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Basic High Blood Pressure Natural Remedies for Poor Circulation and Other Ailments Poor circulation is a health condition that affects millions of people in the United States and places them at risk for serious diseases, such as heart attack and stroke. Hence, it is highly crucial to seek immediate treatment for poor circulation. For most people, poor circulation is caused by poor diet in addition to poor lifestyle choices. For some, it is caused by medical conditions, such as arteriosclerosis, varicose veins, and thrombophlebitis. While some underlying medical conditions require medical intervention, most causes of poor blood circulation can be reversed with simple lifestyle or diet changes. Here are some natural remedies for poor leg circulation to get you started: 1. Eat oatmeal – One of the most popular high blood pressure natural remedies, oatmeal is an inexpensive source of soluble fiber. According to the American Heart Association, a cup of oatmeal a day is all you need to maintain normal heart contractions. This grain has also been proven to lower bad cholesterol, a major cause of circulation problems. Other natural remedies that provide the same health benefits are oat bran and wheat bran. 2. Salmon – This fish is one of the best natural remedies for poor leg circulation. It contains high amounts of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which lower blood pressure and maintains normal heart functions. 3. Cardiovascular exercise – 30 minutes of exercise a day, five times a week is all you need to maintain a healthy circulatory system. Cardiovascular exercise benefits your circulatory health by strengthening your heart, dilating your arteries, and flushing out toxins that impede blood flow in the arteries.

4. Herbal extracts -- Herbs, such as motherwort and cayenne, have been used for centuries as natural remedies for poor circulation. Not everyone, however, has access or tastes for these herbs. Experience the healing power of these high blood pressure natural remedies through herbal extracts instead. These concoctions are distillations of the healing essences of herbs. Because they’re in liquid form, they enter the blood stream and provide instant relief. A few herbal extracts, such as the Heart and Body Extract, even combine many of nature’s most powerful natural remedies for poor circulation in order to provide you multiple health benefits with every dose. In addition to taking natural remedies, you should also avoid doing or consuming things that cause poor blood circulation, such as smoking, inactivity, and eating foods high in sodium and fats. For more information on how you can improve blood flow naturally, visit

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Basic High Blood Pressure Natural Remedies for Poor Circulation and Other Ailments