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The Air Power Museum and its unique experiences

Midland, TX contains a blend of historic and entertaining place. The city earns through oil, trading, retail, hospitality and tourism. A large number of tourists came to Midland in 2013 and more increase is expected in 2014 by the forecasters. This rising number of tourists will lead the rental real estate and hotels rates towards new hikes. There are many historic places which have enough charisma to attract a large number of tourists. The incoming visitors who come to visit Midland for its historic places need a low priced rental residency which is situated near the city. 1270 RV Park Midland is the best option for them because it is situated at 10 minute’s distance from Midland and Odessa. So the visitors can visit every historic monument and museum, whether it is located in any part of the city. The following museum is a big attraction for the tourist (individual and families) and it attracts a large crowd every year by it Air shows.

The Headquarters for the Commemorative Air Force is situated near the airport in the West Midland. The CAF was formed to preserve the models of aircraft from the entire history of aviation of the United States and selects aircraft from other countries. The unit arranges a variety of demonstrations for the education of the public. This is one of the most favorite locations for tourists from across United States. The museum is located in the world's largest collection of nose art from when individual planes had distinctive designs. Every year, an airshow is conducted with the World War 2 planes which attract thousands of visitors. John V. Pliska, an immigrant from Austria, built a plane in 1912. He was inspired after seeing the Wright Brothers’ plane and builds the first plane of Texas. The plane is on display in the Midland International Airport lobby. The museum in Midland is open Tuesday through Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM.

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The air power museum and its unique experiences