows smoothly into attractively rounded off corners, with tidily fitted stainless steel appliances that complement the beautiful stainless steel worktops.

Imagine a personal cloud raining over your head, how would that feel like, well now you can enjoy rain every day with this innovative oversized showerhead by Zucchetti. The XL Z94 (XL being extra-large) is suspended from three twisted steel wires, to add an aesthetically feeling to its natural organic appeal. The Z94 adds another level of experience, when it drenches you with refreshing, clean water, while wrapping you with a lovely LED lighting for an extra celestial touch. The oversize head spans over a 50cm diameter, with 400 plus nozzles. As a distinctive functional feature, this element allows different water effects while maintaining the same water flow, which is equivalent to that of a standard-sized showerhead. It is possible to use only the powerful central section or to use just the gentler outer nozzles. Of course, you can use both to get a true rain effect. You can find by wisiting Zucchetti’s website:

You can find more by visiting:

So to make a bold statement in your kitchen you can visit: for more information.




Atelier Catherine Masson

Balustrade Chaise by Muggleton

In France, and throughout the world, the Atelier Catherine Masson aims to lead the market in luxury scented items for the home. With a range of twelve delightful fragrances ranging from long lasting, sophisticated, and subtle, just to make sure it would apply to any home. In the heart of these perfumes, Catherine Masson applies to home fragrance all the care and attention one usually finds only in the cosmetics industry. Each item from the atelier Catherine Masson collection comes with a perfume refresher, a room-spray, and scented candles.

This lovely Balustrade Chaise echoes the smooth curves of the natural world. Andrew Muggleton, noticed that the naturally rounded lines of the wild environment put people at ease. Muggleton bends and shapes exotic woods with shaped moulds and a vacuum press that delivers 4 ton of weight. A complicated process to achieve wonderful simplicity. The Balustrade Chaise features a curved base. On top of this rest brushed aluminum curved rails with mahogany supports. Finally, there is an attractive cylindrical head-rest upholstered in ultra-suede. Comfort and stunning design meet in the brushed aluminum curved rails. You can find more at: Just look for Andrew Muggleton.

Available at: Jasmine Box Home & Fashion Boutique

Pool Design

Burning New York


Packed with over 400 full color photographs of stunningly designed, magnificently landscaped swimming pools. This book provides you with an overview of the latest in pool design.

Burning New York features the latest and most exciting graffiti art being created today, the book has a great collection of New York artwork done by talented artists. Featuring excellent images.

To get your copy contact Number 77: 02 667 7580

To get your copy contact Life: Jeddah (02) 284 4266 Riyadh (01) 441 4439

This is one of the few logo books that are worth buying. It's full of very progressive styles and refreshing ideas. If you want to break away from the mainstream corporate identity logos and be progressive, this book is made for you.

By Haike Falkenber

By James T. Murray, and Karla L. Murray

By Victionary

To get your copy contact Life: Jeddah (02) 284 4266 Riyadh (01) 441 4439

Madera Bathtubs Free-standing soaking bathtubs, sculptured and hand crafted from natural wood and passionately polished and oiled. These wood soaking bathtubs are available in different models (round, oval, and rectangular) and sizes. Offered in many different wood options larch, beech, mahogany, cedar, cherry, walnut, and teak. Custom designs and made to measure available on request, please call for information. Available within the same collection. Unique works of art. A wonder in craftsmanship.

Overlap Tray Imagine yourself stretched out with a ton of cozy pillows behind your back, listening to music while you surf the web or chat with friends, or even God forbids get some work done from home. The fluid shape of the design is both stylish and functional. The main surface has ample room for any laptop size, a coffee mug (or tea) and mouse, while the convenient trough holds newspapers, magazines (What’s Up anyone?) Or your important files. The Overlap Tray is extremely stable, it is an ideal tool for doing your work in comfort... Or for a cozy breakfast in bed.

20. editorial design



food & restaurants

Cappuccino is known to be one of the World’s most renowned prestigious cafés, with its exquisite service and ambient atmosphere, Cappuccino Grand Café has officially opened a branch outside Spain for the very first time, to find a new home right in the heart of the marina at the equestrian club next to the Hyatt Park hotel, in Jeddah.

Cappuccino Grand Café:

Cappuccino Grand Café has been known to host and cater to many A-List celebrities, like former president Bill Clinton where he would find a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy playing his saxophone while socializing with friends. The Café’s menu offers a wide range of delicious food items and beverages to choose from in a chilled-out atmosphere.

Be Part of the A-List New in Openings


Cappuccino Grand Café is a place where highstandard quality, service, and great music is always guaranteed. So now is your chance to experience this ritzy glamorous life for the first time ever in the Middle East.



Useless News to Amuse Random Information







01. The first alarm clock could only ring at 4 a.m. 02. Dogs have no sense of time. 03. Sponges can cotain 16,000 other animals inside of it. 04. The Guinness Book of Records holds the record for being the book often stolen from Public Libraries. 05. Duracell, the battery-maker, built parts of its new international headquarters using materials from its own waste. 06. Most lipstick is partially made of fish scales. 07. Peanuts are one of the ingredients in dynamite. 02.





Sleep Like a Baby Sometimes you find yourself twisting and turning on the bed as if being skewed on a BBQ grill. It could be the result of messing up your sleeping schedule by staying up late watching a movie, playing video games, or even talking on the phone for hours on end. After going through that you might find it hard to readjust your sleeping patterns back to normality. So here are some tips that might help you get some good night sleep.

Stick to a Schedule We all remember (and hate) those moments when our moms used to tell us, “it’s bed time!” Guess what? She was right all along. Sticking to a schedule allows your body to set its internal rhythm, so you can get up fresh at the correct time, every day.

Exercise Who would have guessed huh? Getting in shape, being fit, living healthy, oh and getting a good night sleep. If you’re new to exercise, then you should know that 20 to 30 minutes of workout would do the trick. That shouldn’t be hard now?

Sleep Only at Night No more siestas for any of you. But if you still MUST have it, then limit your day time naps to what is known as a power nap, which should not take more then 20 minutes. No cheating! Set the alarm clock, and don’t use the “I’m out of batteries” excuse.

Taking a Warm Bath The warm water will help all your muscles to relax, and unwind, plus it always feels cozy to sleep after a good warm bath or shower, just imagine the fluffy cottony feeling once you slip under your bed covers.


Don’t Eat before Sleeping Here’s the deal; you should give your digestive system at least two hours to finish its task, this will allow your body to get a healthier uninterrupted rest during the night. It will also help prevent you from getting unwanted nightmares. Avoid Caffeine I drink a lot of coffee myself, and I always say it has no effect on me when it comes to getting sleep, but you know what? Really, it does. So we should stop kidding ourselves (I'm talking to myself here). Not having that last cup won’t kill you.

Read a Fiction Book Rapturing you to a whole new world if you really get into it. You can take some time to reflect over the story as you fall asleep. I sometimes use my iPod to listen to audio books, while I drift away. Don’t forget to set the “Sleep Timer” from the Alarm menu.

Use Technology We've all watched at one time or another a Sci-Fi movies where people plug something to their heads and sleep, guess what? These things are real, I for one use a software called Pzizz (www.pzizz. com), they offer both software and hardware solutions to relax you and get you to sleep.

It’s an Emergency! Break the Glass I always advise against using this method, and I recommend you ask your doctor before doing it. Take a sleeping pill, trust me I didn’t want to even mention it, but the tips won’t be complete without talking about it. Please check with your doctor first.

Cooler Room We all like cool temperatures, especially here where it could get really hot, yet with winter season being upon us, trying to sleep without AC would be a refreshing peaceful idea, yet I know some of us tend to sleep to the rhythmic sounds of the AC.

Shhh!!! Sleep in Silence Sleeping with no TV or music in the background could work best, yet sometimes it works the other way around, so if you’re trying to sleep and you have a source of noise in the room, turn it off, or on if the room is too quiet.

I recommend you try one or more of these tips to get some sleep, a warm cup of milk could even help, but don’t forget to brush your teeth after that, and if you want to know where you can find free or even paid audio books drop me a line and I will send you the links.

USELESS NEWS In 1939 Erneset Vincent Wright published a novel called Gadsby. It's a story of Over 50 000 Words without Using the Letter "E".

Fill a matchbox with gold and it can be flattened into a sheet the size of a tennis court.

Mafia is an old Arabic word that means sanctuary.

The original name of Bank of America was Bank of Italy.

By lying on your back and raising your legs slowly, you can never sink in quicksand.

Hurricane names are reused all the time. A new name is added only if a hurricane is very deadly or costly?

China has more English speaking people than the United States!

American Airlines saved $40 000 in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad served in first-class.

A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21-inch tongue.

Humans babies are born without Kneecaps.

An angry Newcastle United fan once auctioned the star player Kieron Dyer on eBay.

22. art direction

Revolutionarily Chic Diesel . Firetrap . G-star . Dondup . Met Jeans . Freesoul . dryKorn . 7 for all mankind

Jeddah: Badriya Towers, Red Sea Mall Riyadh: Localizer Mall, Tahlia St. Khobar: Al-Rashid Mall

Revolutionarily Chic Jeddah: Badriya Towers, Red Sea Mall Riyadh: Localizer Mall, Tahlia St. Khobar: Al-Rashid Mall


Revolutionarily Chic Jeddah: Badriya Towers, Prince Abdullah Street Riyadh: Localizer Mall Khobar: Al-Rashid Mall (Opening Soon)

Tahliah Street, Above DKNY

24. art direction

L’etoile Mall, Malik Road T. 02-6925580


fashion SUITE 966 - Women Outfit by Patrizia Pepe Sunglasses by Custo Barcelona Shoes by Patrizia Pepe

15 SUITE 966 - Men Outfit by Dry Korn Sunglasses by Modern Amusement Shoes by G-Star



TRAVEL. summer products



Beaching it!

04 09 08

01. Paul Frank men shorts SR255 Life Store

02. Paul Frank men slippers SR55 Life Store 03. Paul Frank men towel SR175 Life Store 04. Paul Frank Bikini SR155 Life Store 02

05. Paul Frank women slippers SR55 Life Store


06. Paul Frank women towel SR175 Life Store


07. Franklin Marshall beach racket SR135 Life Store 08. Bulit waterproof bag SR380 Beach & Beyond Store



09. SeaSpecs sunglasses SR275 Beach & Beyond Store 10. iPod dock speakers SR295 Life Store

06 12



11. Bulit waterproof laptop case SR190 Beach & Beyond Store 12. Body Glove water ski blades SR1300 Beach & Beyond Store


Jacket, Top, Jeans & Bag by Firetrap Shoes by Diesel


Available at Suite 966, Badriyah Towers, Reds Sea Mall

Jacket, Top, Wallet & Cap by G-Star Jeans & Bag by Firetrap Scarf by Modern Amusement Shoes by Camper

Available at Suite 966, Badriyah Towers

26. art direction




Life Men: Cap - Franklin Marshal T-Shirt - Kidrobot Jeans - M75 Shoes - Rudolf Dassler Glasses - Spitfire Accessories - Kidrobot Women: Top And Scarf - Manoush Trousers - Juicy Couture Bracelet - Juicy Couture Necklace - Juicy Couture Shoes - Vivien Westwood Accessory - Agnes Mille



Sid Women Kaftan: Risto SR 2795 Necklace: Sourouk SR 2045 Clutch: JJwinters SR1525 Shoes: Camilla Skovgaard SR 2165 Scarf: Risto Perfumes: Krigler SR 595 Candles: SID SR 195






Available at:





Revolutionarily Chic

10 01 04 14 06

01. Modern Amusement Shirt 02. Fullcircle Trousers 03. Modern Amusement Hat 04. Camper Shoes 05. Fullcircle T-Shirt 06. Modern Amusement Slippers 07. Modern Amusement Cap 08. Modern Amusement Shorts 09. Laura Lees Label Dress 10. Freesoul Belt 11. Camper High Heels 12. Firetrap Bag 13. Hale Bob Top 14. Diesel Belt 15. Firetrap Trousers


11 07

08 15

02 12



Right DKNY (Khyyat Center) Top: Pure DKNY Jeans: Earnest Sewn Jacket: Donna Karan Collection Bag: Zufi Alexander Shoes: DKNY Left Escape Men (Tahlya St.) T-Shirt: Production Artisanale Jeans: Care Label Belt: Laura B Bracelet: Laura B Shawl: Kiminori Morishita Sandals: Collection Privee Bag: Collection Privee

28. art direction

Fashion Starts Here

Al-Hayat Plaza, Al Rawdah St. Tel: +966 2 661 2099 - Fax: + 966 2 2661 4722 -

maje . sandro . paul & joe sister . april may . circus & co . iro . raasta one season . diabless . pilar ruiz . j & company jeans . votivo erika pena . scooter . raquel moreno . les nereides . zoe & morgan alia ohana


Fashion Starts Here

maje . sandro . paul & joe sister . april may . circus & co . iro . raasta one season . diabless . pilar ruiz . j & company jeans . votivo erika pena . scooter . raquel moreno . les nereides . zoe & morgan alia ohana

Al-Hayat Plaza, Al Rawdah St. Tel: +966 2 661 2099 - Fax: + 966 2 2661 4722 -

30. art direction

Freshly Baked Soft Gourmet Cupcakes.

Munch is the new hip shop for all your gourmet bakery needs, offering a wide selection of cupcakes, cakes, cheesecakes, loaves, pies, tarts, brownies, muffins, and cookies. At Munch you can indulge your senses in a luscious warm and cozy sensation whether you’re looking for a cupcake to kickoff your morning, or a cookie jar to embrace your friends whenever they visit, Munch is where you can find it à la mode. Oh and please don’t tell the Cookies Monster that we’re open yet!

Munch your way through the day!

Mouth Melting Homemade Cookies.

Thank you very Munch! Munch Station for your Kids.

Must Munch! Al- Hamra, Arafat St. Al Fawares Center Tel: 966 2 660 5010 Mob: 966 5404616237


FOOD & RESTAURANTS. al-bar food trip


The Atmosphere The whole idea behind Waterlemon is inspired by nature, the Café, the menu, and the waiters, will shift their theme and color depending on time of season. Burnt orange for autumn, deep pink for winter, fresh green for spring, and azure blue for summer.

The Name Water: The mixture of life, pure, fresh and reviving. Lemon: Quenching, juicy and zesty.

What’s Up Tips Don’t miss out on Waterlemon’s lunch time special offer. Ask for the “Off List” drinks. Get your laptop and enjoy free wireless websurfing. Wide selection of appetizer to go with your drink. Ask for the welcoming shoot (only at night).




Juice Boutique & Café By Ahmad Al-Bar




1. Strawberry Fizzler: a mixture of fresh strawberry with Red Bull

A contemporary, modern, relaxing, and welcoming juice boutique. That offers fresh fruit and vegetable juices, coffees, teas and healthy food menu, in an extraordinary atmosphere.

2. Tropical Breeze: fresh peach, pineapple juice, coconut syrup, half and half blended with vanilla ice cream. 3. Virgin Delight: watermelon & guava syrup with lemon and apple juice.

4. Blue Whale: Blue Curacao and lime syrup with lemon juice and red bull. 5. Peach Treat: Apple and peach slices with apple and peach syrup topped with 7up


32. art direction

Show Your Inner Light

Home Accessories

jeddah, al andalus district . arafat street . al fawaress center . shop # 14 .

02 667 7580 .

02 683 6455


Arafat Street, Al-Andalus Dist. Tel: 02-6682595

Premium Reseller

MacBook Pro Madinah Road, North of Square Bridge . Tel: 02 668 6756 .

What do you get from i-Weaver? Premium Apple authorized dealer. The best and most reliable after sale point of service in Jeddah. with the latest and greatest Apple products all under one roof. +966540548698 +96171116854

CV and Graphic Design Portfolio  

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