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Introduction The Pioneer Enterprise Program is an interdisciplinary team of students recruited by University of Denver’s Jane Mall, Director of Employer Relations, and Sue Hinkin, Executive Director of Career Services.

The individuals of the team come from

tourist destination through its exquisite

continued to plan and execute many

a variety of different backgrounds and

cuisine, architecture and lively culture.

elements to a marketing campaign such

bring a myriad of diverse skills to the

In order to become a more popular

as print materials and the creation of

team such as creative design, writing,

site, Salemi is in need of a creative and

Salemi’s own logo and slogan

videography, photography and much

innovative marketing campaign that will

Being prepared to travel to the destina-

more. This team (See Appendix A) was formed to help foster American tourism in Salemi, Sicily by creating a marketing campaign. Salemi, Sicily is a small city near the coast

The team of Junior Consultants spent two months planning which included completing the necessary market research in order to discover what American tourists really look for when traveling to a destination.

that is losing tourism dollars to beachfront locations that are advertised and

attract Americans and other Europeans

tion in which we would be marketing,

well known. Currently, Salemi has little

to the area.

the team set off for two weeks in Salemi,

presence on the Internet and virtually

The team of Junior Consultants spent

Sicily. While on location, the consultants

none on social media. In order to boost

two months planning which included

continued to conduct market research

local economy, Salemi is looking for a

completing the necessary market research

and incorporated these observations

way to be put on the map and become

in order to discover what American

into our final report.

both a day trip destination and a central

tourists really look for when traveling

This report details the process the team

hub for travel around Sicily. Salemi has a

to a destination. After analyzing the

went through to successfully assess and

lot of potential to become an attractive

400 responses to our survey, the team

promote American tourism in Salemi.


Executive Summary

When examining our survey, we focused on the

Some of the most helpful sources of information

crucial responses that pertained to immediate actions

for this marketing plan were our comparative

that we can take to improve tourism in Salemi. According

analyses of other cities (See Appendix C) based

to the results from our survey (See Appendix B), we

on our personal observations. We examined the

recognized that people value websites, social media

tourism methods that Erice, Marsala and Trapani

and print advertising when they are looking to travel

are currently implementing and closely analyzed

for vacation, so we integrated these three elements

specific strategies that Salemi could realistically

into our marketing plan. The results also proved that

adopt in order to create a tourism-friendly city.

American travelers are interested in vacation activi-

In our comparative analysis, we concluded that

ties that include the beach, wine tasting, historical

Salemi should offer better city maps, a souvenir

landmarks, and museums. Salemi offers the majority

shop with postcards and other gifts, and a more

of the most popular attractions such as museums,

helpful tourism office that has longer hours of

historical landmarks, and wine tasting, so we empha-


sized these qualities through the use of our adver-

Overall, our conclusive data allowed us to recom-

tising outlets, particularly the website. We thought it

mend three phases of action that will lead to an

was crucial to acknowledge that the majority of our

increase in American tourism in Salemi over the

respondents preferred to stay in one spot and make

course of a year. The consulting report takes a deeper

multiple day trips during their vacation. This proves

look into the reasoning behind our methods and

that Salemi would be an ideal candidate because

the specific actions that must be taken in order to

they offer affordable hotel accommodations and are

achieve our goal of boosting tourism in Salemi.

situated in a central location with close proximities to nearby cities.


Analysis As part of our research, we sent out a survey that was completed by 400 American travelers. The results of this survey highlighted a number

signage to point tourists in the direction of Salemi’s

of issues that tourists consider when they look at

major points of interest. Currently, although there

potential traveling locations. The following are areas

is some signage, it is difficult for those unfamiliar

in which Salemi can improve its accessibility and

with the area (such as tourists) to navigate through

increase its enjoyment for tourists.

the historic district to find the castle, museums, and churches. With an increased number of signs

Few Signs in the Historic Section of Salemi

strategically placed throughout the historic district, tourists can more easily access these excellent tourist locations. Signs should be clean (i.e. free of graffiti), effectively located, and should be in both Italian

Within the historical district, there needs to be more

and English.


Unavailability of WIFI

Sporadic Tourist Office Hours Need to Be Remedied

WIFI is an extremely important necessity that Salemi should invest in if they want to appeal to American

The first place tourists often go when entering

tourists. Even places that advertised WIFI like Hotel

an unknown area is the tourist office. Unfortunately,

Villa Mokarta did not have reliable WIFI. If Salemi had

the tourist office in the historic district of Salemi is

WIFI, they could create a QR code that provides a map

rarely open. This can be a very negative first impres-

of the city on tourists’ smart phones, which would

sion for tourists. In addition, without this resource

allow tourists to easily navigate the city. Unfortunately,

tourists are not going to know where to visit, eat or

the lack of WIFI limits many opportunities for Salemi

stay. An enthusiastic, knowledgeable tourist office

to grow as an appealing city for American tourists.

can be highly effective in creating a memorable experience for tourists. For this reason, Salemi needs

Store Hours During Peak Tourist Season Must Be Expanded

to consider being open more often.

Store Hours During Peak Tourist Season Must Be Expanded

Store hours should be expanded during peak tourist times throughout the year. Salemi should focus on implementing regular and reliable hours so tourists

To most tourists Salemi is not on the map.

will know when locations will be open. During peak

Literally. Salemi does not appear on most Sicily tourist

tourist seasons stores should also consider extend-

maps or in most Sicily tourism handbooks. The city of

eding hours of operation before or after siesta. This

Salemi (or the Salemi tourist office) needs to contact

is a huge lost opportunity for business, as many

operators of tourist offices in nearby tourist hotspots

tourists enjoy shopping while sight seeing.

(Marsala, Trapani, Palermo, etc.) and negotiate ways in which those tourist offices can suggest tourists


Salemi now needs to keep these outlets current and periodically updated with pictures, events, and local news.

already in those areas to make day-trips to Salemi. Salemi’s proximity to these popular tourist destintions makes this a viable option.

Salemi’s Businesses are not on Crowdsourcing Websites (Trip Advisor, Expedia, etc) Many of the travelers surveyed noted that they often rely on crowdsourcing websites to learn about local attractions, businesses, hotels, and restaurants.

Lack of Website and Social Media

Unfortunately, some of these sites charge a large fee or commission so only a handful of Salemi businesses have accounts, and even fewer than that

Most of the tourists surveyed indicated that they prefer to use a destination’s website and social media pages to decide whether or not to travel to that location. Salemi does not have a tourism website in English. This makes it very difficult for those who do not understand Italian to choose to travel there. Furthermore, the current Salemi tourism website is uninviting and unattractive to potential tourists. As a result, has been created to fill this glaring void. In addition, social media pages (Facebook, Pinterest) have been created in English to better reach prospective tourists. Moving forward,

actually have user-submitted reviews. Many travelers rely heavily on user-submitted reviews. Therefore, Salemi businesses need to consider registering for these accounts to attract more tourists. (Note a that few sites


Recommendations After conducting market research, traveling to neighboring cities and touring around Salemi, the team was able to identify the city’s strengths and areas of improvement. In order to capitalize on this potential and put Salemi on the path to being the successful tourist town it can be, we created the following recommendations for the city that can be executed in three phases over the course of the year. This use of an integrated marketing plan will put

Phase One

Salemi on the map in a variety of different realms, both virtual and physical to attract a variety of new audiences all over the world.. The virtual components allow Salemi to become known to international travelers while the physical ones will attract more local tourists that can boost the local economy as well. The process in which this marketing strategy will be completed will be in phases. The three phases give a feasible timeline to be followed and make the steps easier to accomplish and master for both business owners and the city.

Phase One includes recommendations that the Pioneer Enterprise Program has completed for the client: a Facebook page, website, Pinterest account, YouTube video, logo and slogan and print materials. All of these social media accounts are free of cost. The University of Denver has paid for the domain name of the website for the first year and the University of Northern Illinois will pay for the following years. It will be essential to hire a position to oversee these outlets after the project has ended. See Appendix

Full Timeline

M for all user names and passwords.

Phase One


Phase Two

3 to 4 Months

Phase Three

5 to 12 Months

Facebook The team created a Facebook (business) page for the city in English so possible tourists can see what Salemi has to offer. This page will serve as a place


where specific people and businesses can be highlighted and upcoming events announced. In addition, the “Photos” section will be filled with our snapshots taken during our stay to display Salemi’s natural beauty. Travel Salemi, the title of the business page, will serve as an advertising opportunity for the city. For a small fee, Travel Salemi’s status updates will appear at the top News Feeds and advertisements will appear on users’ toolbars. This feature will be essential in promoting the city and gaining access to audiences in other countries. See Appendix D for Facebook User Guide. ( pages/Travel-Salemi/621621371190584)

Pinterest Pinterest is an image driven website in which its 48.7 million users can “Pin” images they like and share them with friends. Each time an image is clicked on, information about the image’s origin is shared. In Salemi’s case, will be the origin to every photo posted. This social media site will be an excellent addition the marketing strategy as it can share the gorgeous photos we have taken in Salemi and fun photographs taken at future events with the Pinterest community and get more traffic for the website. (See Appendix E for further information on how to “Pin.”) (

YouTube This video will be an exciting way for viewers to literally see what Salemi is all about. In conjunction with great music, the video will show possible tourists around town emphasizing the beautiful architecture, panoramic views and fun night festivals. This video will be an excellent way to evoke an emotional response from viewers and make them want to visit the beautiful city. (

Logo and Slogan The logo created for Salemi (See Appendix F) depicts the way the sun disappears over the rustic hill of Salemi at sunset. The logo will serve as brand for the city so hopefully it can be recognized around Sicily. The city as well as local businesses should use this in their own print materials so the logo can be a unifying factor among all advertisements. The slogan, “A truly authentic escape” captures how the town is so culturally rich and seemingly untouched by the outside world, two very attractive features to American tourists. We also chose this phrase because it is a mix of the two highest ranked slogans chosen by over 400 travelers on our survey.


Print Materials The team has created a variety of print materials the city can use in ways. First, a brochure was created (See Appendix G) to give a brief overview of the town and its attractions and their hours. We also created a flyer called, 20 Things to Do in Salemi which details some of the fun activities that Salemi has to offer and it provides a clear map of where these attractions are located. (See Appendix H for the flyer.) The brochures and flyers would be perfect for distribution in the tourism office to give tourists a general sense of the city and what to do and see. In the case that the office is closed, in which case we suggest the brochure be put in a box hung outside the office, this material will be crucial to tourists who don’t know about the city. This brochure could also be sent to other tourism offices so tourists can learn about Salemi while they are visiting Trapani or Marsala and possibly make a day trip. Print ads (See Appendix I) were also created that highlight the panoramic views of Salemi and use the logo and slogan. These could be displayed in high traffic areas, business windows or local magazines. These materials will be sent in a PDF version to Nicola Puma.


Phase Two Phase Two recommendations are actions that business owners can take will little to no cost to them in the next few weeks. We divided these recommendations up between three categories, the tourism office, restaurants and businesses.

Tourist Office - Our first recommendation to the Tourism Office is to be open every day and expand their hours of operation. This will be very helpful to tourists so they will always have a resource to give suggestions about what to do that day. - Tourism Office employees need to be motivated and competent. Whether they are paid or given high school credit, this will help solve the problem of sporadic hours of operation. Furthermore, citizens with knowledge of other languages (English, German, etc.) should be targeted to work the tourist office. - The Tourism Office needs to manage businesses’ brochures in an organized manner. Organizing them by category on the table or in a rack will help tourists find what they need. The brochures also need to always be stocked so tourists can take them freely and know what is available to them. - The Tourism Office needs to get in contact with

the Sicily Tourism Board. By registering with them, hopefully Salemi will be included on Sicily tourism materials and maps, which are viewed by hundreds of tourists all over Sicily. - The Tourism Office can add a personal touch to a tourist’s stay by sending a handwritten “Thank You” postcard after they visited the office. (See Appendix J for guest cards and postcards.) Snapfish has an easy service in which a simple JPEG (Appendix J) can be created into a postcard and shipped to you in bulk (see Appendix M for login information).

Restaurants - Restaurants need to have menus translated into English. This will help customers know what they are eating despite a language barrier and make ordering more efficient. - Restaurants must create informative brochures in English that can be distributed in the Tourism Office. These brochures should include photos, hours, whether or not credit cards can be used, a map with its locations, an excerpt from the menu and something to show how special the restaurant is. - Restaurants need to register for a TripAdvisor account. Americans use this site frequently to find the best places to eat in town and learn what previous customers have thought about restaurants. It is free


and a great way to promote the restaurant and see

business for free.

what customers are saying about the business (See

Phase Three

Appendix K for TripAdvisor User Guide) - Restaurants that have the infrastructure need to experiment with cooking classes. Americans love

Phase Three includes actions that will take more

Sicilian cuisine and would enjoy learning how to

time, money and help from the city.

make a traditional dish they could recreate at home.

Signage Businesses

The city must have more signage around the city in

- Businesses need to have extended hours during

particular for the castle, main church and panoramic

peak tourist times. According to our market research,

views. This will help tourists get around easier and

most Americans enjoy taking day trips. They may

creates the possibility for self-guided tours.

arrive in Salemi around noon and only stay for a few hours, putting them right in the middle of siesta. In


order to capitalize on these tourists visits it would

The city needs reliable WiFi. As our market research

be beneficial for tourist attractions to extend their

found, Americans rely on the internet to figure out

hours in the afternoons to give tourists something

their daily itinerary. By having WiFi in the main piazza,

to do and make more money.

tourists will be able to access the website, Facebook

- Businesses must create informative brochures in

and all of the businesses TripAdvisor accounts which

English that can be distributed in the Tourism Office.

will help them plan their day. Most importantly, WiFi

These brochures should include a brief introduction

will allow tourists to access the very informative and

as to the type of business, photos, hours, whether

interactive map on the website.

or not credit cards can be used and a map with its location. These will be essential for businesses as they

Tourism Office

can transcend language barriers and be displayed

The Tourism Office must send print materials to local

even if the Tourism Office is closed.

tourism centers and tourism operators in Italy. This

- Businesses need to register with TripAdvisor to gain

is will allows tourists of other cities the opportunity

easy access to possible tourists and to promote their

to learn about Salemi. By sending materials to tour


operators, they will have access to information to recommend Salemi to their clients. (see appendix L )

Promotion The city must publish the print ads in high traffic areas such as airports, universities, shopping centers and magazines. While costly, this will serve as an excellent marketing strategy to get a variety of people to see Salemi.

Web Administrator The city must hire a web administrator in order to keep the Social Media accounts and website up to date. This way, every time someone visits the website or Facebook page it has current information that will excite potential tourists.

Nightlife The city could greatly benefit from a festival series in the summer, called Summer Nights in Salemi. These festivals would feature movies projected on the castle wall, live music in the piazza, discounts in various restaurants and bars and open shops. Salemi is fortunate enough to have the famous Mondo Kim collection of movies, so we suggest that there should be a Mondo Kim movie showing in the castle each Friday night throughout the summer. This would attract tourists from all areas and would be a great attraction to add to the nightlife of Salemi.



Overall, we have performed a thorough

office in order to guide them in the right direction

amount of research on both the city of Salemi, as well

with the hopes of making Salemi a tourist-friendly

as American tourism trends as a whole. It is evident

city. (new paragraph)

that we have invested a generous amount of time

into our analysis portion of the project in order to

should focus on completing Phase 3 and imple-

provide effective, yet realistic recommendations for

ment the finishing touches to the city. The goal of

Salemi tourism.

Phase 3 is to enhance the attractions in the city,

As previously mentioned, we have successfully

provide easier methods to help visitors navigate

completed Phase 1 of our recommendations which

around Salemi, and most importantly, attract new

includes the creation of the Salemi Facebook page,

tourists, as well as returning visitors to the city.

the Salemi website, the Salemi Pinterest account, a

YouTube video, a logo, a slogan and print materials.

but the outcome would provide Salemi with a

Our entire marketing plan has the chance to succeed

large boost in tourism and an overall revenue

and greatly increase American tourism in Salemi, but

increase. Salemi has the potential to become a

we can only accomplish this goal if the city of Salemi

desired tourist destination and our marketing

is willing to commit to complete Phase 2 and Phase

plan will give Salemi the push they need to “get

3. In Phase 2, it is extremely important for the city to

on the map� and provide future visitors with the

work with restaurants, businesses and the tourism

Truly Authentic Escape that they are searching for.

Once Phase 2 is accomplished, the city

These phases will require time and money,


Appendix A

Zack Hope Senior

Zack Hope is a graduating Senior from Chicago majoring in Economics and minoring in History and International Studies.

Danielle Norris

Graduated Class of 2013 Danielle Norris is a recent grad from San Francisco who majored in Media Studies and minored in Marketing and Sociology.

Alicia Rausch Senior

Alicia Rausch is a senior from Orange County, California majoring in Emergent Digital Practices and minoring in Marketing.

Brady Schlueter Senior

Braden Schlueter is an Emergent Digital Practices major and Film Production minor. He is a senior and will be graduating in the Spring of 2014.

Nicki Solberg Senior

Nicki Solberg is a graduating Senior from Minnesota majoring in Marketing with a minor in Psychology.

Alex Stringari Junior

Alex Stringari is a Junior from Denver, Colorado majoring in Communications and Psychology and minoring in Sociology.


Appendix B - Survey Results


Appendix B - Survey Results


Appendix B - Survey Results


Appendix C - City Comparative Analysis

Cities: Marsala, Trapani, and Erice Primary City Attractions: · Beaches/Coast · Wine · Great Shopping · Historic Sites Positive City Characteristics · Lots of signs · Multiple maps · All stores are open · Open and staffed tourist center with a variety of materials to give out · Tourists office spoke English · Menus were in English · Many stores had stickers proving that they are on TripAdvisor Negative City Characteristics: · Trash in the streets · No charm · Not quaint · Urban appeal, but not Italian village appeal · No Historic Appeal · Spread out: big Useful Observations about the City’s Methods · Helpful map · Map on back of business card · Walking map that conveniently folds up (Ads on the back) · Map of Sicily and city · Tourist office very helpful about information (not just about the specific cities)


Appendix D Facebook User Guide

Appendix E How to “Pin” on Pinterest

Appendix F - Logo


Appendix G - Brochure


Appendix H - Flyer


Appendix I - Print Ads


Appendix I - Print Ads


Appendix I - Postcards


Appendix I - Trip Advisor User Guide

Step 1: Set up an account -Go to -Click on your category, “Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions or Resources” -Fill out ALL of the information, check the box at the end and click “Submit.” -Wait for confirmation email (5 to 7 business days) and make any requested changes Step 2: Update your page with pertinent information -Sign in and click on “Your Business” on the top of the page -Click on “Management Center” to edit your page -Click on “Manage your TripAdvisor Page” -Add/edit information (room rates, amenities, special offers) -Upload photos -Add videos of walking tours Step 3: Manage your reviews -From the “Manage your TripAdvisor Page” click on “Manage Your Reviews” -Respond to customer reviews by clicking on the message Step 4: Utilize free marketing tools -From the “Management Center” click on “Free Marketing Tools” -Click on “Link to TripAdvisor” to add widgets to your website -Click on “Request a TripAdvisor Sticker” to place an order for a clear sticker to put in aa the window of your business Step 5: Get more reviews -Add widgets to your website encouraging guests to write reviews -Give incentives to customers that write reviews Step 6 (optional): Upgrade to a Business Listing -Add contact information (Phone, URL, email address) -Create special offers and announcements

Why Trip Advisor? TripAdvisor is a great way to promote your business for free! 200 million tourists use TripAdvisor monthly to help them plan their trip so they can sleep, eat and visit the best places in town. When your business has a TripAdvisor account, customers can search your business and write reviews about their experience and give it a rating using the “circle” system. Many tourist prefer these types of websites because the reviews are coming from previous customers that are not biased and owners prefer this site because direct booking is used (no commission). In addition, TripAdvisor operates countless other travel websites, making their reach quite large. For more information visit these links: Sheet.html


Appendix I - Tour Operators

Absolute Italy Avanti Travel Best of Sicily Leonardo Lombardo Archeology tours and treks 338.643.2177 Sicily Travel Tours Travel with Avanti


Appendix I - Usernames/Passwords

Mapbox Name: Password: salemisix6 Blue Host Name: Password: SalemiSix6_2013 WordPress Admin Access link: Name: TravelSalemi Password (temporary): SalemiSix6_2013 Gmail User name: Password: travelsalemi1 Facebook User name: Password:travelsalemi1 Snapfish User name: Password: travelsalemi1 Pinterest User name: Password: travelsalemi1 Flickr Click sign in with Google Username: Password: salemisix6

University of Denver 2199 S University Blvd Denver, CO 80208 Tel: (303) 871-2000

Tourism Report for Salemi, Sicily  

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