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Foreword With great pleasure, I.C. Galleries presents its 2018 Catalogue. True to our identity, we have focused almost exclusively on up-and-coming, relatively young Latin American and African artists (notable exceptions being the pieces by Coronel and Hernández, Lots 14, 65, 66 and 67). Finding young talent is our mission: it provides young artists with a fair market and fair earnings so that they can be true to their creative impulse and develop, without the sometimes fatal pressure of just having to survive. Our mission also provides collectors with serious, high-quality art at accessible prices which, in almost all cases, will only go up in value with the passage of time. This year we are highlighting the city of Oaxaca in Mexico, and the small country of Rwanda in Central Africa. If Mexico is a land of art par excellence, Oaxaca is and has been for the last half century its veritable Mecca. The cumulative heritage of Tamayo, Toledo, Rojas, Takeda and so many others has made it a place where even the streets exude an artistic aphrodisiac. But as often happens when a person or a place has ‘made it,’ separating the good from the best is not always easy, and much of the very best stays in Oaxaca. We hope that our selection makes the very best accessible to you. The small country of Rwanda in Central Africa was torn by the most violent of civil wars in the 1990s. After the peace accords, society was in tatters, countless orphans wandered the streets. Creative art became an instrument of healing and salvation for many young Rwandans. In Kigali, serious art communes sprang up with feverous production. This development has drawn the positive attention of the art critics at The New York Times, The Guardian, Le Monde and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, to name just a few. Nevertheless, Rwanda’s art scene can still be called incipient, and the absence of formal institutes of Fine Arts means that most artists are self-taught. I.C. Galleries’ joint initiative with the Haz-Ser Foundation is seeking to provide Rwanda with accomplished art teachers in the form of an exchange program. We have also financed two artist-in-residency programs abroad for young Rwandan artists and hope to sponsor more in the future. In this Catalogue we have made a point of offering relatively small-to-medium dimensioned works, since many of our clients’ homes and apartments do not have the wall space to accommodate pieces measuring over 10’ by 5’ (3m x 1.5m). But we couldn’t resist including some fantastic wall-eaters and will be happy to provide a personalized selection to anyone looking for something a little – or a lot – bigger. Please keep in mind that the works featured in this catalogue are only a smattering of our collection. If you don’t see what you are looking for, or if you’re not sure, get in touch with me or another of our curators via the I.C. Galleries helpline, 860 393 0177. We hope you enjoy your perusal of our 2018 selection!

Alicia Moreno Bejar Chief Curator

Alejandra was born in Oaxaca in 1977. She partook in the 1997 intensive painting course given by Master Roger Von Gunten, in the Rufino Tamayo Visual Arts Workshop, Oaxaca. She has presented her work in both private and collective shows in the United States, Spain, Costa Rica, and in the Mexican states of Guanajuato, Baja California, Jalisco, Mexico City, Chihuahua, and Nuevo León, amongst others. The idea of artwork being unfinished with forward spiral in its creative nature eloquently responds to the style of this painter. Her exploration is self-taught: her technical repertory includes oil, acrylic, collage and graphic art. In her work she recognizes the influences of the Austrian symbolist, Gustav Klimt; the Swiss Paul Klee; the Spaniards Miquel Barceló and Manuel Valdés Blasco, also known as Manolo Valdés; and the Briton, Lucian Freud.

LOT: 1 ALEJANDRA VILLEGAS (Oaxaca, Mexico) Night Citadel / Ciudadela nocturna Oil on canvas 36” x 21.5” (91 x 54.6 cms)


Manuel was born in 1984 in the city of Oaxaca. He has experimented with, created and developed several different painting techniques. His studies include apprenticeships with Maestra Isis Rodriguez (studying classical realism), Maestro Juan Alcazar (in the Rufino Tamayo Atelier) and Maestro Salvador Irizar (the Irizar Atelier). Studies in visual arts at the Benito Juarez Autonomous University of Oaxaca. Manuel has produced works for Mexico’s current President Enrique Peña Nieto. His work is on permanent display in the shops of the internationally acclaimed designer Armando Mafud Mafud. He gives free art classes at the Educative Center for Autistic Children in Oaxaca (CENAO). Manuel is the coordinator of the workshop for raising awareness on disarmament, directed towards children to promote social coherence and prevent crime. He is also the founder and director of “Pintate de Valores,” a non-profit organization which teaches children responsible citizenship via art.

LOT: 2 MANUEL CARRASCO (Oaxaca, Mexico) Bat / Murciélago Acrylic on canvas 39” x 39” (100 x 100 cms)


LOTE: 3 MANUEL CARRASCO (Oaxaca, Mexico) Spring / Primavera Mixed medium oil and acrylic on canvas 39” x 39” (100 x 100 cms)


LOT: 4 FULGENCIO LAZO (Oaxaca, Mexico) River of Games / Río de juegos Acrylic on canvas 39” x 31.5” (100 x 80 cms)


Fulgencio studied at the Benito Juarez School of Fine Arts of the University of Oaxaca, under Shinzaburo Takeda. Further at the University of Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. Since 1990 he has divided his time between Seattle and Oaxaca, and has ateliers in both cities. He has participated in over forty solo exhibitions in various countries, including Japan, Mexico, France, and the United States.

LOT: 5 FULGENCIO LAZO (Oaxaca, Mexico) Sounds of color / Sonidos de color Acrylic on canvas 31.5� x 39� (80 x 100 cms)


LOT: 6 ALFONSO ABAD (Oaxaca, Mexico) Swarm / Enjambre Oil on canvas 39” x 39” (100 x 100 cms)

Alfonso is a self-taught painter. He studied law at the Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca, Mexico. From an early age his interest in visual arts began to grow, favoring oil, watercolors, engraving and ceramics. Originally, the bestiary, or collection of images of animals, was a meditation on the ethics of esthetics. Alfonso Abad recovers this will to question the ethics of the image, to give us a moral valuation as well as an esthetic appreciation. This goes beyond what many other painters from Oaxaca tend to seek and obtain - even those who have decades of experience behind them. Mr. Abad’s conceptual perspective proves itself to be extraordinarily mature.


LOT: 7 ALAN PÉREZ MORALES (Oaxaca, Mexico) Flowers / Flores Oil on canvas 39” x 31.5” (100 x 80 cms)

Alan is a young Oaxacan painter who has already established for himself a clearly individual style, with which he demonstrates an undeniable talent. His most recent exhibitions include “Art and Freedom” in the Francisco Gutierrez salon at the Museum of Oaxacan Painters, and “Transcendental Glances” at the Jesus Villafan Gallery in Oaxaca. Alan’s atelier is in the same city. 7

Edgar was born in 1987, in the bright region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca. He is primarily concerned with seeking the meaning of cultural architecture to subtract from it the strength of its images. In the vein of his strokes, the young artist has achieved refinement that has been characterized as liquid fabric. “Blood of cactus” (a pigment with perpetual motion) produces a painting that shows his highly-developed talent. This secretion from the cochineal beetle fills his pictures with poetic exaggeration, and one feels that one is before an image of flesh and blood, an undivided work that can not pretend or lie. He currently works with the technique of natural dyes and the development of artistic pieces on handmade paper with pre-Hispanic or primitive techniques.

LOT: 8 EDGAR JAIR (Oaxaca, Mexico) April Rain / Lluvia de abril Cochineal with lemon juice on canvas 55” x 39” (140 x 100 cms)


LOT: 9 EDGAR JAIR (Oaxaca, Mexico) Habitat / Habitat Mixed medium secretion of cochineal, anpil and ixtle on canvas 27.5” x 27.5” (70 x 70 cms)

LOT: 10 EDGAR JAIR (Oaxaca, Mexico) Sprouting / Brotación Secretion of cochineal mixed with earth, on canvas 55” x 39” (140 x 100 cms)


LOT: 11 EDGAR JAIR (Oaxaca, Mexico) Emerging / Emergiendo Mixed medium secretion of cochineal, anpil and ixtle on canvas 55” x 39” (140 x 100 cms)


Born in Oaxaca in 1988. After completing his law studies, Angel studied painting in the faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Oaxaca and with different Mexican and international painters (Kevin McKloskey, Avelina Lesper and others). His work has been shown in individual and group exhibitions in galleries and museums in Mexico and the United States. “Sharpening my senses. Limitless horizons. Sun, mountains, endless vegetation. A green shepherd, stones and clouds. Man’s presence is discreet, visible only in his fields. Riding a burro, carrying children, his resplendent attire and all of a sudden he plays and sings. Angel Morales shares his fascination with the holistic mundane, using a breathtaking figurative language. But can we consider him a realist? We see beings transported from the past or creations of his own fantasy which silently take their place on the canvas, as dreams do in our minds. Familiarity and foreignness commune on the same plane, reality and imagination are interwoven and surpass traditional mannerism and the limits of commonplace things, and go on to “what might be.” Perhaps the true identity of his work is the beauty of identity, presented as a declaration of love, and at the same time a lament.” (Susanne Brass).

LOT: 12 ÁNGEL MORALES (Oaxaca, Mexico) Oaxacan countryside / Huasteca oaxaqueña Oil on canvas 39” x 55” (110 x 140 cms)


LOT: 13 CRUZ VARGAS (Oaxaca, Mexico) Untitled / Sin título Multi-layered ink print on paper-suffused canvas (sole edition) 25.5” x 20” (65 x 50 cms)

Born in Oaxaca, Mexico, in 1983, Cruz’s academic background includes a position as Visual Arts Instructor at the School of Fine Arts at the Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca, as well as a degree in Visual Arts and Plastic Expression from the University of Guadalajara. His interest in the Visual Arts has led him to explore many techniques, such as painting, collage, engraving, sculpture, film, and photography, to name a few. As a visual artist, he has had several solo exhibitions. He was also the top selection from the competition Sala Proyecto Joven 2015. 12

Coronel was born in 1931 in the city of Zacatecas. He abandoned the study of architecture to devote himself to painting. He studied at the National School of Visual Arts of the UNAM. In 1944 he painted his first self-portrait and in 1952 received the Award of Visual Arts of the National Institute of Mexican Youth. For four decades of fruitful creative work, he has exhibited his work individually and collectively on the five continents. Highlights include the VIII Biennial of Sao Paulo, Brazil, in which he obtained the Cordoba Award for Best Young Latin American Artist in 1965, and the First International Biennial of Figurative Painting in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, in 1974, at which received first prize. He has exhibited four times in the Museum of Fine Arts in Mexico City, has been appointed Dr. Honoris Causa by the University of the State of Mexico, and recently received the Goitia medal. He is considered one of the most defining representatives of new Mexican Expressionism. In 1978, with his brother Pedro Coronel, he was named “Favorite Son” by the State Government and the Autonomous University of Zacatecas. In 1990 he donated his collection of art for the creation of the “Rafael Coronel Museum” which is located in the former monastery of San Francisco, in his hometown.

LOT: 14 RAFAEL CORONEL (Zacatecas, Mexico) Mask / Máscara Signed seriagraph P/E 24” x 19” (60 x 48 cms) Includes black frame


LOT: 15 EMILIANO LÓPEZ (Oaxaca, Mexico) Untitled / Sin título Oil on canvas 33” x 33” (84 x 84 cms)

Emiliano López was born in Valle Nacional (Oaxaca) in 1959. He entered the Rufino Tamayo Fine Arts Workshop (1978-1984), which has formed so many great artists. Even before graduating from the workshop in 1980, he began group exhibitions such as the XIV National Contest of Plastic Arts of Aguascalientes or shows held in the Inland Gallery (INBA), Mexico City. In the individual field, in 1986 he is presented in Gallery One of Puerto Vallarta, Mano Magica in Oaxaca (1990 and 1993), and the Bucheon Gallery (1994) San Francisco, California. A brief selection of his collective work is found in “Four Oaxacan Painters” (1983), Museo Carrillo Gil, Mexico City, and the itinerant show of the Mexican Cultural Institute in the United States.


LOT: 16 EMILIANO LÓPEZ (Oaxaca, Mexico) Untitled / Sin título Oil on canvas 33” x 33” (84 x 84 cms)


LOT: 17 IXRAEL MONTES (Tehuantepec, Mexico) My family / Mi familia Mixed media on linen 63” x 98” (160 x 250 cms)



LOT: 18 IXRAEL MONTES (Tehuantepec, Mexico) “Daytime” in the series “Game with a lizard” / Diurno de la serie juego con lagarto Mixed media on linen 24” x 20” (60 x 50 cms)


LOT: 19 IXRAEL MONTES (Tehuantepec, Mexico) Road to Chacahua / camino de Chacahua Mixed medium on linen 24” x 20” (60 x 50 cms)

Born in San José de las Flores, Oaxaca, in 1971. The paintings of Ixrael Montes are souvenirs of journeys that allow him to show the rich cultural and environmental heritage of Oaxaca’s coastal area. Lizards kissing, bulls dancing, roosters craning to guess the latest gossip, palm trees bowing in reverence before the solemn procession of life at their feet, storks rushing for the next installment, and small jaguars, crabs, fish with swollen and bulging eyes before the chaotic sowing of life spreading out as far as one can see. Hands and eyes of the one who joined the party on the sixth day of creation: man, sometimes a dominator and merchant, fisherman and baptizer, late apprentice to life; sometimes artist, painter with his feverish brush, we inherit a garment of a brief trip to the heart of things.


LOT: 20 IXRAEL MONTES (Tehuantepec, Mexico) A day to think about you / Un día para pensarte Encaustic on canvas 16” x 20” (40 x 50 cms)

LOT: 21 IXRAEL MONTES (Tehuantepec, Mexico) “Triton” from the series “Game with a Lizard”/ “Triton” de la serie juego con Lagarto Oil encaustic 24” x 20” (60 x 50 cms)


LOT: 22 ASAEL ARISTA (Oaxaca, Mexico) Untitled / Sin título Oil on canvas 28” x 20” (70 x 50 cms)

LOT: 23 ASAEL ARISTA (Oaxaca, Mexico) Untitled / Sin título Oil on canvas 28” x 20” (70 x 50 cms)

Asael was born in San Pedro Pochotla, Oaxaca (Mexico), in 1988. He has a degree in Graphic Design with a specialization in visual communication from the Universidad Mesoamericana, where, since 2010 he holds the chair of Professor in Drawing and Illustration. In 2012 he earned his Diploma in Visual Arts: History and Contemporaneity in the Rufino Tamayo Workshop of Visual Arts, receiving classes from masters such as Mario Reyes, Jordi Boldó and José L. Sánchez Rull. That same year he took part in the workshop entitled “Learn to Draw Using the Right Side of Your Brain”, given by Master George Mead More. As part of his training he has taken workshops in illustration, drawing, painting and graphics in the Centro de las Artes de San Agustín (CaSa), with teachers such as Ricardo Peláez, Gabriel Macotela, Alberto Castro Leñero, Bela Gold, Damián Flores, Francisco Castro Leñero, and Irma Palacios. Also at CaSa, he participated in the workshop called “Painting and Artwork Analysis” with Argentinian artist Leila Tschopp. 21

LOT: 24 ASAEL ARISTA (Oaxaca, Mexico) Untitled / Sin título Oil on canvas 28” x 20” (70 x 50 cms)

LOT: 25 ASAEL ARISTA (Oaxaca, Mexico) Untitled / Sin título Oil on canvas 28” x 20” (70 x 50 cms)


LOT: 26 GABRIEL MENDOZA (Mexico City) Everything´s fine / Todo está bien Mixed media on wood 14” x 20” (35.5 x 50 cms)

Born in Mexico City in 1973, he began studying art with the painter Nahum B. Zenil in the late eighties. He went on to complete university studies in fine art. He was later assistant to several artists: Guillermo Olguin, Pablo Amor, Sergio Hernandez and Demian Flores, among others. He has created and directed several children’s art workshops in the MACO and INEGI of Oaxaca, at the International Book Fair in the Zocalo, Mexico City, and other places. He has illustrated books for the national library system and the FONCA, in addition to works for the newspapers El Imparcial and El Despertar, both in the city of Oaxaca.


LOT: 27 GABRIEL MENDOZA (Mexico City) Boy in blue / Niño azul Acrylic and oil on canvas 28” x 20” (70 x 50 cms)

LOT: 28 GABRIEL MENDOZA (Mexico City) Person in red and green / Personaje rojo y verde Acrylic on paper 25” x 20” (62 x 50 cms)


LOT: 29 GABRIEL MENDOZA (Mexico City) Girl at night / Niña en la noche Mixed medium on canvas 24” x 24” (60 x 60 cms)

LOT: 30 GABRIEL MENDOZA (Mexico City) Person with open mouth / Personaje con boca abierta Oil and sand on canvas 25.5” x 18” (65 x 45 cms)


LOT: 31 GABRIEL MENDOZA (Mexico City) Gilt bicycle / Bicicleta dorada Gold leaf and oil on wood 15” x 24” (38 x 60 cms)

LOT: 32 GABRIEL MENDOZA (Mexico City) Persons in blue / Personajes azules Oil on canvas 26” x 21” (65 x 54 cms)


LOT: 33 GABRIEL MENDOZA (Mexico City) Primitive woman / Mujer primitiva Oil and sand on canvas 28” x 20” (70 x 50 cms)

LOT: 34 GABRIEL MENDOZA (Mexico City) Couple in the fog / Pareja en la bruma Oil on canvas 31” x 24” (80 x 60 cms)


Manuel Miguel is just 28 years old. Still, he has already made his mark on the art world. He is proud of the culture and traditions of Oaxaca and in a series of works commemorating the Guelaguetza, the greatest festival of Oaxaca. He reflects the richness and diversity of indigenous peoples. A native of the community of Teococuilco Marcos Perez, in the region of the Sierra Norte in the state of Oaxaca, Manuel Miguel is heir to the culture and wisdom of the mountain natives. The work of Manuel Miguel, as he describes it, is a figurative style with geometric concept that tends to evolve into the subjective. His works represent the knowledge he acquired empirically from childhood. He studied under and was influenced by great artists, including his late countryman Alejandro Santiago and Jorge Lopez Lopez, both Oaxacans who have extensive and distinguished careers in the art world.

LOT: 35 MANUEL MIGUEL (Oaxaca, Mexico) Mangrove swamp series / De la serie manglares Mixed medium 39� x 47� (100 x 120 cms)


LOT: 36 MANUEL MIGUEL (Oaxaca, Mexico) The humming bird / Tejidos internos “COLIBRÍ” Mixed medium 59” x 39” (150 x 100 cms)


LOT: 37 MANUEL MIGUEL (Oaxaca, Mexico) From the tangled series “Humming birds” / De la serie enredaderas Mixed medium 47” x 39” (120 x 100 cms)


LOT: 38 MANUEL MIGUEL (Oaxaca, Mexico) From the internal fabrics series, “Hummingbirds” / De la serie tejidos innternos Mixed medium 20” x 20” (50 x 50 cms)


LOT: 39 MANUEL MIGUEL (Oaxaca, Mexico) From the Agaves series / De la serie Agaves Mixed medium 47” x 39” (120 x 100 cms)


LOT: 40 PAOLA LÓPEZ (Oaxaca, Mexico) Untitled / Sin título Gold leaf and oil on wood 39” x 47” (100 x 120 cms) Paola was born in, 1978. 1994-1996 Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca, School of Fine Arts. Painting workshop, Extension level, (MSc. Liborio Lopez Navarrete). 1997 House of the Oaxacan culture summer workshop, Joint Fine Arts (MSc. Cándigo Santiago Martinez). 1997-2000 Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca. School of Fine Arts, Instructor of Fine Arts. 2000 Autonomous University Benito Juarez of Oaxaca, “Technical Graphics with Japanese and Coalligraphy” course, School of Fine Arts. Exhibitions: “Women in Art” Gallery of the support group for the Education of Women GAEM, AC Oaxaca. “We are like the apple of your eye,” Rodolfo Morales Cultural Center Gallery Ricardo Flores Magon. “A woman” Gallery of the School of Fine Arts of Oaxaca.


LOT: 41 PAOLA LÓPEZ (Oaxaca, Mexico) Untitled / Sin título Mixed media on canvas 27.5” diameter (70 cms diameter)

LOT: 42 PAOLA LÓPEZ (Oaxaca, Mexico) Untitled / Sin título Mixed media on canvas 39” x 47” (100 x 120 cms)


LOT: 43 EDDY VÁSQUEZ (Oaxaca, Mexico) Untitled / Sin título Oil and sand on canvas 39” x 20” (100 x 50 cms)

Eddy was born in Oaxaca, Mexico in 1982. His artistic education took place in the Casa de la Cultura of Oaxaca and in the ateliers Tamayo and Juan Alcázar. He has exhibited extensively in solo exhibitions in Mexico and is considered one of the country’s most established young artists. Eddy’s work is a voyage into the most profound recesses of the soul, a family reunion with the densest ties that exist. It means delving into the zoology of the praying mantis, learning dances, learning love, learning flight. It is a journey to the city square, and to the intricate seas where desire is capable of killing the seamen. It is a journey to the colors that reveal paradise, the textures that call out love. It is a journey from the invisible to the visible, a constant allegory, a universe full of constellations that draw one to dreams. (Diego G. Algara)


Alberto was born in the city of Oaxaca de Juárez in 1980. When he was young he entered the School of Fine Arts in this city but he chose to learn the elements that define the visual arts on his own, going to the master stonemasons of Etla to learn about sculpture, and constantly practicing artistic drawing and color theory. Once his talent as an artist became apparent, he traveled to Denmark where he was hosted in the workshop of Jens Galschiøt, a consolidated artist who saw in Alberto Aragon’s work the expression and character of an authentic artist. This is clearly seen in Alberto’s collaboration in the important sculpture set Tin Soldier, The Little Mermaid, Clumsy Hans at the Hans Christian Andersen Hotel in the city of Odense. He is also the author of Monument of Duality in the city of Svenborg, and of the 8 Venado Garra de Jaguar monument in Tututepec, in the Mexican state of Oaxaca.


LOT: 44 ALBERTO ARAGÓN REYES (Oaxaca, Mexico) Flower garden diptych / Díptico jardines floridos Oil on canvas 55” x 95” (140 x 240 cms)


LOT: 45 ALBERTO ARAGÓN REYES (Oaxaca, Mexico) Fish of the deep / Pez abismal Oil on canvas 24” x 35” (61 x 89 cms)

In Europe he became acquainted with the work of Masters such as Rembrandt, Goya, Caravaggio, Kurt Trampedach and Odd Nerdrum, essential characters in his self-education. In Denmark he was invited to participate in artistic projects aimed at the defense of humanism. In the Palestinian region he participated in the creation of a series of murals for the Defacing the Wall project. He has also participated in symposiums on sculpture in the Czech Republic and Denmark. His pictorial and sculpting creations enjoy the demand that is proper to an internationally renowned artist. The artist’s work has been exhibited in important galleries in Mexico such as Arte de Oaxaca Gallery, Casa Lamm Gallery. His work has also been shown in Denmark in the Kunstgalleriet in the city of Odense and in the Hemmelige Galleri, as well as in the Visio Art Gallery in the Czech Republic. The art of Alberto Aragón expresses the character of the entities he paints; his first intention strokes reflect his command of color, texture and composition. His scrutiny of accidents gives his work vivacity, without losing the shape of those things represented, conjugating different styles until his work is defined under the temperament of those who, while learning the visual arts, learn also about themselves.

LOT: 46 ALBERTO ARAGÓN REYES (Oaxaca, Mexico) The Flowers of the Wild One / Las flores del salvaje Oil on canvas 47” x 55” (120 x 140 cms)


LOT: 47 LUIS JOSÉ RAMÍREZ (Oaxaca, Mexico) Fire Eater / Tragafuegos Oil on canvas 18” x 47” (45 x 120 cms)

Includes frame

Luis José was born in the neighborhood called Barrio del Peñasco, in the historic old town center of the city of Oaxaca. He discovered his vocation to paint in his childhood as he enjoyed drawing the characters from stories and comic books. While he was a child his mother enrolled him in the School of Fine Arts. Later he went to live in Mexico City where he continued his studies leading up to university entrance. Luis José carried out montages of Urban Art in Mexico City's Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl and CCH Atzcapotzalco. He also undertook works of art within an anti-information project which consists of an analysis of models of social information and the transferal of elements to a visual arts context using a critical appraisal. He won an open contest under the auspices of the Secretary of Foreign Relations and was awarded a scholarship to study at the Fine Arts Academy of Warsaw, Poland, with a specialization in Graphics. Luis José describes his work as iconographical because he uses signal and symbolic elements which he relates to various circumstances. 39

Esteban was born in Juchitan de Zaragoza, Oaxaca, in the Zapoteca region of the state, in 1973. He began painting at a young age, teaching himself how to draw on the rusted chrome and metal of his father’s auto repair shop. From 1990 to 1994 he studied diesel combustion engines, but abandoned this career to pursue his art studies. From 1994 to 1998, he studied to become a teacher of painting at the B. Juarez Autonomous University in Oaxaca. From 1999 to 2000 he took painting and lithography courses at the Rufino Tamayo Atélier in Oaxaca. He has participated in countless collective and solo exhibitions. His work is included in important collections throughout the world. He is currently on permanent display at the following galleries: Galería A.R.T. (Oaxaca), Galería Cuatro Siete (Oaxaca), Galería Siglo XXI (Mexico City), Galería Casa Colón (Mérida, Yuc.),  Harbor Square Gallery (USA), Mclaughlin Hills Gallery (USA). In 2005 he was a finalist at the 4th Biennial of painting and sculpture of southeastern Mexico, CONECULTA, Chiapas. In 2001 he won the state art and culture scholarship in the category of young artists. In 1999 he was a finalist at the 1st Paul Gaugin Biennial for Painting and Engraving at the Autonomous University of  Guerrero.

LOT: 48 ESTEBAN URBIETA (Oaxaca, Mexico) Untitled / Sin título Mixed media oil and sand on canvas 39” x 47” (100 x 120 cms)


LOT: 49 ESTEBAN URBIETA (Oaxaca, Mexico) Untitled / Sin título Mixed media oil and sand on canvas 39” x 31” (100 x 80 cms)

LOT: 50 ESTEBAN URBIETA (Oaxaca, Mexico) Untitled / Sin título Oil encaustic on canvas 11” x 11” (28 x 28 cms) Includes frame


LOT: 51 INNOCENT NKURUNZIZA (Kigali, Rwanda) Life Cycles Mixed media acrylic on leather on canvas 39” x 39“ (100 x 100 cms)


LOT: 52 INNOCENT NKURUNZIZA (Kigali, Rwanda) Rainy night in Kigali Ink on Canvas 51” x 43” (130 x 110 cms)


Nkurunziza Innocent is one of the leading contemporary artists in Rwanda. Driven by the desire to change lives through art, in 2013 he and his brother founded Inema Art Center. He is a prominent force in the development and promotion of the contemporary arts scene in Rwanda and admirably succeeds in making it an inclusive process by engaging the broader community. Nkurunziza paints, makes sculptures, and designs jewelry in an abstract-expressionistic style. When asked about his inspiration and approach he says, “The dynamic rhythm of nature, people, colors and texture within my world are the basis from which my art is derived. Each day I live my dream of working as a visual artist and it is my desire that you as the viewer will find your own inspiration within my dream.” He has participated in various local, international, solo and group exhibitions, including in Wilmington, NC; New York; Portland, OR; Boston; Charlottesville, Virginia; Scotland; Canada; Germany; Denmark, and Holland.

LOT: 53 INNOCENT NKURUNZIZA (Kigali, Rwanda) Hidden Treasure Metalic paint on canvas 49.5“ x 49.5” (125 x 125 cms)


LOT: 54 INNOCENT NKURUNZIZA (Kigali, Rwanda) The Eye Ink on Canvas 67” x 39” (170 x 100 cms)


LOT: 55 INNOCENT NKURUNZIZA (Kigali, Rwanda) Hommage to what was Encaustic mixed media on fig and ficus bark 110” x 70” (280 x 178 cms)


LOT: 56 INNOCENT NKURUNZIZA (Kigali, Rwanda) From the “masks” series Acrylic on leather on canvas 18.5” x 27“ (47 x 69 cms)


Richard "Safari" Karekezi was born in 1983 in Mityana, Uganda. His family had immigrated to Uganda in the 1970s. Richard and his father went back to Rwanda only in 1995 for a visit and at that time he saw his real home for the first time. He always loved art. As a child he drew cartoons, sketches and characters like the Pink Panther, which he sold to the other children. He took art lessons in Uganda at the school he attended. In 2002 Richard met the famed Rwandan artist Collin Sekajugo and began painting with the artists' communes of Kigali. Richard says that he began painting with simple wall paint and even now remembers his color and the type of color on those early days. His work shows people from different countries with different faces and heads, a whole variety of rhythms and beauty. He works primarily in acrylic and charcoal. He began to work with charcoal in 2003 after he accidentally knocked against a mud stove and small pieces of wood burnt the painting; he was surprised at the charming effect that happened by chance. These works make it easy to understand why the artist took fourth place at the Rwandan "Jeu de la Francophonie" in Amahoro Stadium and then took the first place at the final competition in Beirut, Lebanon 2008 and 2009. Richard regularly exhibits at the Uburanga Art Studio in Kimihurura, Kigali.

LOT: 57 RICHARD SAFARI KARAKEZI (Rwanda) The Eye of the Beholder Acrylic on camvas 31� x 23� (79 x 58 cms)


LOT: 58 BRUCE NIYONKURU (Kigali, Rwanda) Untitled Mixed media acrylic on fabric and newspaper on canvas 51� x 31.5� (130 x 80 cms)

Born in 1992 in Bujumbura, Burundi, he lives in Kigali, Rwanda. Currently one of Rwanda's foremost visual artists. He is a self-taught artist who has been practicing art since he was eight years old. He paints and sculpts. When he was in high school he has participated in many competitions and won several awards. He has participated in a number of exhibitions and has been featured in the New York Times and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Some of his exhibitions include Ivuka Art Studio, Kigali (2014), Suddenly and Constantly, Kigali (2013) and East African Art Biennale, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (2011). 49

Olivier Kwitonda is a self-taught visual artist in Rwanda. Since he was a child he has felt that kind of artistic curiosity that made him look beyond the challenges of reality and imagine the possibility of the future through painting. His formal artistic career began in 2009 when he joined Urumuri Arts as an apprentice, diligently working to receive training in art while supporting his younger brothers. In 2013, he joined Yego Art in Kigali, through which he displayed his semi-abstract, naïve, mixed media and acrylic art in many exhibitions, partnering with several international and local artists. He was a first prize winner at the art exhibition “My Democracy” at the US Embassy in Kigali in 2014 and also participated in the 2014 Imago Mundi project through which his art was later exhibited in Venice, Italy. He has exhibited extensively in his native Rwanda. In his art he often offers a social commentary of Rwandan history, the movement of daily life, and the African artist’s experience.

LOT: 59 OLIVER KWITONDA (Kigali, Rwanda) Untitled Acrylic on collage on canvas 21” x 29.5” (53 x 75 cms)


LOT: 60 FABIEN AKIMANA (Rwanda) Untitled Acrylic on leather Includes painted wooden frame 8.75” x 11” (12” x 14” with frame) (22 x 27 cms, 30 x 35 cms with frame)

Fabien Akimana is a Rwandan artist in his early twenties. "Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it." Akimana started painting at the age of six in Gitarama, Muhanga district where he was living with his mother. Akimana joined the IVUKA painters in Kigali where he is currently an active member of the artists' commune. He won the Tolerance Competition in 2006, and participated in Art for Peace.


LOT: 61 FABIEN AKIMANA (Rwanda) Untitled Acrylic on canvas 23” x 27” (58 x 68 cms)


LOT: 62 ALEJANDRO SANTIAGO (Oaxaca, Mexico) Storytelling / Encuentro de historias Oil on canvas 45” x 34” (115 x 87 cms)

Alejandro Santiago (Oaxaca 1964 - Oaxaca 2013) explores pre-Columbian styles of figuration and modernist relationships between figure, line, and ground. Santiago’s paintings refer to the modernist work of Rufino Tamayo as they explore the possibilities of pure abstraction through ecstatic lines and earthen fields of colors. The artist is best known for his series “2501 Migrantes,” which consists of large, totemic ceramic figures cast in bronze. The artist began the project upon returning to his hometown of Oaxaca after considerable time away and realizing that the population had sharply dropped due to emigration. Wanting to know more about the experience of crossing the border, Santiago traveled to Tijuana, where he hired a coyote to sneak him into the United States. He crafted the sculptures of “2501 Migrantes” in response to this experience, using the works to repopulate his town and memorialize the difficulties of immigration. 53


Guillermo was born in Mexico City in 1969 and lives and works in Oaxaca, Mérida and New York City. Guillermo did his professional studies at the Cornish School of Arts in Seattle, Washington, and a post-graduate degree at the Academy of Art in Budapest, Hungary. His work in painting, drawing, graphics, intervention photography, and film explores translations of voyage, pagan rituals and mythology, in poetry of his own. His work has been presented both privately and collectively in over thirty exhibitions in Mexico, the United States, Hungary, Cuba, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Finland and Japan. His artwork is found in private art collections in Mexico, the United States, and Europe, as well as many public venues, such as the Museo de Arte in Oaxaca and the Instituto de Artes Gráficas in Oaxaca. His recent projects have been collaborative efforts with photographers on the intervention of his pictures using felt and embroidered textiles, and with bronze sculptures. He has been an active proponent of Oaxacan culture and is the founder of the Café Central - a space for music, film and visual arts for over ten years. His interest in aboriginal cultures such as the traditional alcoholic beverage mezcal which led him to found the Mezcalería de los Amantes and the Casa Mezcal in New York City.

LOT: 63 GUILLERMO OLGUÍN (Mexico City, Mexico) Fish - woman / Mujer pez Oil on canvas 75” x 57” (190 x 144 cms)


LOT: 64 LUIS GRANDA (Madrid, Spain) Among three / Entre tres Mixed on canvas 43� x 47� (110 x 120 cms)

Luis was born in Madrid, Spain in 1941 and graduated with a degree in architecture from the National School of Architecture from Mexico's National Autonomous University (better known as the UNAM). He has created pictorial works for over a quarter of a century and is well-versed in diverse techniques such as oil, lithography, engraving, drawing and all mixed techniques. Hallmarks of his work are his free use of color, subject matter, and composition. To a great extent, this is related to his moving presentation of man and his environment as the genesis of his roots, culture and emotions. His work is found in important public and private collections. He has exhibited his work in galleries and museums throughout the Mexican Republic, as well as in the United States, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Israel and several European nations, to name but a few.



LOT: 65 SERGIO HERNÁNDEZ (Oaxaca, Mexico) Untitled / Sin Título Ink on paper 19” x 87” (49 x 29 cms)

Sergio Hernández is one of Mexico's most renowned visual artists. He was born in Oaxaca in 1957. He has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni and at the Latino Art Museum.


LOT: 66 SERGIO HERNÁNDEZ (Oaxaca, Mexico) Untitled / Sin Título Wash on paper 10” x 10” (25.3 x 26 cms)

LOT: 67 SERGIO HERNÁNDEZ (Oaxaca, Mexico) Untitled / Sin Título Ink on paper 13” x 9” (33 x 22 cms)


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