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Round Table – Implementation Strategies and Delivery in the 8 Universities Involved in EMETT Dear Partners! On Friday, the 24th of April in Budapest, within the meeting with the Universities’ stakeholders, there will be a round-table discussion with the participation of all partners. We kindly ask you 1. to answer the following questions to prepare yourself for the discussion, 2. to make a 8-10 minutes long presentation that includes your answers. 3. Write down the content of your presentation in 10-20 lines. It will be distributed along with the public event brochures. 4. I am sending you a chart about the modules. Please fill out this chart. 5. Send us the summary of the presentation (3) and the filled chart (4) by the 16th of April. (to:

Questions for the round- table discussion: - What are the innovative elements of the EMETT curriculum compared to the one taught by you at your Institution? CA 4 and 5 – Intercultural perspectives and multilingualism - If the EMETT program starts and functions, what will be the benefits of it for your students? Mobility, intercultural competences, - Are there any strengths of your present teacher training program that are lacking from the EMETT program? Triade laboratori - How is it possible to integrate the strengths of the EMETT program with the strengths of your present training program?

- What are the existing elements (core areas, modules) of the EMETT program in your Institution?

- How and in what subject(s) could you implement the EMETT at your university? Italian language literature


Phyiscs Maths History Geography Psychology Thank you, Kati



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