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CONTENTS Features 5

VIRGIN TERRITORY Reader forum for hot topics, comments and advice.

24 DOUBLE COACH JUMP A teen figure skater learns a few tricks from her coach.

52 PROM NIGHT EXPOSÉ Teens tells us how they gave it up on prom night.

65 PUCKER UP A barely legal butthole special!

Pictorials 12 IVY “I love being teased.”

20 ELLI & DESI Mom & daughter almost nude!

27 YULIA Has yet to try a dick.

35 TESSA She’s a professional ball-milker.

43 LUCCIA Still cute, still horny.

57 CALI Pops her cherry!

72 VANESSA “Exercising makes me horny!”

79 KRYSTAL Naughty Latina fesses up.

92 JEWEL Gives her boy the best gift. PG. 43

PG. 72

PG. 79

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READER FORUM FOR HOT TOPICS, QUESTIONS, COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS. to be very interesting indeed. But my favorite parts of the magazine are the beautiful barely legal girls. Please keep up the good work.–W.K., via email Dear W.K., If you’ve been reading our letters section lately, you’ll have noticed that many readers have written in expressing their love for redheads. We’re working on getting more of them in the magazine, so hold on tight. We don’t have any redheads in this issue, but it’s packed with the hot barely legal girls that you love so much. Sit back and enjoy!

This is part of the reason why readers love redheads so much.

More Ginger Fans Dear Virgin Territory, I am a long-time subscriber to your magazine, and I just want to commend you on the fine work The Score Group has done in producing a firstclass teen-girl magazine. I am 55 years old and there is nothing that gives me more pleasure than to sit back, relax and look at some of the finest barely legal models in the world. I especially enjoyed the Feb. ’10 issue, which featured some of the most beautiful and sexiest redheaded teen beauties that I have ever seen. The fact that many have freckles all over their bodies only adds to their sexual beauty and elegance. I also enjoy reading your letters, the hot teen fiction, plus your stories of true experiences involving teen girls from all over the country. I find them

Dear Virgin Territory, The Feb. ’10 issue was great. Especially the redhead special. Those were some hot ginger mamas. I know everyone loves Faye, and I think she’s smokin’ hot, too. But I’ve got to say, Darcy and Emma’s fire-crotches really turned me on. That’s something you don’t see every day. I know this would be hard to do, but could you do an entire issue of redheaded girls? The rest of your Feb. ’10

issue was great. Tessa is totally cute and looks like the popular cheerleader I’ve always wanted to fuck. Summer has an exotic look and a pretty face. Amber is a redhead–need I say more? Jessica is one of my favorite models. So flat and cute! I loved seeing Londyn getting fucked with her cotton panties on. Hillary is like the British girl next door. And I think I had as much fun jacking to Starla’s pictures as she did riding that cock. And on a side note (Starla reminded me of this), I like girls with gaps between their teeth, I think it’s cute and it makes the girls look friendly. Please don’t be afraid to show models with gaps between their teeth!–E.C., Santa Fe, New Mexico Dear E.C., It’s interesting that you like girls with gaps between their teeth. We do agree that it makes girls seem more approachable, and gives their smile a youthful playfulness. Enjoy the picture on page 8 of Starla who is (kind of) a redhead and has a gap between her teeth.

Butthole Surfer Dear Virgin Territory, Abby is so cute and fresh-faced. Please tell her that if she ever needs help shaving her pussy I will do it for her. Abby’s face is very Do you want to bury your face or your sweet and cock in Abby’s butt? angelic, but Tough question! I think my

eighteen 5

Latina of Cuban descent. In this issue you will probably like ethnic cuties like Luccia on page 43 and Krystal on page 79. But here’s a bonus photo of your March ’10 favorite, Kayla.

Reader P.O. wants to see more dark, exotic teenagers like Kayla.

favorite part of her (or any girl) is her butthole. If she ever needs a good butt-tonguing I’m also the man for the job. I would love to bend her over on all fours and dive right into her crack. There is nothing like licking a teen girl’s asshole and her smooth pussy, especially after you shaved it for her.–D.W., Miami, Florida

Savoring Sapphic Sluts

Dear Virgin Territory, The best thing about the March ’10 issue was Star and Cali doing the horizontal tango! Who is Cali? I’ve never seen her in your mag before and I think she is a total cutie. She is definitely worthy of her own pictorial! I think Star is very cute, too. Together, these two teens make a nut-busting duo. I loved the picture of Star jamming her two fingers up Cali’s cunt while she was bent over in doggie-style position on page 62. I’d love to see these two in a video together. I believe it’s been quite some time since you’ve released any lesbian videos. Please make more girl-girl videos with the girls doing all kinds of things to each other that involve strap-ons and anal beads.–D.M., Sacramento, California

Dear D.M., You’re in luck! Cali is in a hardcore layDear D.W., out in this issue on page 57. Turn to page Two things. One–if you want to see 57 to get your spank on. As for lezzie buttholes, turn to page 65 to check out our videos, we don’t have any new material at Pucker Up Special. Two–check out the moment, but for some Tiffany’s pictorial on page 81 of June memorable scenes you Cali and Star ’10 for pussy-shaving pictures. spent their

Hot for Exotic Teens Dear Virgin Territory, I love seeing ethnic teens. In the March ’10 issue I was really digging Kayla. I’d love to suck on her dark nipples and munch on her bald twat. Tell her that no one minds seeing her hard nipples poke through her shirt. She should wear a white top with no bra so that pervy guys like me can see her dark nipples through the material. It gives me wood to just think about it. I also thought Abby was very cute. Is she a Latina? Please bring me more ethnic teens!–P.O., Burlington, Vermont Dear P.O., To answer your question, yes, Abby is a 6 eighteen

sleepover exploring each other’s bodies.




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may want to check out classics like Angelica’s Lesbian Adventures, available for order on page 9.

Still Masturbating to the March Issue Dear Virgin Territory, Great job with the March ’10 issue. You guys really outdid yourselves with this Look into Destiny’s spread cunt. You can almost see her cherry.

1. What is your age? A. 18-29 12% B. 30-41 6% C. 42-53 44% D. 54 and over 38% 2. How do you like to see the models masturbate?

one. As soon as I looked at the cover I knew this issue was going to be a scorcher. How did I know? Because when there is a skinny, flat blondie who is as young and cute as Destiny on the cover, I know good things are waiting inside. And boy, was I right! I was very tempted to jump straight to Destiny’s pictorial, but I’m glad I took my time and looked at every page. I could go on and on about this issue, about beautiful Madison, Abby and her fresh looks and Kitten’s braces, but I’ll keep this letter somewhat short and just talk about my absolute favorite part of the March ’10 issue: Destiny! I think she is just the kind of girl that every 18eighteen reader wants to see: small-chested, slender and cute as a button. She is perfect in every way. I was pleasantly surprised to see her purplish pussy lips. I hope to see her in your magazine soon and doing hardcore!–W.B., Asheville, North Carolina

A. With dildos and vibrators 6% B. With their fingers 38% C. Don’t like to see them masturbate 38% D. A & B 12% E. No preference 6% 3. Do you like hardcore in the magazine? A. Yes 75% B. No 25% 4. What makes you want to buy 18eighteen the most? A. The covergirl 25% B. Lots of girls on the cover 25% C. Hardcore 44% D. The coverlines 6% 5. How do you prefer the covergirls to dress? A. In as little clothing as possible 38% B. In regular clothes 18% C. In underwear 38% D. B & C 6%

6. How do you feel about pubic hair? A. Love it. Lots of it. 22% B. Don’t mind a little. 72% C. Bald only. 6% 7. How do you feel about tattoos and piercings? A. I don’t want to see any at all 38% B. It’s okay if the girl has a random piercing or a small tattoo 50% C. I’m indifferent 6% D. The more, the better! 6% 8. What kind of girls do you like? A. All-American 44% B. Latin C. African-American D. Asian E. It doesn’t matter, bring them all! 56% 9. How do you like the girls to be styled/dressed? The most commonly repeated answers were short skirts, pretty underwear, lingerie, schoolgirl uniforms, costumes and see-through underwear. 10. Something you’d like to see more of? The most commonly repeated answers were spread-pussy shots, asshole pictures, hardcore anal, close-ups, pigtails, small breasts and wet pussies. 11. Less of? The most commonly repeated answers were big boobs, tattoos, piercings and XXX.

“I’ll spread for the readers!” -Katey

Dear W.B., We knew readers would fall in love with Destiny the second we saw her. And you will see her again, don’t you worry about that.

Good Girl Gone Bad

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Dear Virgin Territory, Until recently I was a good girl. Actually I still am; I’m so bad I’m good! The person who turned me around is my college roommate, Melinda. When I first opened the door on the day I moved in, there she was, butt-naked and riding one guy while two others waited their turn. “Hi,” she said matter-of-factly. “I’ll be done in a minute, unless you want to help me finish them off.” I said that I’d come back in a few minutes. I went for a long walk, but over the next few weeks I learned to tolerate her slutty ways. We even started to become friends. Before I got to know her I dressed like a total dork. Melinda helped me pick out a new wardrobe not at all like ‘me’…a ‘hot’ wardrobe. One day she invited me to tag along to a party. I was flabbergasted, but proud that ‘I’d arrived’. I was really nervous, but Melinda was really having a good time! She hit it off with all the guys, but two in particular she seemed to bond with: Aaron and Clive. Normally when my roommate opens up our room to guys I protest, so I really surprised myself that night. We invited the two guys back to our dorm! We girls were wearing special party outfits, but I wanted to slip into something more comfortable. I went to the bathroom and changed into a looser-fitting outfit a n d t o o k o ff m y heels. Clive’s eyes were glued to the d o o r, a n d t h e moment I walked out he raised his eyebrows at me and winked sexily. Meanwhile Aaron’s eyes were fixed on Melinda. I put on some music, and

instinctively my body started moving to the rhythm. Clive joined me, and soon he was getting frisky. His eyes were fixed on my boobs. “Hey,” I said, coyly. “I’m up here.” Clive shook his head. “I know, but I’m hooked on the view down here.” He licked his lips. “If you think that’s a good view,” I responded, “just look at this!” I lifted my skirt revealing a thong. “You can say that again!” Clive said as he took off his shirt, revealing pecs that gave me chills. Without hesitation I removed my skirt, leaving only a thong and bellyshirt. Clive upped the ante by removing his slacks. “Your turn,” he said, so I took off my shirt, showing that I wasn’t wear a bra. He didn’t lose a beat with his body as he moved closer and gently touched my boobs. “Ooh, I like the way you dance,” I cooed. I’d been looking forward to seeing him in just his boxers, and he didn’t disappoint. When I looked down I saw his big tent pole! Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon I became a new girl. “Oh my fuckin’ god!” I exclaimed. Then I knelt and devoured his meat. It didn’t take him long to pump well over a quarter-cup of man-pudding into my horny mouth. I was one fulfilled cum-slut! As I licked up every drop of Clive’s cum, from the other side of the room I heard, “Hey, what took you guys so long to join us?” I looked and saw Melinda and Aaron naked and in a 69, Mel’s chin dripping with cum. We had a great time that night, especially switching partners back and forth. Melinda and I are best buddies now and totally best fuckbuddies!–A., San Luis Obispo, California Dear A., Thanks for writing in your sex story. It was super hot and we’re sure it’ll make our horny readers pitch a tent in their pants. 18 We know you like the tiny gaps between teens’ legs, but what about tooth gaps?


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Ready to see our ng hottest teens getti core rd Ha e th stuffed in e’s er Th e? m Hall of Fa n in tio ac ck fu so much ’t on w u yo , this issue to re he w even know start! ET0409

JULY ’09

Our girls can’t get ck. enough pussy or di ve ha y ck Vi d Majella an rls gi e th d an lezzie fun, tie ot H ty of Naugh ve Slumber Party ha re co rd ha ht a late-nig 09 orgy! ET07

OCT. ’09

The 2009 Back to you School issue brings erygirls getting off ev ing it where! They’re do in in the lunchroom, eir th in d an n io detent bedrooms. Plus a 1009 braces special. ET


ers, Naughty muff-div t ho a redhead, two rtu blondes, a mas ,a bating bookworm d ba a virgin in curls, nte de girl fucking in tion and more. ET1309

MAY ’09

y Check out our horn ng tti ge Web girls rdcore screwed in the ha r preview fo m. es DP do rt ta y rn Plus a ho PJ a d an ys to with her 09 05 party! ET

AUG. ’09

n is The hot summer su s making these teen ’re ey Th y! sex-craz tfucking outside, ge ol po e th at d ke ting na tle lit and tanning their t to an w st ju rls tits. Gi play! ET0809

NOV. ’09

U. Meet the girls of F. . in the video pick ung They’re all cute, yo hile and horny. Meanw ts ge super-flat Chloe g fucked in a dressin es a room and Jeny rid 09 hard cock. ET11

JAN. ’10

new We’re starting the ! ng ba a year off with rls gi r be Our most lim sitions pose in flexible po cks in co g in while squeez al an us Pl their cunts. n! tio hardcore ac ET0110

e er men. They’r “I just love old bed.” great in ’10 -Brittney, June

10 eighteen

JUNE ’09

y Big-titted teen Miss e tim is th , ed rn tu has re with a cock in her pussy. Anal-loving Paola gets double ra Xt e th in d stuffe fresh insert. Plus more cuties. ET0609

SEPT. ’09

ttie Get ready for a fla video fuckfest with the preview for Flat & eck Fucked 2. Plus ch ing out horny Ella fuck a hard cock for re ting venge on her chea boyfriend! ET0909

DEC. ’09

tiny Horny chicks with in our tits have returned ial. ec sp Fucked Flatties bes ba d And bitty-boobe t ge Lily and Ginger orifucked in their pict s! tie als. And more cu ET1209

FEB. ’10

Do you love redget heads? Well, you ch ot cr efir of plenty ’s ue iss is th in babes And l. ia ec sp ds Redhea ber wild ginger girl Am the also poses nude in centerfold. ET0210

MAY ’10

solo Jewel returns in a e ni in M d an pictorial, on m cu to ck comes ba s ck fu lie a prick. Ky shock jock cock. bble Emiliana has a bu just is a en El d butt. An 10 05 ET t! plain ho



ie Pretty, little Bonn ide w gs le spreads her lets y ld Go . for a boning a e ak m her boyfriend em th of home video n Ava fucking. And Asia jecin ef gets a hot be 10 tion! ET04

ttie Tons of cuties! Fla ly sh Madison, fre -ridshaved Abby, cock by ba , ing Michelle eac br y, faced Destin s ie zz le face Kitten, Star and Cali and more! ET0310

JUNE ’10

The readers asked for it, now we’re giving it to them in this issue…teen and MILF sex! Watch little Sophia and MILF Georgette get it on in a threeway with Georgette’s older boyfriend! And Channell fucks an auto mechanic. In the centerfold Tinah shows off her tiny Asian pussy. Super-flat Mercedes returns to tell you slutty cheerleader stories. Busty blonde Nikita flaunts her boobs and shaved pussy. Plus more girls. ET0610

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“The last guy I slept with was so mean!” “So this guy and I were fooling around in his dad’s old Buick LaSabre. I’d much rather fool around in a bed, but if I had to choose a car to screw in, that’d be the one. It’s so big and cozy. Anyway, one thing lead to another and we were about to have sex. But he wouldn’t give it to me. He was just like, holding my pussy open with his hands and sticking the tip of his dick in. I kept begging him to put it in all the way but he wouldn’t. It was like he got off on watching me squirm. I told him he was mean, but the truth was I kind of liked squirming and begging for sex.”

eighteen 13

What position were you in? “We were both in the front seat. It was reclined all the way back and we were kinda spooning, only I was lying on my back, not my side. My legs were slightly open and like I said, the guy was holding my pussy lips open while putting the head of his cock in. He was rubbing my clit at the same time, and I felt like I was on the verge of cumming the whole time. If only he’d just stick his damn cock all the way in! I kept pressing down and trying to squirm my way down his pole, but he wouldn’t let me. He kept me on the edge. I was so wet I think I left a spot on the front seat. Oh well! That’s what he gets for being so mean.”

eighteen 15

HEIGHT: 5’4” WEIGHT: 115 lbs. BRA SIZE: 34A BORN : June 30 LIVES: Wisconsin

So did you finally get to cum? He couldn’t have been that mean. “Yeah, I did cum. A lot. I was horny as hell, so I knew he had to be really horny, too. I mean like, how long was he really going to hold out? His dick was super hard and leaking all this precum so I knew he wanted to have sex bad, too. He was just fucking with me before he actually fucked me. So he finally put his dick all the way inside me and left it there for a few seconds, and I came just like that! I could feel my pussy squeezing his cock and all this juice oozing out of me while he rubbed my clit. Every time he’d pull out and then slide his cock back inside of me, I’d cum. I guess that was the advantage of him making me wait for his cock. No one has ever done that to me before. Usually guys are so quick to stick their dick inside me and then hump me all fast and crazy like a rabbit. Then they cum in two seconds. You can tell those guys are amateurs. But the sex I had with the ‘mean guy’ was way better. He was a pro. I liked the build up and the anticipation, and my orgasms were sooo juicy, and I was so loud when I came.” eighteen 17

So how did it end? “He came all over my tummy, and right then a cop flashed his light on us! But luckily the windows were fogged up–because of the cold and because of our breathing–so he couldn’t see us inside. Thank goodness we had already both came. I would’ve been so pissed if that cop ruined my orgasm. Especially since I’d been waiting so long to get it. But aside from that, it was kind of fun. The cop rolling up on us made it even more exciting.”

18 eighteen

“We’re not your regular mom and daughter. We’re way more fun!” That’s what Elli told us during her shoot with her mom, Desi. We have to agree with her. We don’t know too many mothers and daughters who get naked together for the camera. “We’re best friends and we have a very open relationship. I can come to my mom for anything. We always change in front of each other and we even share the same clothes. Hopefully when I get older I’ll be as hot as my mom!”

eighteen 21

22 eighteen

HEIGHT: 5’4” WEIGHT: 110 lbs. BRA SIZE: 34A BORN : Aug. 31 LIVES: Florida

You two share all of the same clothing? “Ok, not the bras! My mom’s boobs are way bigger than mine. But that’s okay. I like having little boobs. I don’t even have to wear a bra most of the time. My friends all seem to like my mom’s rack though. They all tell me that she’s a MILF, and then I tell them not to talk about my mom that way.” eighteen 23

hi ng w ob bl e– so m et ow sh ld ou else that w es’ dg ju e th up in e four e scoring. Of th racy felt th t importwinge the sece venue, the mos cond th at le op pe nd ed. It t it did thousa es scoring her se ond she land from her face, bu uble- tant were the seven judg y knew they’d be ile sm e th p ri st didn’t t of a do ram. Trac . And, coming ou ster. Before skate of the prog on her roumake her wince ith the cutback sa w di d r se fo r ea pe pl ci re an a th as ss p le show up in he toe-loop, that w for her follow-u , and it would lty ch , cu w un ffi la no di to s at f e’ th of tin t ry abou raced up or w in she could push pa to of te la ab d st -lutz, a score. Too as almost up, an jump, a double short program w . er od H . go gh ot it or she N ou th h. ig le she had to nail her inner th sand peop ft, le ou th le ip tr ur e fo on an the lutz, with home. With more th she d out early on as well just head ile ht ba ig y m ac Tr em g, im cle quivered as d t us os m watchin lm h A . ig le th ng r si he a an , to in er in ga rn le A ing out of the co turning the doub it from the crowd. They up speed, head ed d ck ar pi e twisted her he g e in sh at y, sk diatel center ice. As sh in danced a figure as ds w ar w ta to so g ne in in ov m , pa knew the deal–M necessary elerself backwards ps and sent he pped out on a hi co e entered the d Sh ng e’ . yi Sh ch tr ot e n. cr er w r w to u he yo to n up he w ay ed, and the w ine, and e lift she need d, even as all th ment in her rout ua t sq ou c pi ith w ym el ol le ax s for sure. to make the dn’t play it trip ind up on her as di w u ld yo ou e, w at e rn sh t te ection, an al ely sim- though kirt wouldn’t offer any prot is safe on a relativ in so m be aked n. Her n panties would tto co ple combinatio te hi w r he up during her t and You either wen e shavings torn ic ith w t outh ug ro th of the skimpies all out or you acy sported one Tr sand e. ou in th ut ro ur fo were out. rcuit, but giving ci e th r ass he on of s fit ew She structed vi ob un ut l-b al an e judges, l a n d e d fans pealing. And th ap d un so ’t dn di ainly not with a crack en, would cert om w em th of sl ig ht five


eighteen 25

Tracy gasped, but the before she could do approve. That was tska anything more, Brian’s thing about figure out lthy fingers moved go stea ld ing. You cou r felt the tip of his ove she d ben and half naked, r into her drawers the fur t spla go But ed. car and spread your legs and nobody dle digit split her lips. like trailer trash long, mid g kin loo up e ath catching in her com and ice on the “Ooh–“ she managed, her bre flip ll we as ht mig you and so wet so fast. It felt from a wet-panty contest, throat. She was surprised to be pening at light speed. She the crowd the bird. The like everything was hap e. edg her d hel but rly, watch what Brian was doing. Tracy landed poo lause tugged up her skirt to app and s ef, reli of sigh ve ecti cotton panel of her bloomers wa crowd let out a coll se Tracy As she stared, the lau er app s fing rou his nde t thu sen n the Bria not followed. But y pushed aside, and kind of ovation you roughl r, his lips sethad been counting on. Not the g into her cleft. A moment late erin slith of p cus the on you got after a performance that put her clit. s was nice applause. tled on ly panting making the olympic team. Thi d!” Tracy squeaked, sudden igo “Om se. lau e flowing app lub her pussy Maybe even a little charity rs with excitement. She felt tea the ice, the neighbor, off its ly ed ger ex finger join Tracy stepped gin the freely while Brian’s ind d hol ’t ldn cou ied deep She s. bur eye ers her now two fing already welling in booth so that there were the t pas t righ d lke wa and . , smile any longer her, exploring her snatch , and and wait with Brian, inside Brian’s tongue parted her lips where she was expected to sit her into him r hed offe pus to She hs res. thig sco her her ead for she spr her coach, r her doo to easier access dressing room, slammed the her d cke pink. He atta behind her, and col, gue ton his slit with lapsed into a chair, tears et swe her up g lappin streaming down her nectar while using his finface. Through the walls, gers to toy with her G-spot. she could hear the lic pub the on Tracy’s head swam. She announcer at cing oun ann tem didn’t remember doing it, but address sys and te ska her name and current posisome point she lifted her left n’t ee table, did coff she the if of e ky luc edg be the ’d on it She d . tion plante e. ld eat anc cou form n per t Bria lose four spots with that leaving her legs splayed so tha him ind beh r doo . the ing iasm Brian came in, clos with all his frenetic enthus up on a stool, angled her out felt like somebody softly. Tracy had her right leg The room smelled of sex, and it n of the pai the but g, nin bur s to 90. Sweat ran wa h up temperature outward. Her thig to how she had flipped the ed par com g hin her pert, B-cup not s en wa we bet scle tweaked mu n Tracy’s neck and dow . grim s wa ion ress romptu cunnilinfelt looking at her coach. His exp asts. Brian continued the imp bre wblo , ded nod cy Tra between her twat “The thigh again?” he asked. , now pressing his thumb in gus ran and n, dow lt kne n Tracy felt the buttering her nose into a tissue. Bria lips while he suckled her clit. . leg her of like they did before a his fingers up the inside flies in her stomach multiply “How bad?” n’s first skate. Tracy said. “Bad competitio out. “Bad enough to kill the lutz,” n, I’m going to cum!” she cried Bria ! “Brian e of pac the it.” up of ped out ram me enough to put He didn’t stop. Instead, he e not. How ayb sy. “M pus y. her estl ss hon acro said n gue ton Bria “Maybe,” his fingering and ran his had fuckhole does this feel?” gy sauce leaking from her m high up on the The tan pal glossy. his and of k flat dar the chin ced his pla on He turned the stubble it of t hea the feel ld cou feeling her orgasm inside of her thigh. She “Oh, eat me,” Tracy moaned, inst aga d she bru ers fing g eat my pussy…” against her flesh. His lon felt building. “Oh, fucking she , ond sec t spli a For too close to the ers. the seam of her bloom It hit her like an unexpected slip her in not but t, righ all chair, only to nge the twi of something else. A boards. Her ass bucked out . left the to and t the molded ugh up… r tho the she down so hard thigh. A little fur scle. With the bounce back mu the swallowed inst n aga Bria ly . her firm d eath sse Brian pre would crack ben stic pla to ut abo s wa She . furiously worked pressure, the pain wasn’t so bad uthfuls of her girl-cream and mo of m sea the d she bru came up for air, givtell him that, when his fingers her button with his tongue. He just n’t did y the e, tim ering her vagina with her panties again. Only this ing her a quick look before cov ped slip y the , tead Ins ric. fab through the roof as a second idly sweep along the tight, his mouth, sending her her nd fou and d, ban tic underneath the elas nearly made her scream. in jumped the track climax face from between warm center. While Tracy’s bra en Wh Brian pulled his greasy , Brian ing pen hap s wa at wh Continued on page 34 s ces pro as she tried to s. fold er out sy’s pus her g began probin

eighteen 27

Hi, Yulia. Tell us a bit about yourself. “I live in a small town in Missouri. I was actually born in Russia but came to the States when I was very young. I’m a senior in high school, and I’m so excited that I’m the valedictorian of my class! In the fall I’ll be going to an Ivy League college. It’s bittersweet. I did well in school, but I never had a social life. I missed out on all the partying and hooking up that other girls did, but I’ll have time for that in college. And it’s probably a good thing that I never had a boyfriend or even kissed a boy before. I already played with myself so much. It could be very distracting at times, so I can just imagine that fooling around with boys would’ve taken up all my time.” 28 eighteen

You’ve never kissed a guy before and you’re posing nude for us? “Yeah! I know it’s weird. I’m a goody two-shoes, but I’m pretty open-minded at the same time. I figured these pictures would be like, a work of art, right? And if I meet a guy and date him I think it would be cool to show him these pictures. That way he won’t be completely turned off that I’m a virgin, ’cause if I posed nude before then that means I’m not completely prude, right? I’m just a little worried that guys I meet in college won’t like me ’cause I’m some inexperienced good girl from a small town. But I have my naughty side. I just haven’t had much of an opportunity to exercise it. But I think college will be the perfect place to finally pop my cherry.” eighteen 31

HEIGHT: 5’6” WEIGHT: 118 lbs. BRA SIZE: 34A BORN : Aug. 11 LIVES: Missouri

How do you like to masturbate? “I use a vibrator or rub my clit with my hand. I tried to stick a dildo inside of me once but I was too tight or something, and it didn’t work.”

eighteen 33

But there wasn’t plenty of action. At least, not for Tracy. True, Julie had k into their hotel two bac snuck She . sing vul con ally tops looking like her legs, Tracy was practic hts in a row, her skin-tight nig m leu lino the on ling stic around her silverrocked in the chair, the seat ratt they’d been molded out of pla and ce pla into k bac ties ught that perfloor. Brian pulled her pan dollar-sized areolae. Tracy tho cy Tra off. sh wa on one of to sink e stood up, moving to the haps, had she taken Juli up k bac self ble–and her trou put into to her invites to go get was just beginning at guys’ ck hot kno e a s som wa re into to get together when the have ld iscou ass he ts–s team a pan the door, and gotten some. God knew tant poked his head in. she wanted some. Her “Trace, you drew pussy had been dripthird in the long proping on an almost congram. You gonna be stant basis since the night okay to go?” gone an Bri “She’ll be fine,” in Minnesota when Brian had ally ntu all eve at she , not , ich answered for her down on her. Wh the gue s wa ton , just roit Det o’d in wh n ht ma nig looking like a decided on a cold cums. rs ing offe end her d-b on min up two e to Juli girl en fucked a teen m. She hadn’t tak ble pro p. s-u mb e thu a som ner n to make Tracy smiled, and gave the trai ause she’d been expecting Bria bec , her for red we he , ans ota nes had Min It was a good thing Brian on her. But since that night in d it, but she’d been moves lize s business as rea wa it n’t e, had ctic She pra t. At g. ugh tho thin she lti- hadn’t tried any mu her of ock rsh afte d the e he acte no different holding her breath sinc usual. At the team dinners, e. fad to her legs and orally un ple-orgasm had beg than he had before he’d spread ost as if Minnesota alm turned her inside-out. It was ting to question star “Well, you sure knocked ‘em s wa er happened. Tracy nev had on te ma team a e, dead!” giggled Juli actually had. they got whether or not it she’d worn that the Olympic trial team, when Until she dug out the panties minute the competiback on the bus. night, which she’d stashed the ely bar ld cou She t. sea she going to let that Tracy smiled, taking her tion had ended. No way was and , ted star just had It te. the communal wash. She’d remember her long ska the pair of undies go into s wa d hea her in ck stu t tha a pocket of her winter jacket, then ended, and all stick with stuffed them into uld wo t Tha . cted rea again she would slip had way the crowd instead, and every now and e. brought everything tim g ich lon wh sniff them, her for a very king about it. them out and thin , said cy working beneath Tra ers g,” fing itin n’s exc “Pretty hing back to her. Bria rus l.” tria t nex the finding her labia. “Getting to go to Colorado for the seam of her bloomers and e. Juli ed laim exc in!” ties and made her “You can say that aga How he’d yanked aside her pan s.” bum ski ky hts, Tracy would fall “Colorado’s full of hot, hun cum with his mouth. Some nig y underwear balled up in “Hunky ski bums?” at? asleep that way, her dirt Wh . hot y tall “To k. loo g win en her legs, her midJulie gave her a kno one fist, her other hand betwe .” guy a h wit n bee er h twat syrup. nev wit ’ve ers gummy You look like you just that I dle and index fing s “It’ ly. ive ens def , Tracy had had , roit said Det cy “No,” Tra By the third night in h anyone.” wit ch mu y ver pre-trial prace the don s w… wa kno day haven’t, you ugh. The following eno y The . cers sau as e wid rly seven thousand “Really?” Julie’s eyes went tice, and at eight p.m. sharp nea her like just , ive ress exp tch the final chance were big and brown and fans would fill the arena to wa one n tha re mo on n see ver. Tracy was ready nipples, which Tracy had for skaters to qualify for Vancou ore bef ited exc ays alw s wa d, d, even if the spot occasion. Julie, it seeme for that. Her thigh felt goo off. t shir her e hav to ited underutilized. Like a muscle a meet. Or, just exc on you between them felt acti the all get can You . me “Well, trust ing to atrophy. don’t worry about beginn would be a want when we get to Colorado, o’clock was lights out. There ven Ele es, ctic pra the and le one. For the most that. Even with the schedu perone on hall duty, but only cha a Or… try. you if e littl re for the Jr. Olympic there’s plenty of ways to get a part, chaperones were only the s on their floor. But lot if you try real hard!” competitors. And to keep the guy to red roa bus the as her h t outside the room Tracy Tracy giggled along wit e, the soda machine was righ Juli na. are the from ay aw Julie, and she’d pumped enough life and they headed g about was sharing with kin thin tern. just ny hor ting get s have established a regular pat Tracy noticed, wa re, poking change into it to the 42 t page righ on s d wa tinue ce Con den evi Colorado. The . ard leot team . U.S ra Lyc through her

DOUBLE COACH JUMP Continued from page 26

Tessa! What are you doing to this guy? Can’t you see he’s working? “Well you know what they say, all work and no play make Johnny a dull boy. And being a traveling salesman must get so boring sometimes. Having to walk in the heat with a suit on and then dealing with all those people slamming doors in your face. I could tell this guy was having a bad day so I invited him inside. He was selling life insurance, but he only got about two sentences into his sales pitch before he got lost staring at my tits popping out of the bottom of my little shirt.”

There’s nothing wrong with mixing business with pleasure. At least in this case!

36 eighteen

“That’s what I’m saying! I’m sure people would be a lot happier at their jobs if they could take fuck-breaks. And this set-up was too perfect. No one supervises him, and no one was supervising me since my parents weren’t home. And I was just about to go to town on my pussy with my vibrator when he knocked on the door. Talk about opportunity knocking! So he was there staring at my tits, and I told him that honestly, I wasn’t interested in what he was selling, but I sure was interested in what he was packing. I moved in close to him and grabbed his crotch, and he was totally hard.”

38 eighteen

HEIGHT: 5’3” WEIGHT: 102 lbs. BRA SIZE: 34C BORN : Aug. 22 LIVES: Colorado

Were you afraid at all that he’d turn you down? “[Laughs] No! As soon as I opened the door he gave me the once over…twice! That was the green light for me. After I grabbed his cock we started making out and he fondled my tits, so I was right about him wanting me. I can read guys pretty well.”

Did he fuck you how you like? “Yep. He didn’t hesitate to eat my pussy, and that’s always a good sign. I was nice and wet for him by the time he was ready to fuck. He was really into it and was moaning and stuff. I thought it was hot, and it made me enjoy the fucking even more. I liked it so much that I told him to cum on my face, and that’s rare for me!”

eighteen 41

do anything but sit back and enjoy it. And, 34 e pag from ed she had really, really Continu enjoyed it. But she’d a guy never been naked in front of a h wit l hal the d o’d sse wh cro guy, like Brian, So, when she slipped out and before. Especially not an older n ma wo the for ve wa a handful of quarters and seen tons of naked girls. at she expected. A probably asked, a hint of a watching the hall, she got wh “What are you waiting for?” he the ing feed of ead inst ly, On k. wave and a smile bac his voice. k back to her room, tease in , embarrassed. machine and taking her drin “I, uh…don’t know…” she said it there. left and , tray the into Well, that’s easy p it? dro t a Tracy let the sod “Don’t want to be alone, tha sound of the the er cov to ugh stripped off his n eno Bria sy noi ve, It was just ” With one quick mo fix. to . her ind beh ing Then he crossed his stairwell door opening–and clos pants and tossed them aside. there, naked, watchhands behind his head and lay see to ed pris sur s wa n If Bria us, and pointing ing her. His cock was enormo did He it. w sho n’t did her, he ing. lway, straight toward the ceil glance quickly down the hal could think to say. The she all s wa “Wow,” all, it er Aft r. clea s wa st coa the e k made her cheeks though, making sur thought of touching Brian’s coc of the er mb me teen a t sure. Wanted to tha ht for nig to, wasn’t every flush. She wanted up at d we sho ad maybe… squ Or it. ting k ska suc re female figu touch it. Maybe let He . few whole time, cur r The afte d. r ppe doo stri ch’s Tracy her coa Brian eyed her up and her in, and smirked. ” en? down, taking every inch “You made it past Gretch ck of her in. When she was “She thinks I snu a done taking off her across the hall to get to k bac clothes, she twirled around, soda and went spi. said cy like she would starting a death my room,” Tra reci s app mis to rly ng clea goi n ’s Bria ody ice. nob “I guess ral on the his had you for a while?” ated it. When she stopped, he ing a m was feel -cu , pre red of t we ple ans dro cy a Tra and , o,” fist “N cock in his she s, Plu ep. asle flutter inside her. “Julie’s from the tip. et up with guys. She oozing with that thigh to sneaks out all the time to go me “You feeling limber enough .” get a pre-competition workwouldn’t rat me out smiling. spread your legs and ed, ask n Bria ?” girl bad a n slow-stroking himself. Tracy did “So, Julie’s bee , surprising out?” Brian asked, said ger cy big Tra n eve be,” nna ked wa loo I he as “Not as bad n’t think it was possible, but s being. is protruding through his fist. herself with how blunt she wa for the first now, with his pen and , bed his on n ight,” Tracy said, dow ped flop Brian “I haven’t stretched out ton It t. shir a g arin we sn’t n working her out. time Tracy noticed that he wa mouth dry at the prospect of Bria She ats. swe of r pai a re we my legs for me.” looked like all he had on er “Maybe you need to spread und g thin any g arin we sn’t oping her up in a was pretty sure he wa Brian was off the bed and sco wing gro the l cea con ’t ldn cou y d off the mattress and she gigthem because the her, and flash. Her butt bounce at ing ed star s wa He s. leg his led her ankles apart and rest bulge between since she’d gled as Brian pul nd k. frie dic boy his a g din had hol n’t had still s she wa ers. He even though at the look them on his should wh ft. w sha kne his she n ly, dow ous drip seri g to nin an started trai The bead of pre-cum beg nting. Brian wiped on his face meant. “Lemme taste,” Tracy said, poi t, pou a h wit said she ,” p and touched it to “You’ve been ignoring me up the semen with his fingerti . like she had for his finstanding in front of the bed t Tracy’s lips. She opened up, ten The d. itte adm he to,” d k in Minnesota. She tasted “Not because I wante -man gers with her pussy bac two a to n g -ma one a from nt , and felt his hard-on slappin he was pitching we a four- his warm, salty jism be it’d , ute min y An k. bac while she stared against the inside of her thigh. man with room for six. “You like it?” Brian asked. think?” Tracy chalt time I ever “Well, what was I supposed to -huh,” she said. “That’s the firs “Uh g inin stra k, coc his off lenged, unable to take her eyes tasted cum.” but it certainly didagainst the black, cotton sweats. That seemed to surprise him, you w sho I’ll and me for his enthusiasm. He “Why don’t you strip n’t do anything to dampen cy’s heels slipping further what I think?” ught moved into position, Tra tho n’t had She p? Stri d. har the bulbous head of his dick Tracy swallowed d to get apart. Brian nestled ecte exp n’t had She y. wa the and gently eased forward. this through all done was between her lips, d he’ all , ore Bef ? she Continued on page 88 ad …h naked for him too surprised to n bee ’d She e. asid ties pan pull her


Luccia’s a trouble-maker… “I’m grounded because my parents caught me having sex. It was so embarrasing; I wanted to die right there! They had gone out and I invited my boyfriend over. They came back early and caught us off guard. They threw him out and told me I couldn’t leave my room for two weeks!”

eighteen 43

Bummer. You must be going stir crazy. “It does suck. My vibrator is the only thing that’s keeping me sane. I must spend a few hours a day getting myself off. I mean, what else can I do? My parents even took away my cellphone. And they were so pissed when they saw all the dirty texts I had in there! But the past couple of days I’ve been waiting till they fall asleep to use the house phone to have phone sex with my boyfriend. It’s nowhere near as good as the real thing, but I’m sure all the anticipation will make the sex really hot the next time we do it. I don’t know what the point of grounding me is. I’m still going to go back to my horny ways once I’m ungrounded. Maybe even worse since I’ve been deprived!” 44 eighteen

So what exactly did your parents see when they caught you fucking? “I was riding my boyfriend and my ass was facing the door, so they saw everything. He didn’t even realize they had opened the door, and he stuck it in my pussy two more times while they were standing there and before I could roll over and cover us with the blankets. As embarrassed as I was, I was also pissed. Not because I was gonna get grounded…well, a little bit because I was gonna get grounded. But I was mostly pissed ’cause they walked in on us right as I was about to cum. The last time I was going to have sex in like two weeks and I didn’t even get off. Ugh! I was so close, too! After the screaming match with my parents that followed I finished the job and made myself cum. My parents might be able to stop me from fucking, but they can’t stop me from cumming.” 46 eighteen

HEIGHT: 5’2” WEIGHT: 112 lbs. BRA SIZE: 34A BORN : Oct. 10 LIVES: Florida

Can you get un-grounded for good behavior? “Nope. They know I’m a bad girl and there’s no way they’re letting me off the hook. They want to keep me locked up as long as possible. But I don’t really care as long as I can masturbate. But if they really wanted to punish me they would take away my vibrator!”

eighteen 49

By Payton Parker


his was actually the perfect assignment for me, because when I went to my prom (which was not all that long ago) I was what the readers of 18eighteen dream about: A teenage girl who was fed up with the clumsy paws of the high-school boys and ready for something a little more…advanced, shall we say. Mario, my date, was 25. My friend, Rosanne, spent much of the evening ignoring her date in favor of mine, but I didn’t care. Not at all. In fact, watching the two of them dance got me worked up. And it was exceptionally fun watching him observe as the various boys I’d grown up with took me for a few spins around the floor. He was having fun with Ro, but turnabout, it seemed, wasn’t exactly fair play. He was getting jealous. And that was getting my sassy, little ass all kinds of hot. Once we were in the limo,

he took me to task. “You had some nerve in there,” he whispered hotly in my ear, sliding a warm, masculine hand up my thigh, easing up under the buttery yellow satin of my form-fitting gown. I was young and relatively inexperienced. All I could do was giggle and kiss him, all at once awkward and forward, aroused and frightened. I parted my legs and let him find out just how sassy I’d been. I’d taken my panties off before we’d left. And my tight, trembling cunny had gone to Rio for the occasion. I’d even gotten waxed at a salon to make sure it was perfect. “Oooh,” he murmured, lips again against my ear, fingers pressing softly on my labia. He wasn’t going inside. He was biding his time, teasing me as I’d teased him in the soft, pink lights of the gymnasium. We were headed into the city to meet some of my friends for a little dancing. It was going to be at least a 45-minute ride. The ride was far more eventful than anything that came later, beginning with Mario on his knees, his hands spreading my legs apart as he licked and sucked my hairless peach, giving me the first orgasm of my life. After

that, I returned the favor, sucking and licking his big prick, teasing it with my tongue, and letting him watch while I swallowed every drop of his sweet cum (I wouldn’t let him mess my hair, though!). My preoccupation with looking my best for the big night prevented us from an all-out limo fuck-fest (until AFTER we left the city, anyway) but even so, we had some serious fun in the pre-game. In fact, prom night hijinks of the sexual kind are exceedingly common, as you might imagine (or may already know). After several years of keeping things in check, young girls on the verge of becoming women are ready to cut loose. Prom night, for me, was the opening of the sexual floodgates that until the end of high school were just warm trickles, small forays into kissing and heavy petting in the back seat of my boyfriend’s Jeep or in the basement at Michelle Johnson’s open-house party when I gave Chad a hand job on her dad’s pool table. But after prom night, everything changed. Turns out it’s a big night for a lot of girls, and I spoke to more than a few.

Queen for a Night “Prom night was…interesting,” giggles Trista, who was the quintessential trifecta back in high school: Cheer Captain, Homecoming Queen and yes, Prom Queen. “It was a total honor,” she remembers, “but I was so distracted that night because my date–who was the principal’s son, Sam–had gotten me crazy-horny in the limo on the way there. We got picked up first and were the only ones in the car and he started talking dirty and one

thing led to another. Before we knew it he’d whipped his big cock out and had me hike my dress up. “I wouldn’t let him mess me up before the dance, so I rubbed my pussy through my white, silky panties and let him watch them get all damp while he stroked himself. It was so incredibly hot and naughty. I kept wondering if the limo driver could see us. Part of me was a little freaked out and part of me was too turned on to stop. But then we pulled up in front of one of our friend’s houses and we put the sexy stuff on hold.” Throughout the dance, Trista and Sam played the waiting game. And during slow dances, they’d get really close. “His hands were on my bare back, sliding up into my hair, easing down over my hip and cupping my ass,” she remembers. “I was whispering in his ear, telling him we should just leave early.” And then, all of a sudden, the principal–her date’s actual DAD–was calling her name. “I thought we’d been busted for getting too close on the dance floor!” she laughs. “Then I realized that while we’d been groping one another they were doing the whole ‘Intro to Prom Queen’

thing and I had won!” With her date laughing despite his raging hard-on and her friends pointing her toward the stage, Trista had little choice but to focus her attention on this moment for the highlight reel and shelve the inappropriate material until after she’d done her Prom Queen thing. “It was surreal,” she remembers. “I was up there, and they’re putting the tiara on my head and handing me flowers, everyone is applauding like I’ve won Miss America, and yet halfway through the crowd I can see Sam smiling and laughing. And I can feel my clit swelling between my cunny lips, I can feel my panties–still wet from playing in the limo–clinging to my skin, I can feel my nipples hardening under my dress. It seems silly now, but it was like this switch inside me was flipped and all I could think

“My cherry’s ready for a prom-night popping!”

-Horny Mya

eighteen 53

about was Sam’s thick cock pushing up inside me and feeling the juice from my pussy coursing out around it while he fucked me silly. Meanwhile, his Dad is standing behind me on the stage, congratulating me!” Minutes later, someone took her flowers and she did a brief dance with the Prom King before making her escape. “I couldn’t wait for the damn spotlight to come off me so I could get out of there!” she says. Once feasible, she grabbed Sam’s hand and the two escaped the confines of the dance, stopping along the way in darkened high-school halls and doorways to kiss, fondle, and grope, eventually making their way out of the locker-room area and out to the darkened bleachers. The silvery moon lit up the football field and they found themselves at the very top, looking down on the expanse of deserted field. “At the very top of the bleachers is a back wall with a ledge built into it, it’s for the band members to stow cases while they’re playing, but for me, it was the ideal perch.” She hopped up and a double ‘clack’ echoed across the open field as her shoes hit the boards below her feet. Dress hiked to her thighs, she wrapped them around Sam as the kissing got hot and heavy. Cooing and

purring like the kitten she was, she arched her back, allowing her red strapless dress to separate from her body, exposing her high, small breasts–not even a B-cup–each crowned with a lovely, pointy, pale-pink nip. Sam fell to her hard berries and feasted, licking and sucking until Trista found her legs spreading wider, one hand in his hair guiding his mouth downward as her hips gyrated with involuntary excitement, the other hand peeling back the white satin of her panties to reveal the her swollen pussy, its purplish inner-lips protruding provocatively, pearly with the dew of her arousal. Her mound and her pussy lips were dusted with a smattering of fine, soft, reddishbrown hair. His mouth was tentative at first, tongue extended, exploring her outer

folds, lips gently kissing her inner thighs and her labia. Then at last he dove in to taste her fresh, sweet nectar, tongue plunging inside her creamy hole, lips encircling her engorged clit, sucking and lapping as he listened to her egg him on with low moans. “When I came, it was a river,,” she remembers. “Waves and waves and my legs were totally wrapped around his head, my hands holding his mouth just where I wanted it so he could suck on my clit straight through the orgasm.” And as soon as it ebbed, just a little, she begged him to fuck her, right there, up in the bleachers, where anyone who wandered out to neck or have a smoke or even just get some air would be witness to the grandest event of the season: The prom queen getting nailed atop the bleachers. “With a gigantic ‘Go Huskies!’ banner right behind me!” she laughs.

“When I came, it was a river,” she remembers. “Waves and waves…my hands holding his mouth just where I wanted it…”

“My pussy was still pulsating from the orgasm when he slid up inside me in one fast motion–and Sam has a very nice, thick, long cock. My breath came right out of me, and I started to moan. I could hear myself saying, ‘Oh, yeah! Oh yes! That’s it!’ and other things like that, and I wanted to be quiet, but it was like my body was just on autopilot and the sensation of it, of the head of his cock all the way up in my tiny pussy, filling it, going deeper than anything I’d ever felt…it was off the hook and I just couldn’t help but be loud.” Each thrust brought her closer and the more he talked to her–“You like that, baby? Yeah, I bet you like that…”–the crazier she became. She loved the dirty talk, it turned out. She never knew that before prom night. “The more he talked to me, the more he said how tight and wet my pussy was, the more he asked if I liked that big fat cock in my pussy…mmmmmm, I couldn’t take it anymore. And when he told me he was going to cum I hopped down from that shelf like a bolt of lightning and wrapped my lips right around his big pole so I could taste my sugar and swallow every damn drop of his load. “Bleacher sex is definitely something you’ll remember for the rest of your life, I think,” says Trista. “Especially on prom night.”

Frannie Got Fingered

Francesca was one of the ‘nicest’ girls in school. “I’m still nice,” Frannie giggles, twirling a long, wavy lock of blonde hair absently as she recalls her promnight deflowering. She is a deadringer for Taylor Swift. “I’m just not nearly as pure.” Frannie was the classic duckling-toswan story. “I admit, I was a bit of a frump for a teenager,” she says. “I’m just a tomboy at heart and ever since I’ve always been way more into physics and calculus than going to the mall my appearance suffered, right along with my social life.” In fact, Frannie speculates, “I must have been getting myself off at least as often as all the boys in my class,” she laughs. “I was so horny–and no one could see past my unflattering clothes and big glasses.” Except Tony. Tony and Frannie had been best friends since 8th grade, lab partners in every science class, and ate lunch together (with their science books open) almost daily. “He was like my brother and my best friend rolled into one,” she says, “but underneath I always thought he was cute. I was just too shy–in that way–to let him know that I liked him as more than just a friend because I was afraid that if he didn’t feel that way, it would make everything all weird and awkward.” The two had made a pact that if they didn’t have any other date possibilities come graduation, they’d go to

the prom together. “And of course, no one was beating down my door,” she giggles. “But my mom knew how hard I’d worked all through high school, how I barely went out on weekends,” she laughs, tossing back that blonde mane and flashing beautiful teeth. “Basically, what a nerd I was!” The day of the prom, Mom took her on a Cinderella spree–perfect lilac-colored strapless gown, complete makeover from her fingers and toes to her hair and makeup, and got her some new contact lenses. “When I walked out of that salon, I was a new person and I could see heads turning up and down the block as I walked to my car and headed to the prom. I was meeting Tony there.” Frannie showed up and walked the hotel’s red carpet alone. Everywhere, heads were turning, from the most popular boys in school to what was perhaps even more satisfying–the most popular girls. “Only a few people realized who I was, but you could see them whispering to one another and a couple of my friends from the Yearbook staff came running up to me to tell me how beautiful I looked.” Tony took one look at her and his jaw hit the floor. “We didn’t talk at all for the first hour, I don’t think. Barely a word.” she says. “It was extremely sexy. Tony and I had shared a little bit of intimacy over the years, like some of those tense, awkward moments watching a sex scene in a movie or something in a dark living room on the couch. Everything that had built up over the years caught fire when he wrapped his arms around me to dance.” Almost immediately, Frannie could feel the length of his virgin cock, a long, hot stone against her hip and her belly. At first, it was a little scary but as they moved together she found herself pressing against it, grinding, and she could hear him breathing heavy in her ear. They kissed. “And as the kiss, my first and the most perfect one ever, broke,

eighteen 55




56 eighteen

I asked if he wanted to get some punch and sit down.” He met her at a small cocktail table in the corner where the banquettes came together. Without saying a word, he set down her drink and leaned in. They began to kiss and it got heated almost immediately. “My dress had a phenomenal slit dead up the middle, and in a flash I could feel the warmth of his hand on my thigh. He felt me tense, so he broke the kiss and looked at me. I just locked eyes with him for a moment and fell breathlessly back into the making out, giving him the green light to do whatever he wanted.” His hand rose higher and she spread her creamy, white legs for him, purring against his lips as his long fingers crept under her tiny lace thong and one of them found its way up inside, curling and uncurling, pressing upward, finding her g-spot. “I was so incredibly wet from all the action and the dancing and rubbing up against his hard dick, it was effortless on his part. But the best part was that he knew what he was doing. I guess reading really is fundamental, huh? I think he had been over some of the material from the women’s health course or something. Or maybe he read a Cosmo!” Moments later, gasping into Tony’s mouth, Frannie came, her pussy contracting around his longest finger while his knuckle pressed gently into her clit. “I couldn’t believe I was getting fingered at the prom!” she giggles. “Scandalous! “Meanwhile, I could feel a damp circle on his slacks where the head of his penis was straining the material. He had about cum in his pants. But I wasn’t going to let that happen.” Once things cooled off, they enjoyed the rest of the dance, then headed up to the Point, which was the tradition at their high school. A hilltop make-out spot since the 1950s, the Point was where they’d all eventually show up, some groups doing a little late-night tailgating, cooking up dogs and burgers, playing the car radios too loud and yes–getting busy fogging up the windows. This last part was really all either Tony or Frannie had on the brain. “As soon as we put Tony’s dad’s SUV into park, it was on,” she rememContinued on page 64

Cherries are like nature’s candy. “I always heard that guys liked cherries, so I bought these panties with cherries all over them for my boyfriend. I thought it was kind of weird that guys liked cherries so much. I thought they’d like hamburgers and pizzas more or something. But then my friend finally told me that a cherry is a virgin. Duh! I thought they meant like, real cherries. Well, good thing for my boyfriend that my new panties weren’t the only cherries in the bedroom. I was one too, and I was ready to pop it.”

eighteen 57

Did your boyfriend like the cherry panties you wore for him? “He did, but I think he liked the cherry inside of them even more. When I told him that I just learned what cherry really meant, he laughed and said not to worry, that he’d take good care of mine. That’s when he pulled down my panties and put his mouth on places that no guy had ever been before. He even licked my butt; it totally caught me off guard!”

58 eighteen

HEIGHT: 5’6” WEIGHT: 115 lbs. BRA SIZE: 34B BORN : Aug. 12 LIVES: Florida 60 eighteen

How did you like it when he licked you? “It felt really good. I’ve touched myself before but him giving me oral was way better than that. His tongue felt so warm and soft and wet down there. It made me want to give him the pleasure he was giving me, so I gave him my first blow job. I put a lot of love into it, and he told me I did really good for my first time.”

Did it hurt when he finally put his cock in? “Not really. He meant it when he said that he’d take care of my cherry! He was gentle when he needed to be and didn’t go hard or fast until I asked him to. And I was so wet from all the foreplay we did that his dick just slipped right inside. I felt a little pressure when my cherry popped, but it was barely anything. I think the hottest part about me losing my virginity was when my boyfriend told me to cum, I did! He would start moving a certain way and I guess he could tell I was getting close, and he would start whispering, ‘Cum for me, baby. Let it go,’ in my ear. And I would! It was almost like I was cumming on command. I felt like he was in control and I was his little sex puppet. After I came the third time I had to stop him ’cause I was so tired and sensitive. But overall I think my first time was a total success!” eighteen 63

PROM NIGHT EXPOSÉ Continued from page 56




64 eighteen

bers. He had a bunch of cozy, soft blankets in the back bed, which was totally big enough for both of us, and the windows were super-dark tinted. It was like the privacy of a limo. A total rolling hotel room. Before long we were totally naked under the covers. Talking, kissing, exploring. We even joked around under there with a flashlight so we could see one another’s bodies better.” Finally, after the laughs and the cuddles and the joking around, Tony rolled atop her, brushing a few stray hairs from her trembling lips, now long devoid of makeup and swollen from hours of heated making out. “His dick was so big. At first, I was nervous and he kept pressing the head against my clit, it was hard, but silky soft and the pressure was getting me so aroused. I got wetter and wetter until–pow–it slipped up inside me, probably seven inches of it, in one quick, hot, sexy, little yelp of pain and pleasure, and then that was it. A few pumps later I wanted to get on top and ride him, which I did. He came right away and I could feel the hot, little bursts shooting up inside me, and I asked, very shyly, if he would kiss it out of me. And maybe I could do him at the same time.” Tony nodded and Frannie eased up, careful to stay under the blankets, and straddled his face, feeling his tongue snake up inside her to lap his own cream while she licked and sucked her sugar off his cock. It never even went soft. And with a few long, deep sucks into the back of her throat it was harder than it ever was. She could feel his face pressing up into her cunny, tonguing her button, spreading her hole with his fingers to eat up that cream pie, flicking upward to touch her tight pucker. Then he pressed the tip of that long finger inside her ass. She felt herself let go completely, pressing herself down on his face, moaning loud with his long, hard rod in her mouth and once more feeling his cream explode inside her–only this time, in her mouth. “Prom night was exquisite,” she says. “It was my coming-out party in many more ways than one.” Continued on page 86

Love buttholes? We got a whole bunch of them right here. Soo...

Some18eighteen guys love hairy pussies. Others only want to see bald twats. Some want hardcore, and others just want solo pictorials. Every reader has a different opinion. But there is one thing they all like. And that is a spread, pink butthole puckering right at ’em!

eighteen 65

Teens like the attention you give to their cute backdoor puckers. They’re young and inexperienced, and most of the time they’re still too new to the game to try anal (unless you’ve lucked out and found yourself an adventurous nympho). But teens are usually open to kissing, licking and even a little fingering action when it comes to their buttholes. And that’s the first step in getting them to loosen up, so to speak, for bigger and better things–i.e., your cock. Even if a girl is anal about anal, she’ll usually let her guard down if you move slowly and show her just how good a salad-tossin’ can feel. eighteen 67

68 eighteen

So what’s the big deal about assholes anyway? They are just assholes, right? Wrong! Let us put it to you this way. When you’re talking to your friends and you tell them you fucked a girl’s mouth and pussy, you will probably get a high-five, back-pat or congratulations. But it’s no major accomplishment. Who hasn’t fucked a girl’s mouth and pussy? Now if you tell them you fucked her ass, that’s something to brag about. “Holy shit!” “How was it?” “How’d you get her to do it?” are usually the kinds of reponses you’ll hear. The taterhole is as taboo as it is tantalizing and tight, no doubt about it. eighteen 69

We feel confident saying that most guys like female buttholes in some way or another (if you don’t believe us you should read our mail). But it’s also true that young girls like their butts played with, too. During her shoot, Nina (her bunghole featured to the right and also on page 69) told us what it’s like for a teen to get it in the butt. “It’s not an everyday thing,” she said. “It’s something you save for Friday or Saturday night. I consider anal special and wouldn’t want to ruin it by doing it all the time. That’d be like eating ice cream for breakfast, lunch and even dinner!”

“Take a sniff or a lick, or just stick it in!”

Do you like to workout, Vanessa? “Yes, I do. I’ve always been active. Exercising just makes me feel better. I get so many benefits from it. I stay healthy, fit and horny! I really think that exercising is the key to feeling sexy. It keeps your body in shape so you feel confident, and I read somewhere that it makes you want to have sex and helps you last longer when you do. It seems to be working for me. And I find that one of the best times to have sex is right after you workout when you’re all hot and sweaty.” eighteen 73

What’s so great about post-workout sex? “I think it’s the subtle smell of the other person’s sweat and that post-workout high that you’re already feeling. It triggers some kind of animal magnetism in our brains or something and it just makes sex feel so good.”

74 eighteen

76 eighteen

HEIGHT: 5’7” WEIGHT: 130 lbs. BRA SIZE: 34B BORN : Nov. 19 LIVES: Texas

What’s your favorite kind of exercise? “I like to run and do yoga and lift weights. But sex is definitely my favorite form of exercise. It’s intense, it gets your heart rate up, it feels amazing, and it’s something that I’m always willing to do.”


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Krystal, what’s this loophole you mentioned? “Well, technically I’m still a virgin. You know, in my pussy. But that doesn’t mean I’m a virgin in my ass. I have done anal a few times, but I want to save my pussy cherry for when I get married. But I can’t wait all that time without having any kind of sex. And besides, there’s all kinds of good things about doing anal. You can’t get pregnant from it, and it feels super good. I was scared that I wouldn’t like it at first, but it was awesome. I got the idea from my friend. She comes from a religious family and she has to be a virgin when she gets married, so she does the same thing. So we get to fuck and keep our virginities at the same time!” eighteen 79

You don’t stick anything in your pussy at all? “Just a little bit of my finger sometimes. I want to make sure my cherry is intact for my wedding night. I don’t want to risk breaking it by sticking a dildo all the way up there. ’Cause guys can tell when your cherry is there and when it’s not. But my butt is a different story. I love sticking things up there. I have anal beads and a toy just for my butt. If I stick a dildo in my ass and rub my clit I’ll cum really hard. But sometimes if I just feel like playing with my pussy, I’ll put a vibrator on my clit and cum that way. Or I’ll lie down in the bathtub and let the water run over my pussy. That gives me the most intense orgasms, but then my parents start knocking on the bathroom door and tell me to stop wasting water. Sorry, but a girl’s gotta cum!” 80 eighteen

HEIGHT: 5’ WEIGHT: 96 lbs. BRA SIZE: 34B BORN : Dec. 26 LIVES: Puerto Rico

What was your first ass-fucking like? “It was very, very slow. I was nervous so I made sure the guy took his time. He licked my butt for a long time, and then he worked one finger in there. Then two. That was fine ’cause I was used to putting a small dildo in my ass. I got out a bottle of lube and told him I was ready for him to fuck me in the ass. He poured a ton of lube on my butthole, and then stuck his dick in inch by inch until his balls were practically pressed up against my ass. He started pumping slowly then taking his dick all the way out of my ass and then putting it all the way back in.” 82 eighteen

eighteen 83

Have you ever had oral? “Yes, but I have to be careful with that one. It makes me so horny that it’s hard to control myself. One time I almost told a guy to fuck me when he was licking my pussy. Luckily I stopped myself before I could say it.”

eighteen 85

PROM NIGHT EXPOSÉ Continued from page 64

Where the Girls Are




86 eighteen

It was another kind of prom-night promise altogether. Jill knew she wasn’t going to have a date for the prom. Why? Her loser boyfriend, Chris, dumped her just two weeks before. But every cloud has a silver lining. “I never liked him,” says her best friend, Marina, quite flatly. “None of us did.” She is referring to their small, tight band of friends–which also includes Winona and Beth. Jill–with her bouncy mane of golden-brown hair, direct brown eyes and pert freckled nose–is a pretty teenager. And like most of them, Jill moves with a flock of the same, though each of them varied as flowers. Winona, an alluring mix of African and European lineage with pale green eyes and Marina, a Latina beauty of the highest order, rounded out the clique. They decided that in support of Jill, they’d forego the dates altogether, get themselves a limousine and have a prom night experience unlike their friends. They’d make it a girls’ night. “I thought it was the best idea ever!” said Jill. “I couldn’t wait.” The four decided to wear matching dresses, shimmery, off-the-shoulder goddess-style numbers. And they had a spectacular time, free to mingle and dance in a group all night, which they did, attracting attention from the boys in attendance–not that they cared. “It was goddess night as far as any of us were concerned,” says Marina. And all that feminine energy came to a boil later on in the hotel room where the girls retired for their after-party. “We changed into cute nighties we’d gone shopping for together,” giggles Jill. “And it didn’t take long before the hair-braiding and girl talk moved along into something sexy.” They paired off, Jill with Winona, Beth with Marina, and began kissing. Minutes later the foursome was writhing about the suite’s massive king bed, satin was peeled away and the girls were eager to explore one another’s tight, sweet cunnies. “None of us had ever really looked at another girl’s pussy before.” They fell upon one another in rap-





ture in an almost pagan worship of the feminine form, tongues seeking out the wet folds of one another’s twats, long make out sessions that pitted them nipple to nipple and mound to mound. “Grinding my little bush against Marina’s drove me crazy,” admits Jill. “The pressure of her pussy on my clit made me cum, and she was almost humping me like a man would, holding my hands over my head and kissing me hard.” Meanwhile, Beth was getting down and dirty, “…and all up inside Winona’s pussy, which she’d shaved almost clean for the occasion. I spread her open for Marina and Jill to see, and Marina joined me there, holding her thighs wide and sticking two fingers deep into her coochie while I licked and sucked.” When the inevitable happened, Jill joined in, too. Winona screamed and howled with three tongues working her soaking slit simultaneously and Marina’s fingers deep inside her cave. “The hottest part came after,” says Jill. “While Winona came down from her orgasm, the rest of us fell into a three-way make out, kissing and tasting Winona’s creamy cunny all over each other’s tongues while our hands roamed over one another. I didn’t know who was pinching my nipple or sliding a finger into my dripping pussy–and I didn’t care!” The night went on like that for hours, with the girls going at it in pairs, threes, and all together, culminating in one final round so hot that the girls have actually done it two more times since the prom! “It was so sexy,” Winona admitted. “All of us on big, cushy chairs, our legs thrown up over the sides, watching one another masturbate. I loved seeing the way Marina liked to pull on her clit while fingering her hole–and the way her pussy looked so hot pink on the inside compared to the jet-black hair around it. I loved the gentle way Jill would use two fingers to make circles on her button, and I especially loved how incredibly big her clit gets when she’s ready to cum. And Beth, she gets so wet that sometimes she actually squirts!” “Who would have thought that so many different things about a pussy could be so sexy?” said Jill. I think the readers might be way 18 ahead of her on this one.




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Tracy felt like she could die right then and there. As Brian packed another inch of cockmeat up her tunnel, she closed her eyes, praying that things wouldn’t go wrong the deeper he penetrated her. His thick pole stretched her–stretched her and introduced her to sensations she’d never before experienced. Her fingers, in comparison, were no match for the girth of his prick, and that’s all she had ever used to masturbate with. Tight. Tracy felt her muscles clenching and making her so tight that even though she was dripping like a faucet, Brian had slow-going trying to force his length deeper inside her. Tracy sighed and tried to relax, tried to ease the tension that had her so rigid you could have bounced quarters off her titties two feet in the air. Brian pressed his hands to her breasts and ran his thumbs over her nips. They sprang to attention, gumdrop hard and aching from the contact. For the first time, Tracy knew what it felt like to be Julie, as Brian squeezed her pink buds and teased them, making her squirm, impaled on the first few inches of his huge rod. Another inch. Tracy hiccupped with the sudden pressure she felt on a part of her body she had only infrequently touched during her most intense fingerings. When Brian’s cockhead met resistance, he looked down at Tracy in awe. “You? You’ve got to be kidding!” “W-w-why? What do you mean?” Tracy asked, not understanding. What did he think? That she was some kind of slut? “I can’t believe a girl as hot as you hasn’t gone all the way before, that’s all,” he explained, and Tracy felt the pressure building deep inside her. Brian’s tip was poking her cherry, and she could feel it beginning to give as he continued to push into her. Tracy’s virginity evaporated, and suddenly Brian was balls-deep in her snatch, his nuts slapping against the tight pucker of her asshole. She pointed her toes and arched her back, and Brian pounded his cock into her, unable to hold back any longer. “Oh, yeah!” Tracy said through gritted teeth. “Oh, come on, come on

and fuck me. Just do it…fuck me. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Tracy was still tense, and her muscles tight, but the moment of pain had passed and now all there was was heat. Heat and the sensation of being filled to the point she could take no more without being split in two. Tracy was having trouble breathing, Brian felt so big inside her, pulling out and then driving back into her hole like a piston. This couldn’t possibly be real, she thought. This was the kind of first-time fuck you saw in dirty movies. Or read about in trashy romance novels–plenty of which Tracy had used for masturbation fodder while on the road between competitions and training. Tracy could feel the wetness seeping out of her with every upstroke, and more squelching out of her with every downstroke. When Brian thrust forward, Tracy slammed her hips up to meet him. The result was a noisy, wet slap in the middle. Just the sound of it made her that much hotter. “I’m gonna cum, Brian,” Tracy announced, biting her fist and digging her fingers into the pillow. “It’s

soooo good. Oh, it’s so fucking good.” Tracy felt like she did on a rollercoaster when the cars went into a loop. It was like her stomach dropped, then disappeared altogether, and all that was left between her brain and her pussy was one, exposed nerve ending. She came in a gushing, jerky spasm, flooding Brian’s bed. She could feel the sheets beneath her ass, suddenly soaked with her cum. “Cum for me,” she cooed, urging Brian toward climax. “Please, I want to see it. I wanna watch you shoot.” “Then get ready,” Brian grunted, quickening his stroke as the nut butter churned in his balls. “Because I’m gonna shoot all over you!” He eked out a few more strokes, then withdrew from her box, the head of his dick red and swollen. Strands of Tracy’s honey hung from his member. Brian pumped his cock in his fist, and a bullet of white, hot jizz streaked across Tracy’s taut belly. Another jet of ballsauce followed, coating one of her tits in spooge. Just watching Brian jack his baby batter onto her made her vulva spasm, and for a third time, Tracy came, watching Brian ejaculate

as promised–all over her. When Brian finally finished, collapsing onto the bed beside her, Tracy was covered in puddles of jizz. From her neck to her tummy, her skin was coated in it. Brian offered her his discarded sweats to wipe down, so she wouldn’t leave a trail of cum all the way into the bathroom. She ran the water and toweled off, returning to find Brian propped up on one elbow, watching her as she went for her shirt. “What are you doing?” he asked. Tracy stopped, one arm stuffed into her sleeve. “What do you mean? I can’t stay here all night,” she protested. Brian reached out, cupped her ass, and pulled her back to the bed. “I said we were working out,” he explained, tugging her shirt back off and throwing it to the floor. “That,” he said, referring to their just-completed romp, “was a single. And, none of your routines have anything less than a double now, do they?” Tracy smiled wide. “Nope,” she said, straddling him. “Nothing but doubles and triples…all 18 the way to Vancouver!”


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Jewel is like, the best girlfriend ever. “My boyfriend and I have been going out for a few months and he’s great. He treats me nice, takes me out to dinner all the time and never pressured me to have sex. His birthday was coming up and I wanted to get him something really special, but I didn’t know what. I went shopping for hours but nothing seemed right. While I was at the mall I saw this couple all over each other and thought, ‘Sheesh, they should get a room.’ That’s when it dawned on me. I should totally have sex with my boyfriend for his birthday! Nothing could top me giving him my virginity. That’s totally the best gift.” 92 eighteen

Was your boyfriend surprised with his birthday gift? “It sure seemed like it. I made sure my house was empty and told him to come over. I opened the door in this cute, little underwear set that I bought. I’ve never been so bold before, so at first he didn’t know what to make of it all. I gave him a gift bag with a cherry inside, and when he saw it, he finally got it. My pussy juices were already flowing like crazy when I told him that I wanted my first time to be with him. Before he could even respond, I kissed him. Then I pulled down my bra and pushed his face down to my tits so he could suck my nipples. I felt his cock get hard through his pants and dropped to my knees so I could give him the birthday blow job he deserved.” 94 eighteen

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He must’ve been a happy camper. “He wasn’t the only one. I was loving every second of it, too. When I was blowing him I could feel his body twitching and the blood rushing into his cock to make it harder. That was the first time I’d ever been up close and personal with a cock and it made me even hornier than I already was. After that I was so ready to go. I told him that I wanted him to do me in as many positions as possible, and he told me we would, but first he needed me in missionary position so he could put his cock into me for the first time ever. As he slipped it inside of me all I could think was like, omigosh, I’m not a virgin anymore! So this is what sex feels like.”

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And how did it feel? “Really good. It was like my pussy was stretching around every inch of my boyfriend. And he kept telling me how tight I was. Before we were done fucking I told him that I wanted him to finish in my mouth. That was the only thing I hadn’t experienced yet–the taste of cum. It was yummy and tangy. Later when we had a birthday cake I told him to make a wish, but he said he didn’t have to ’cause it already came true.” eighteen 99

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