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Widener Swimming


Seniors Jennifer Barkofski Senior Early Childhood and Special Education Event: 400 IM Best Time: 4:48 Favorite/Funniest memory: "Don't get furustrated! You’re still a good person!" Your plans after graduation: Teaching in Atlanta, Georgia with Teach for America Laura Harris Senior Biology Event: 200 back Best Time: 2:02.01 Favorite/Funniest Memory: Florida training trip sophomore year when Carly Wray didn't realize her chocolates has been taken over by ants until shed already eaten a few pieces. Plans after graduation: Next year I have plans to accept a job working for lab support of Towson and attend graduate school part time to achieve a Master’s degree in animal science or biotechnology.

Michael Lawley Senior Criminal Justice Event: 100 back Best Time: 52.79 Favorite/Funniest Memory: In Florida this year when we were doing abs on the beach and Katy Peterson kept yelling at Jeff Hicks because he couldn't do the abs. Plans after graduation: Get a job in federal law enforcement

Carly Wray Senior International Relations Event: 100 Free Best Time: 56.01 Funniest Team Memory: Getting thrown through the window Plans after Graduation: “Can’t wait to go to university”

Carli Rapp Senior Psych/Pre-PT with Anthropology minor Event: 50 free Best Time: 25.9 Favorite/Funniest Memory: Laura Harris zombie walking at morning practice; Katie Harnish dropping her phone in the pool during a swim meet Plans after graduation: unsure

Sara Leonelli Senior Social Work Favorite Event: 200 Free Best Time: 1:58.0 Favorite/Funniest Memory: My funniest team memory is when this past Christmas break during our annual Florida training trip we played charades with the blue vs. gold competition and how funny each person was to act out a particular thing along with the ridiculous gifts people got for Christmas Pollyanna. Plans for after graduation: I plan to after I graduate to attend grad school to earn my masters in social work to then get a full time job


Andrew Olchowecky Junior Elementary Education Event: 50 Freestyle Best Time: Favorite/Funniest Memory: Going down to Florida my sophomore year.

Vladimir Belogorodsky Junior Major Electrical Engineering Event: 1650 Best Time 17:12 Favorite/Funniest Memory: the charades games and skits we played in Florida.

Sophomores Kori Meighan Sophomore Nursing Event: 100 breaststroke Best Time: 1:14:16 Favorite/Funniest Memory: Teams cheers during MACs

Andy Madore Sophomore Engineering Event: 100 Breaststroke Best Time: 1:01.1 Favorite/Funniest Memory: Morning practices at Swarthmore

Steve Ranalli Sophomore Communications Event: 100 Butterfly Best Time: Favorite/Funniest Memory: When we went to the beach for a day with Randolph Bacon

Alicia Jenkins Sophomore Social Studies Education Event: 1650 Freestyle

Best Time: 18:41.83 Favorite/Funniest Memory: Kori at MACs getting her all-time best time in breaststroke and we both cried

Erin Neugebauer Sophomore Elementary Education Event: 100 Breaststroke Best Time: 1:09 Favorite/Funniest Memory: Florida Training Trip

Annie Walker Sophomore Accounting Event: 200 Back Best Time: 1.09.7 Favorite/Funniest Memory: Holiday Pollyanna Exchange from this year


Andrew Pownall Freshman Criminal Justice Event: 100 Free Best Time: 51.79

Favorite/Funniest Memory:

Eric Farrington Freshman Social Studies Education Event: 200 fly Best Time: 2:15.87 Favorite/Funniest Memory: Every time I swam the 200fly

Tyler Palma Freshman Mechanical Engineering Event: 200 Back Best Time: 2:18 Favorite/Funniest Memory: Antonio's Speech at MACs

Matt Pettinato Freshman Mechanical Engineering Event: 500 Free Best Time: 5:22.82 Favorite/Funniest Memory: Blue Team vs. Gold Team skits during the Florida Training Trip

Joe Fresta Freshman Nursing Event: The bench press Best Time: 315 pounds Funniest/Favorite Team Memory: Homecoming

Jacob Lightman Freshman Psychology Event: 200 Fly Best Time: 2.10.23 Favorite/Funniest Memory: Skits in Florida

Patrick Lynskey Freshman Class of 2017 Electrical Engineering Event: 500 Freestyle Best Time: 4.51.86 Favorite/Funniest Memory: The first meet with Katy's special cheer.

Ian Gaynor Freshmen Business Management Event: 50 Free, 100 Free Best Time: 50 Free 20.70, 100 Free 45:36 Favorite/Funniest Memory: Diving at Swarthmore

Jeffrey Hicks Freshman Electrical Engineer Event: 100 freestyle Best Time: 48.21 Favorite/Funniest Memory: Mike's beard poster

Jeremy Lahn Freshmen Nursing Event: 50 free Best Time: 22.33 Funniest /Favorite Memory: Breaking the school records with the money team.

Gianni Defrancesco Freshmen Major Event: Best Time: Favorite/Funniest Memory:

Kelly Compell Freshman Biology/ Pre-PT Event: 100 Breast Stroke Best Time: 1:23:20 (in-season) 1:18:89 (overall) Favorite/Funniest Memory: Volleyball during the training trip

Emily Petillo Freshman Chemical Engineering Event: 500 free Best Time: 5:42:06 Favorite/Funniest Memory: Gianni and Antonio doing the belly flop contest at MACs

Mike Grajek Freshman Engineering Event: 200 Free Best Time: 1:46.03 Funniest Team memory: Flooding our dishwasher in Florida

Shimron George Freshmen Computer Science Event: Best Time Favorite/Funniest Memory:

James Proulx Freshmen Chemical Engineering Event: Best Time: Favorite/Funniest Memory:

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