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I am creative, friendly, and honest. I have a bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in anthropology both from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs meaning I am also smart and a good problem-solver. I am a quick learner especially when it comes to


technology. I love helping others so it is important to me that I give my work a purpose that benefits the community. I led a community of 82 students toward success as the Executive Officer in NJROTC.

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The theme for this digital portfolio is nature. I chose nature because it is both diverse and harmonious. It is diverse in that all creatures, plants, and formations are unique in some way or another. Even with so many differences, the objects of nature come together to create a beautiful and engaging world. I think of myself and my work in the same way.

My work is both diverse and harmonious. When I write or design anything, I tailor it to the audience. I am flexible with the style and other guidelines that may be present. For this reason, my work is diverse. My work is harmonious because I do not let guidelines sacrifice the beauty and cleanness of a final product. My work is diverse and harmonious just the work of National Geographic always is.

National Geographic has always impressed me with its vast variety of scientific topics covered from land formations to global politics. Additionally, the company is always up to date with technology. With all the content and all the technology, the beauty of the material remains. Readers are able to engage and share the experiences of the writers. My dream is to be a part of the effort to teach and share diverse and harmonious stories with the National Geographic community.

· Education · Bachelor’s Degree in English

Earned at UCCS with an emphasis on Professional and Technical Writing (PTW)

Associate’s of Arts

Earned at PPCC

Anthropology Minor

Earned at UCCS

Tools for technical Writing

Important Classes

Technical Communication Cultural Anthropology

What professional and technical writing means … Professional writing is the kind of writing often associated with business. It includes grants, proposals, reports, and other documents that focus on the organization of the text. Technical writing is a bit more creative and hands on in that it focuses more on the layout of a document. Materials may include newsletters, pamphlets, instruction manuals, memos, etc.











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Mac Windows SurveyMonkey

I dedicated four years to Naval Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps. My instructor always said, “One must learn to follow before he/she can lead,� and it is still true. My freshman year, I was a follower. I joined color guard and learned the basics necessary to be a successful cadet. By my sophomore year, I had learned enough to become the color guard commander. My sophomore year, I was a platoon commander and unarmed drill team commander. I then became the Executive Officer my senior and lead about 82 students who also wanted to learn to be great leaders.

I became a girl scout in first grade. I remained a girl scout until my senior year in high school. In fact, I am now considered a lifetime member of the organization. I learned what it means to put others’ need first in this organization. Many negative stereotypes about girls scouts seem to linger in our society, but I put those aside because I knew that girls scouts was about leading, volunteering, learning, and growing. My troop and I earn our silver award together. We did so by creating, organizing, and running the kids zone at the race for the cure in 2010.

Phi Beta Lambda is a business organization. Here, I learned several important concepts about business that are sometimes taken for granted by people such as etiquette for formal dinners and networking strategies. Also, as the secretary, I was able to practice writing minutes, newsletters, flyers, and meeting agendas. Each of these were required weekly or monthly so I also learned to work with a short deadline.

Last semester, I worked in a team of six others to create sixty Amharic (Ethiopian language) workbooks for elementary school children. The image above shows how the inside pages looked, and the image to the right is the cover I designed. This project taught me how to work in a large group. We started the project with a solid plan, so when we were faced with obstacles, they weren’t impossible to overcome. Some obstacles included changing the style guide, formatting issues due to different computer systems, and meeting the demands of our client. The biggest challenge of this project was translating the words correctly, but we were able to overcome this hurdle by communicating well with the client and each other.

No matter what it is that I am writing or designing, I always make sure that it is created with the audience in mind. The audience is never the same for every project, so every creation is different. Sometimes the layout is different, sometimes the formality is different, and sometimes the format is different. I have created documents for a variety of people, and I have had practice being flexible with style and tone. Below is a quick description of how I created a formal report and a fun presentation.

Formal Report To the left, you will see the first few pages of a fourteen-page report. I researched the causes of the Darfur conflict extensively as well as ways to prevent it. I took all the information I had gathered from online and library books and

Fun Presentation The next project was a PowerPoint presentation about our dream job. This project was fun and creative. It’s purpose was to show my professor that I knew how to use the program, so I decided to go beyond the bare minimum. The dream job I had chosen for this project was hero. I

wrote my first report. Because this report is about a serious topic, I designed the document so that the text is easier to read, and I chose the

used the character, Link, from a videogame I love called Zelda to prove my point. I explained that I want to be a hero. I designed this slide so that the colors would match the

colors to provide a sense of hope. You will notice that the headings are easy to tell apart from the body and the images

game’s and the tone of the text remains fun yet inspirational

are aligned with the text in a way that helps break the text into

throughout the presenta-

smaller units.


I learned more from this project than how to research, organize, and write a report. I also learned that I had a passion for writing about topics that could benefit the community. I did more than research the causes and effects of the Darfur conflict, I discovered a way to prevent it and other conflicts that occur for the same reasons. Like the stories I’ve read in National Geographic magazine, I hope to write in a way that opens peoples’ eyes to the world’s realities.

Below is a screenshot of a PowerPoint slide from a presentation about my dream job. My dream job is to become a hero, someone people can look up to for inspiration.

Alicia Johnson

Please contact me at

Digital Portfolio  

This is a digital portfolio created to fulfill the requirements of my Tools for Technical Writer's class at UCCS. We had to choose an audien...

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