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How To Wood Stain Your Furniture, Yourself Elegant Wooden furniture adds personality to our homes by imparting an Arcadian down to Earth ambience. To give any wooden furniture a beautiful new look, wood staining is perhaps the most easy and inexpensive method. Wood staining does not only enhance the beauty of a wooden article but also gives it a unique appearance. You can find several house painting firms, which have skilled professionals for wood staining. Even if you don’t have any skilled staining professional in your area or you don't want to spend on hiring a professional, you can even do wood staining on your furniture, yourself. Here is a step by step guide to obtain perfect wood stains on your wooden articles.

Search for a good area: Before you start wood staining your furniture, you have to select an area outside the house, so that there is a lot of ventilation and the smell of paint does not become overwhelming. Also working outside allows you to clean the saw dust easily. However, if you are working indoors, you should lay down several layers of newspapers or plastic sheets to prevent the flooring from getting stained by paint. Now, elevate the furniture on a piece of wooden block so that its legs and edges become easily accessible. Then, before opening the jar of paint shake it well to mix the paint contents. After you open the jar, stir it with the paint brush and take out some paint in a tray. Now, cover the paint jar with its lid. Wood Surface preparation: The second step of wood staining is to prepare the wooden surface, before you can stain it. For this wipe the surface repeatedly with a sandpaper to make the surface absolutely smooth. Then with the help of a wet cloth remove all

the dust from the surface. Clean and smooth surface of work piece, is a must for obtaining an even stain. Now, dry the wood by wiping a dry cloth over it. Wood staining: After you have smoothened and cleaned the work piece, you are all set to do the staining work. For this, take a clean paint brush dipped in water, and gently moistened the entire surface of the work piece. Now, load up your brush with stain from the paint tray and apply it on the wood in long brushstrokes. Wipe the stained area with a clean cloth. To prevent dark spots on the work piece, do not repeat the paint strokes twice on the same area. Also, do not drench the paint brush in paint, Instead, apply it in small quantity. Despite taking these precautions, if dark spots appear on the work piece, clean it with a cloth, so that the spot lightly blends in the surrounding area. Apply second coat: After staining the wooden furniture for the first time, allow it to dry in open under direct sunlight. After 24 hours, apply varnish and second coat the furniture when it becomes dry. Then allow it to stand for sometime around 24 hours, to get beautiful stains on your wooden furniture.

This is how you can get perfect wood stains on your furniture and transform a tired looking wooden article like table, chair or desk into beautiful furniture, without taking wood staining services from any professional painting contractor.

How to wood stain your furniture, yourself  

Wood staining does not only enhance the beauty of a wooden article but also gives it a unique appearance. You can find several house paintin...

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