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Inessa Rychlik Photography

Inessa Rychlik Photography

Projekt: Alicja Wydmańska Zdjęcia: Inessa Rychlik Projektowanie Wydawnictw 2012/2013, semestr VI Prowadzący: mgr Zbigniew Koszałkowski Wyższa Szkoła Sztuki i Projektowania

Inessa Rychlik Inessa Rychlik is polish-born photographer based in Edinburgh in Scotland. “There are two types of lenses that are essential in my life. First of all, my contacts – at minus seven dioptres in both eyes, I could not set up a tripod without stabbing a model with its leg. The second kind is a camera lens which, like of a poet’s quill, enables to create and tell the most astonishing stories. Despite my physical shortsightedness, I have always been very perceptive and enchanted by the fleeting images around me. Even my earliest childhood memories are related to photography, as I took my very first picture at the age of four. My younger sister and I used to spend hours playing with our grandfather’s old video camera. In those days I was not aware that Roksana would become my most supportive model, posing on the snow in a flimsy Victorian nightgown or getting up at three in the morning just so we could catch the sunrise light. My desire to capture moments followed me into my adulthood without losing a childlike enthusiasm and fascination. Through planning the smallest details, I often aim to take photographs that resemble children’s book illustrations, paintings or movie stills. I am currently training in the UK to become a cinematographer for the motion picture industry.”

Kettle, 2011

The witching hour, 2011

The wrong kind of place, 2011

Wedding, 2011

Rose Tea, 2011

Have I run too far to get home?, 2012


One day, 2013

One day II, 2013

Little girls, big dreams, 2012

Pre Raphaelite, 2012

Love, 2010

The lonely tower, 2012

The gingerbread house, 2011

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