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Pecos City - The Contemporary Fertile Crescent One just can’t tell what it actually is about but fact is that water is probably the most fascinating part of our world. Rivers and seas are something that allures us towards them and the best part is that there hardly any similarities existing between the reasons why people love to be near the sea but the point is that they do love it. Some love the rivers for just for the sake of fishing as they have a hobby of fishing every time they go out for a picnic while for some the same river or the sea can be attractive for producing so many fish that they catch them for a living. Some of us love the sea for being calm and being a place where we can think of the nice times that have already passed while some love the very sea for the might and strength that it has. For some it is the means of transport for it was the first great discovery for the mankind probably as travelling by land could never have led them to discover new avenues for trade and inhabiting and for some the reason for being in love with the sea is the jewels that it contains that remain undiscovered as yet to a large extent and of course geography thrives on the sea routes and without them it would never have achieved such heights. They are mysterious and leave us curious about life and about themselves and that is probably the biggest reason why they fascinate us. Rivers connect cities to each other and some rivers spread over more than two countries. Amazon, Nile and Ganghes are some of the rivers that have become religious venues for the people living in those regions or at least have been so in the past. Rivers are not worshipped just for being strong and powerful but because the natives feel them to be a source of their living and there is no doubt about it that rivers play a major role in fertility of the land for cultivation. The people living around and about the River Pecos in Texas also make use of it in several ways. They do farming around this river and it also serves their needs for fishing. But Pecos city has made the best use of it as it has made Pecos River a source of attraction for the tourists, who may admire this river for any of the reasons listed above or even for some other reason as well but, loving to be here at the river. The river has become a charm for the people coming here from all parts of the state and for those coming to Texas from some other part of the United States as well. The developing business and tourism industry has helped the hotels in Pecos TX to grow in numbers every year and we can safely say that river, in this case too, is a major reason for the people to fall in love with this city. Those who love to read about the Fertile Crescent and how it became the most populated place of the world in the earliest era of civilian existence of this planet may see a this Pecos city developing around this river in the contemporary times to get the feeling about how the earliest civilization might have spread along the Euphrates.

Pecos city the contemporary fertile crescent