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Customer Relationship Management | CRM Solutions | Vcare Technology Database management plays a vital role in carrying out the operations of a customer service center efficiently, and it can possible only with a well-built, yet easy to understand customer relationship management solutions that can keep a track of the entire lifecycle of a customer. Hence, Vcare Tech’s Customer Relationship Management solution provides a 360-degree view of your sales and customer management efforts and progress. Our CRM Software can also be integrated with our tailor-made IVR system to provide latest information to the customers. It also offers a comprehensive history and buying patterns of the customers, each time they calls in to interact with the customer service department.

Vcare’s online CRM is a fast and simple online CRM solution. It exhibits the following features: 

Based on your business needs and norms, Vcare’s CRM includes a number of modules such as, shipping, inventory, customer services and others.

Vcare’s CRM system can also establish connections with its client’s business associates such as shipping companies, payment processors, warehouse vendors, deception anticipation firms, etc.

Vcare’s CRM is also capable of mining the old data of your customers, such as buying history, customer preferences, etc., that you collected on your CRM system all these years. It can also retrieve the data.

Our CRM can also determine your customer preferences by analyzing the data and thereby assist your business in achieving its goal.

Our CRM can also track the performance of your business on the basis of the key performance indicators that affects your business.

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Customer Relationship Management- CRM Solutions- Vcare Technology