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Elizabeth West Portfolio 2018

Elizabeth West 205 Rocky Rd Maryville, Tennessee 37803 Phone- (865) - 123 - 4567 Email–

4/11/18 Michelle Tan Editor in Chief of Seventeen Magazine

412 5th Avenue New York City, NY 10020 Dear Ms. Tan: I would like to apply for a job as a young/student journalist on your magazine. I enjoy working on journalism, photography, and layout and design. Seventeen Magazine also provides many of these skills. I have had much writing experience within the past two years (Fall 2016– Spring 2018) working on my school’s yearbook: the Jr. Appalachian. During this time, I learned basic photography as well as photographic elements, caption formatting, story writing, elements of spread design, and editing. I was even granted the position of junior editor in spring of 2017, and then senior editor a semester later. I have proven to be punctual, and to follow directions to the best of my abilities. Seventeen Magazine has proven to be a fun and enjoyable publication for teens all across the nation since its first issue in 1947. It seems to be a great place to start real job or internship. I believe I could truly be beneficial to the company being a teen myself. I would know how to cater to the audience that the magazine is looking for and find ways to make it even better. Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to be in contact with you on this subject in the nearby future. Sincerely, Elizabeth West Resume Enclosed

Elizabeth R. West Objective– To become a young/student journalist for Seventeen Magazine and gain more experience working for a professional company Work/Writing Experience– West Chevrolet 

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Maryville Junior High School Yearbook Staff 2016-2018 

Critiquing pages

Completing spreads


Writing captions

Index Making





Maryville Junior High School

205 Rocky Rd


Maryville, Tennessee 37803

Honors English, Geometry, World History and Geography, Honors Biology, Yearbook (Editor), and French 1

Contact Phone- (865) - 123 - 4567 Email– Social Instagram– @elizawesttn Twitter– @ElizabethWestTN


Appalachian Ballet Company (ballet, jazz, modern) Maryville High School Dance Team

Reference Amy Morton Vaughn- (865) - 111 -1111 Shay Ann- (865) - 987 - 654 Alicia Luttrell- (865) - 232- 3232 Hillary Barrett- (865) - 545 - 1212 Charles West- (865) - 234 - 567

Self Evaluation I first began journalism in 2016 when I joined the yearbook staff at my school. Before then, I did not have much experience. I had only done more mediocre, self-taught versions of journalism for fun such as making my own newspaper, or being editor for the newspaper in JA BizTown. I was now going to sell a real product to my fellow peers using business skills, writing, and photography. From then on, I worked on multiple spreads from September 2016 to February 2017 in our book titled, “The Clock Starts Now” which contained 144 pages. I had completed the concert band page, student council, girls’ soccer, and the entire index stating who was on what page. I also collaborated with fellow staffer, Ayana Maldonado, on the marching band page. My photography work is also in the book. A photograph I had taken was featured on the community connections page. During the next school year, I worked on new pages from August 2017 to April 2018 in our book “Singled Out.” This book contained 104 pages. My work contains several captions written on the science page, the opening spread, the band spread and story, the student council spread and story, the industrial arts spread and story, and the colophon. I had many more photos incorporated as well. These include the spring divider, the track page, and the staff photographs on the colophon (with the exception of my own, taken by Emma Hendrix). Much of the time consisted of landing sponsors for our yearbook. In the end, I had three platinum sponsors. These consisted of West Chevrolet, Star 102.1, and my family. Several things I have learned during these two years included the importance of deadlines (which I usually made on time), how to work as a team with my coworkers, and even how to sell and advertise. In the end, I can safely say that I have worked hard during the duration of time I have been on staff, and I have done what has been asked of me to the best of my abilities. I believe I have the experience needed to take on other projects.

Reflection 1 It is hard to think of my most significant contribution to either of the books. I was involved in so many ways. However, thinking about it, my best would have been the colophon. In our colophon, we acknowledged, the people that helped us make the book and how our book was made. Credit was given to the entire staff and our helpful photographers outside of the classroom. I also got to write why we chose the theme we did for our book. It felt like a great honor to be given this task. Completing the colophon was different, but it wasn’t what I would call “challenging.” The staff’s advisor, Alicia Luttrell, and I had to reformat and reconsider things at times. Overall, it came out well. I proud of it.

Reflection 2 My work for the Girl’s Soccer page could probably need the most improvement. This was the first spread I had to work on without a partner. This can be seen clearly through my first independent caption entitled, “Kicking Through It.” Another problem I had to face was that I had to interview the freshmen girls only. I didn’t know them very well, and as a small, new eighth grader, I was a bit scared. However, the struggles I faced during this spread made me work the hardest out of any other work that I had done that year. After this, I had finally learned the ropes of interviewing and caption writing on my own. If I could improve this piece, I’d probably ask better questions during my interviews, and ask for help when I needed it. I think somehow, the end product would be much more professional. While this piece may need improvement in my eyes, I still really like it, and I’m proud of the work I put into it. My last caption, “Play It,” shows how much I had improved.

Reflection 3 I do believe I’ve been an asset to the Jr. Appalachian yearbook staff. I’ve gone on multiple interviews, completed many spreads, and I’ve taken several photographs for each book. I have proven to show care and dedication to the book for years, and worked hard to get things completed. Not only have I fulfilled my job, but I’ve learned a lot about the students as well.

Reflection 4 This year, the staff has had a few problems here and there. Most of these problems took place around January 2017. Everybody was having a problem completing spreads in time. Part of it was due to miscommunication errors on both parts (staff members and those who assigned deadlines), other parts were that many conflicts got in the way. Nevertheless, the staff and I managed to pull through. If these problems were to arise again, I would try harder to take charge. As the editor, I should never be passive about these issues. Also, I would try to work with each member of the staff individually. It would be easy with such a small group. I learned a lot from this experience. I don’t believe I handled this problem the first time. Next time, I’ll know what to do.

Portfolio 2018 ewest  
Portfolio 2018 ewest