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October/November 2013

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• Happy Holidays, Anchors! • Anchor Welcomes Two New Clubs! • Anchor Partnership Opportunities • New Anchor Awards • BrainMindersTM Art Contest Winner • Anchor Club News & Operational Announcements

Happy Holidays, Anchors!


our commitment to service gives so many in your communities reason to be thankful this season and all year long! In this issue of The Anchor we are happy to showcase service performed by several clubs over the last few months including our brand new club in South Africa! Read more in this issue about the new resources and awards available for Anchors including cash rewards and scholarships. Please be sure to thank your wonderful advisors and sponsors for their efforts as you take time to celebrate the season. Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday! We'll see you in 2014!

Anchor Welcomes Two New Clubs! Anchor Club of the Good Hope, Centurion (Pretoria), South Africa Sponsor: New Pilot Club of Pretoria, South Africa A Letter from Rick Jansen, President, Anchor Club of the Good Hope, Centurion, South Africa Dear Anchors: Both Pilots and Anchors alike have awaited the Charter ceremony for what seemed to be much too long and the "de Goede Hoop Anchors" (Good Hope Anchors – the name of the Anchor Club hails back to one of the first 3 ships that were piloted to South Africa from the Netherlands by Jan Van Riebeeck in 1652) are officially chartered as of November 2013. We had even gotten our hands dirty with our first project - "Joy in a Box." We painted and decorated boxes filled with Christmas presents for underprivileged children, which was more of a struggle than you might think! My President Elect somehow managed to knock over a can full of paint on our front lawn! Luckily it was green so nobody was the wiser. Apart from that little incident (and various paint stained articles of clothing), our first event had been a shattering success! P 1

When we heard that Pilot Pat Garner was coming over, my parents started planning every detail of her stay only to find when she arrived that Pat was rather unpredictable. We anticipated that Pat was going to do what any other traveller does after an 18 hour flight - hit the sack - but we could not have been more wrong! Pat started pulling Pilot/Anchor banners, badges, bylaws, bookmarks, balloons and certificates out of her bags at about 6pm South Africa time and only stopped at 3 AM, when we all went to bed. Then we awoke to the sound of Pat making coffee!

Pictures from the Chartering Ceremony, Anchor Club of the Good Hope, Centurion, South Africa

About an hour before the ceremony started we arrived at the venue where Pat made sure to fill our arms with our speeches and responsibilities for the night, and then she mentioned that I would have to Skype with the President of Pilot International! It was at that point when I became very grateful that Pat had the foresight to include a Project Lifesaver stress-star to her stock of imports... We spoke to Pilot International President Judy Langley and even had a few laughs with the Anchor Club of Roswell High School, GA courtesy of Cindy Weaver, Past PI President and member of Pilot Club of Atlanta, before we started with the Chartering, (Special thanks to Morgan, Matthew, Mary, Sam and the others who wrote in our little card!!) Pat had planned everything thoroughly, and so it went smoothly. After the patriotic reflection and inspirational messages, we chartered the Pilot Club - complete with pledges and certificates - and thereafter the Anchor Club was similarly chartered by the new Pretoria Pilot Club President. After the officers and Presidents had signed the Charter document, we listened to our guest speaker and learned a great many things about the human brain. After the ceremony, we all felt a sense of belonging and purpose. It is great to finally be part of the Anchor family. Best Regards, Rick Jansen President, Anchor Club of the Good Hope, Centurion, South Africa

Anchor Club of Judson Middle School, Longview, TX Sponsor: Pilot Club of Longview The new Anchor Club of Longview Middle School was chartered November 12th and got great media coverage in the Longview News Journal! Read the article by clicking on the picture of the article at right. Congratulations, Judson Middle Schoolers!

P 2

PI President Elect Sherry Johnson (above, center) and the 13 charter members (right) at the charter ceremony for the Anchor Club of Judson Middle School

Anchor Partnership News FREEDOMS FOUNDATION at Valley Forge Remember! Pilot International is a proud sponsor of the Spirit of America Youth Leadership Conference in February 2014, so be sure to register for it on their website. Applications for Anchors are still being accepted, but don't wait too long to register! If a district would like to help send a deserving Anchor to the conference, they may apply for a $500 grant to do so. This application is now up on the Pilot International Website under Anchor Resources/Anchor Club Project Resources OR Anchor Resources/Anchor Club Operational Documents.

CARE INTERNATIONAL CARE Leadership Conference: learn from the experts about global advocacy and what it takes to be a trained advocate for a cause you believe in at this inspirational conference in Washington, DC in March 2014. Anchor’s that are interested in attending this conference should plan to attend with a sponsor/chaperone. Learn more about this amazing conference at Interested Anchors should email

DO SOMETHING.ORG Check out the cool service campaigns currently running at DoSomething, and you could win a scholarship! See pages 8 & 9 of this newsletter for more details on both the "Mind on My Money" and "Grandparents Gone Wired" campaigns. For more information on these and other opportunities, visit their website at

al Awards n o i t a n r e A nchor Int

We are excited to announce that more awards have been added to the 2013-14 Anchor Award program! There will be cash awards and scholarships available to the winners, and all will receive their awards at the Anchor Leadership Summit in Chicago this coming July. • Applications are forthcoming and will be located on the website under Anchor Resources/Anchor Club Awards Information. • Most applications are due May 1st in order to be eligible for consideration. • Winners will be notified by June 1st so they can make arrangements to join us in Chicago! Please email with questions about awards and scholarships.

A detailed listing of all new Anchor Awards can be found on page 7 of this newsletter. P 3

Congratulations, Gillian Caplan! 2013 BrainMindersTM Art Contest Winner Congratulations to Gillian Caplan! Winner of the BrainMinders coloring pages contest! She will be working with Pilot International staff this coming month to provide wonderful new coloring pages to use alongside the new scripts (now available on the Pilot International Website). Gillian is 16 years old and in the 11th grade at Owen J. Roberts High School, where her Anchor Club is based. Her anchor club's advisor is Kimberly Nagy. Gillian's hobbies include theater and music. She is active in her high school plays and choir. She works hard on her academics and plans to attend college. She has an older sister, Jordan, and a younger sister, Jacey, who we are sure will join in congratulating her for her marvelous work! Thank you, Gillian! Your commitment to Anchor is greatly appreciated!

Anchor Club News News from our Florida Anchors... The FL District Anchor Officers (right) attended the FL DIstrict Pilot Fall Council in November. Although they spent most of their time planning their 2014 FL Anchor District Convention, they still found time to enjoy with the FL Pilots. The Pilots and Anchors competed in a Lip Sync Contest with a '50s and '60s theme. The Anchors did "We Go Together" from Grease and won 2nd place!!

Bay County, FL Anchor Clubs The 2013-2014 officers for Anchor Clubs in Bay County, FL were recently installed. The installation took place at Girls, Inc., which the Pilot Club chartered in 1974. The National Anthem and “Welcome Anchors� was sung by by the Girls, Inc. Choir. Director of Girls, Inc., Tammy Dunaway, welcomed the Anchors and Bill Husfelt, Superintendent of Bay County Schools, and encouraged the Anchors to participate in community service throughout their lives. The Anchor sponsors were honored for their leadership in preparing Anchors for a life of community service. Following the ceremony Pilots, Anchors, parents, and friends enjoyed a hot dog dinner. Seated left to right: MacKenzie Gorey, president, Bay High School; Savannah Stewart, president, Arnold High School; and C.J. Page, president, Rutherford High School. Anchors installed: Arnold High School: V.P, Adrian Wynter; Secretary, Caroline Gibbons;Treasurer, Ellie Lea; Bay High School: President-elect, Morgan Espanola; Secretary, Hannah Lewis Treasurer, Abby Dingus; Historian, Emily Gorey; Senior Director, Samantha Thibodaux; Junior Director, Amelia Mathewson; Rutherford High School: VP, Jude Whately; Secretary, Adri Pellitier; Treasurer, Bethany Macklin; Project Director, Theresa Palo. Officers for Mosley High School had yet to be elected.

P 4

Anchor Club of Arnold High School Panama City Beach, FL Sponsor: Pilot Club of Panama City, FL The school recently held its homecoming parade in Panama City Beach. Savanna Stewart (below left), Anchor President, represented the club in the parade.

News from our Georgia Anchors... Anchor Club of Dodge County High School, Eastman, GA Sponsor: Pilot Club of Eastman The Anchor Club of Dodge County High School entered a float in their homecoming parade in Eastman, GA, and club members and advisors rode on the float (below, right). The Anchor Club of Dodge County High School was chartered April 17, 1975, currently has some 25 members.

News from our Mississippi Anchors... Anchor Club of Starkville Academy, Starkville, MS Sponsor: Pilot Club of Starkville Members of the Starkville Academy Anchor Club (right) recently went to local McKee Park to help the Starkville Pilot Club. They spent time painting faces, doing a BrainMinderTM puppet show and helping to open the third phase of the Pilot Club’s Music Trail. The Music Trail is filled with life-sized instruments accessible to handicapped children. Club member Susannah Cox attended this event and said, “Participating in the Pilot Club’s BrainMinderTM event was tons of fun. It was rewarding to see the excitement on the kids' faces when they saw the puppets. Their faces lit up! They had so much fun and learned a lot about protecting their brains.” The Anchor Club will continue to work with the local Pilot Club and also plans put on BrainMinderTM puppet shows for kids in the community.

News from our Virginia Anchors... Anchor Club of Hickory High School, Chesapeake, VA Sponsor: Luncheon Pilot Club of Chesapeake The Luncheon Pilot Club of Chesapeake, VA (left) hosted a surprise baby shower for Mrs. Brenna Moore, Anchor club sponsor at Hickory High School, Twenty six Anchor club members brought gifts to shower their sponsor, Mrs. Brenna Moore (beside chalk board wearing the corsage). P 5

News from our Northeast-Patomac Anchors... Anchor Club of Hempfield High School Lancaster, PA Sponsor: Pilot Club of Lancaster, PA After learning about while attending the Anchor Leadership Summit in New Orleans, Anchor Corrine Strubel (below left) organized a birthday card making party for children living in homeless shelters. The club designed, created, and delivered sixty-two birthday cards for a local homeless shelter.

Joining with Lancaster Pilot members, the club stuffed more than 3000 envelopes for Aaron's Acres Annual Fund Drive (below right). Aaron’s Acres provides camps, support, respite services, and more for children with Autism and their families.

Do you know an “Outstanding” Anchor? Tell Us! Anchors are Amazing People!

Anchors give of themselves each and every day and joyfully answer the call to serve, whenever or wherever it comes. In all four corners of the globe, Anchors are hard at work not only doing the good deeds of Anchor Clubs but also leading outstanding individual lives.

Anchors are Unique Individuals!

Each member brings his or her own set of skills and experiences and offers their special talents to the benefit of their club and their community at large. Without a doubt, Anchor club members are out there right now making outstanding and lasting contributions, leading lives of distinction that deserve recognition. Every Anchor is special. And every one of you is vital to our organization.

ANCHOR CLUB OPERATIONS UPDATES The NEW Anchor Club Handbook is in final editing and will be up on the up on the web site soon under Anchor Resources/Anchor Operational Resources.

International dues were to be at headquarters on November 1st. Are you tardy with this obligation of membership? Be sure to get them in ASAP and don’t forget to send in completed Anchor Membership forms (on website) along with dues and insurance fees of $14 per Anchor.

Best Wishes to Anchors, Advisors, Sponsors and families for a safe and happy holiday. While many clubs will be on hiatus during this time, we are available to assist you throughout the holidays with questions and planning for the next semester of Anchor Club at

We want to share their stories!

Outstanding Anchors from around the globe will be honored in quarterly in upcoming editions of The Pilot Log or online monthly on the Pilot International Website. What makes a member “Outstanding?” That is for YOU to decide! Do you have a special member in your club who leads the kind of life you believe would inspire others? Does that person contribute to his or her society outside of the club in a way you feel is especially important? Do you have a member in your club with a unique talent or someone who has made a name for themselves in a singular and positive way outside of their work with Anchor? Then tell us! To nominate a club member as an Outstanding Anchor, write to us and tell us in 500 words or less why you think your nominee should be honored. To submit your entry (with photographs of your nominee if possible), please visit the I’m A Pilot > Outstanding Pilot page on the Pilot International Website or email Alison Coons, Director of Communications and Editor of the Pilot Log, at If you do not have access to email, please mail your story to Alison Coons at Pilot International Headquarters, 102 Preston Court, Macon, GA 31210 or send via fax to (478) 477-6978. Submissions will be reviewed and selections made by the Pilot International Executive Committee and Executive Director Melanie Schild. We want to hear from you!

Anchor is EVERYWHERE – Find us at the following:

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@AnchorClubs #AnchorService

Anchor Clubs International #AnchorService

@AnchorClubs #AnchorService

Anchor International


Chart of 2013-2014 Anchor Awards

P 7


P 8



This year, in partnership with MentorUp, a new way to make a difference by the AARP Foundation, s Grandparents Gone Wired campaign will aid elderly people across the country to adopt current technology and prepare them for independent technology use.

WHY IT MATTERS Depression affects more than 6.5 million of the 35 million Americans ages 65 or older (source). Currently, 98% of 18-29 year olds use the internet, as opposed to 56% of 65+ adults. (source). Studies have shown that Internet use reduces the risk of depression by 34% in the elderly (source) teens have the potential to greatly increase the quality of life of elderly people by teaching them how to use technology.

HOW IT WORKS 1. Young people pick an elderly person in their life (grandparent, great-aunt, etc.) or choose to participate through a nearby senior center. 2. Using steps provided for each type of technology, the young person will teach the elderly person to use the technology. 3. The DS member will report back on the Grandparents Gone Wired microsite a picture of them teaching the person they helped the technology to enter to win a $4,000 scholarship. The more people the DS member helps, the more times they are entered to win.

TYPES OF TECHNOLOGY TO TEACH/LEARN: Computer Phone Tablet Facebook Instagram Twitter Video Chat Email

WHAT’S COOL ABOUT IT We re providing members the opportunity to teach something to people older than they are. They are highlighting their skills in a tangible way that will actually impact the quality of life of someone they care about. We ll also have a few extra prizes that will produce fun content -e.g. Best Instagram(ma) selfie -- help the older adult take a selfie on Instagram. Have them #ggw, @dosomething, @mentorup and @you - the best photo wins a prize (TBD)!

TIMELINE October 22nd January 3rd P 9

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