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On the Edges This law of nature is all pervasive that is on living things as well as on non-living things. Man has progressed from a bent ape to a upright figure, not only has the human body developed but also the human brains and it is this human brain that has brought wonders to mankind. With his skills and capacity man has been able to reach the moon. Through ages man has mastered the skill of architecture. Man has learnt the measurements and how to apply them accurately. Now, homes itself is a very big topic we always say that "Home is where our heart dwells". Absolutely true we share a unique bond with our shelter and every minute parts of it touch the cords of our hearts. Times have changed and so has the style of homes. Homes are now more stylish and lavishly designed to suit the customers need. Interior designing has become a very vital part of home dĂŠcor. Without an aesthetically well planned interior the modern house looks incomplete. There are many elements that together form the picture of the "Picture Perfect" home. Paints, textures, articulately designed furniture, vibrantly composed ceiling and flooring all these elements together made our living room what it should look like. Flooring is the basic pillar of this giant step. Without suitable and comfortable flooring one cannot move on to the other elements of the room. The floor of the room may have multiple options such as tiles, rough finishing and also the new developed concept of this. You must be wondering what "Tiles" are, let me explain. Tiles that are made by baking fine minerals like clay and silica, at extreme high temperatures where the individual grains or particles melt and fuse make a vitreous surface, thus creating a single mass making them extremely hard with low porosity. "Vitrified tiles" are also made from clay, but they have additional ingredients, like silica, quartz, and feldspar. When these ingredients cook inside a kiln, they melt and form a glass substrate throughout the tile. This glass addition makes vitrified tiles very strong and smooth, with far fewer pores in their surfaces than ceramic tiles. Now that we have a slight understanding of what "Vitrified tiles "are we can readily go to the dynamics of it. Since "Vitrified Tiles" are produced through the process of "Vitrification", these tiles have really low porosity and are extremely strong. these are resistant to stains, scratches, acids, alkalis and chemicals. These are highly durable and have an advantage over ordinary ones. "Vitrified tiles" not only guaranteed you good quality but also high abrasion resistance than marble. "Vitrified Tiles" are very consumer friendly as they can be laid in a matter of few hours and can be used in 48 hours. Unlike ordinary ones "Vitrified Tiles" retain color for decades and have better mechanical strength. "Vitrified Tiles" are highly in demand in the market today and they are readily available in many colors and shades in fact they are starting to gain popularity in the rural areas as well. The price of the tiles depends on the type one chooses. it is a good alternative to marble and granite. Vitrified Tiles are of great use to builders, architects and interior

designers. It is also widely used for flooring in residential and commercial places such as kitchens, bedrooms hall rooms, bath rooms and banquet halls.

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