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Alicia Lyttle & Lorette Lyttle of Monetized Marketing - Outsourcing Made Easy! Part 1 of 3 – Building a Team BUILDING A TEAM So a great place to find people to outsource your work to is in the Philippines. There are two ways you can outsource to the Philippines. Option #1: You can find someone to work for you by going to the “’ of the Philippines which is You can find some excellent people here – but a word of caution -> you will be hiring and managing these people yourself! This can be extremely challenging if you have never outsourced before, if you are unfamiliar with the culture of the Philippines or are not sure on how to train your new team member – this option can be a bit challenging! if you are good at outsourcing and good at managing your team – then this would be a good option for you to explore.

Alicia Lyttle & Lorette Lyttle of Monetized Marketing Option #2: You can use a company that you hire and manage your team through. The most respected company doing this is: Read their website. Basically they manage and train your team member for you. They give you the tools to monitor that person, there is a manager responsible for the activities of that person and they all report back to you! You’ll feel more in control, there is a lot less hassle and stress when doing it this way, and you’ll get some experience in outsourcing and working with a team member. I recommend this option to anyone new to outsourcing, but as you’ll notice on their webpage, large companies, small businesses and home based businesses use this company.

Alicia lyttle & lorette lyttle of monetized marketing outsourcing part 1 of 3  

In 2003 I learned the art of outsourcing from my sister Lorette Lyttle, and I’ve been addicted ever since. In today’s blog post you will le...

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