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Are You Tile Hunting For Your Bathroom The articles talks about the various types of tiles stating their advantages and disadvantages over each other side by side. The different kind of tiles include carpet tiles which are very soft to walk on, ceramic tiles which have been a classic choice since the beginning and are available in octagons and hexagons, laminate tiles which can be personalized according to your will and the décor of your house, hardwood tiles which are hard but enhance the décor with their elegant style quotient, natural stone tiles which can be honed and textured and vinyl tiles, bathroom tiles which are very easy to clean and are stain resistant. The first one being carpet. This is the classic choice to go for. It can never go wrong, exactly like your skin tight pair of black jeans. Some people may think that carpet might not be the reasonable choice for potentially waterlogged bathrooms. As long as your mildew and stain resistant, with a packing that doesn't allow the packing to seep into the pad, you're good to go. Not only does carpet provide great comfort due to its softness and under warmth, but it also provides a great range of options color wise and pattern wise. The next one in ceramic. Another classic, like ‘gone with the wind'. It is designed with a texture to prevent from slipping. In addition to squares it is also available in hexagons and octagons. The mosaic tiles in ceramic are gaining a lot of popularity. They are durable and hygienic but may pose a problem when it comes to porosity rating. The next one being the laminate tiles. They are the best in strength as a lot of layers of materials are bonded together such as resin, kraft paper, and wood fiber. They are created by compacting under pressure which is then transformed in planks. You can get them personalized by printing your photos or scenic pictures according to your convenience and taste. Needless to say, they up the style quotient of your bathroom by a great deal. Also, they are easy to clean and durable. Bathroom tiles are the trickiest to shop for. You don't want to slip and neither do you want your floor to be wet all day either. This can be your all in one guide of bathroom tiles. Whilst a simple white bathroom tile is always stylish, you can go for something extravagant and make your bathroom look like your own personal palace. Next we have hardwood. It gives a cohesive look if that's the flooring for the rest of your house. You can stain and paint them to the convenience of the rest of the room's décor. Next on this list is natural stone. It requires a strong subfloor but is very durable. It might not be your most favorite choice because it gets slippery once wet. On the other hand, the stone can be honed or textured with a layer of sealant. Keep a pair of slippers in handy as the floor may get cold. Last but not the least on this list is vinyl. It may create more cracks for germs to grow but are very easy to install. They are easy to clean and effectively resist stains and moisture.

Are you tile hunting for your bathroom