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FASHION BRACELETS – SEASON FALL WINTER 2013-14 Last trends in the accessories world for this new season. Get up to date in the fashion bracelets and handmade jewelry. Wappeando Collection by Wappo. Alicia Macías

LAST TRENDS Fashion accessories and handmade jewelry

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Fashion Bracelets Season FallWinter 2013-14 In dWappo we are celebrating our first release of Fashion Bracelets by our own brandWappo for the new season Fall-Winter 2013-14. Wappo bracelets collection is arranged in several lines, worked on different materials and shapes that are last trend this Fall-Winter 2013-14. On one hand we have launched a wide bracelets line as cuff bracelets in leather and gold, do you know that are fashionable?

Golden prevails over the rest of metallic tones, although there is some option in silver.Wappo is committed to both materials, presenting bracelets such as this gold and silverchain bracelets.


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For example, Olivia Palermo wears a gold chain bracelet very similar to our Wappo collection.

Even though we can’t forget fashion bracelets in natural stones, especially pearls carried in different versions and colors.


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Another trend for this Fall-Winter is glitter, so Wappo has launched a highly fashionable bracelets combining leather, suede and strass. Do you like?

And finally, we highlight the full range of leather bracelets with silver and gold pieces that never go out of fashion.


English Edition

Including as a whole new collection of men bracelets. If you don’t know what to give your boy with these fashionable bracelets you’ll success!

There are many other models of bracelets that will be trend this Fall-Winter 2013-14, if you want to see all you can visit our online shop dWappo.


Fashion bracelets season fall winter 2013 14