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Alice Vine OUGD303 Brief 2 Colgate Kids Range / Board 1/5

Brief: Re-design Colgate’s children range of dental care products for children that are more engaging and appropriate to the brand to encourage the maintenance of healthy teeth.

Concept: By using character and packaging design I have introduced a range of products that stand alone as well as united to form a campaign of image based materials and regimes to encourage the correct dental care for children. +44 (0)7525 422 944

(i) Alice Vine OUGD303 Brief 2 Colgate Kids Range / Board 2/5

The essentials. Here you will be able to see the dental care essentials consisting of toothbrushes, toothpaste and mouthwash. Each of these have the health and safety, ingredients and pricing content required to be sold in mainstream shops such as Boots and all mainstream supermarkets. Each of these products have their own character. The packaging shows illustrations of these, whilst the product itself has printed features and 3-D google eyes to add a fun interactive stance to the objects themselves. From my research I discovered that a large problem of children dentistry is the length of time in which they are cleaning their teeth. As well as the essentials, I came up with the concept of a teeth timer. (i) You can see that it is a wind up mechanism with the consistency of having it’s own character design to add to the Colgate Kids family. Along with the mouthwash, the packaging design incorporates the correct time that you should use the product for in a fun and child friendly way by using hand rendered type. +44 (0)7525 422 944

Alice Vine OUGD303 Brief 2 Colgate Kids Range / Board 3/5

As well as the essentials, I proposed another aspect to the Colgate Kid’s family. I designed a mirror which a child can use as a mobile device to brush their teeth at their height and line their smile up in the tooth’s mouth, again to make the whole routine and more fun experience. As well as this, inside the packaging there are mirror stickers and a ‘clean teeth chart’. This is to be used a checklist of how many times the child has brushed their teeth correctly. As an encouragement I made the characters into toys of which the chart refers you too as a reward for a full month of correct brushing. This could be repeated to allow customer loyalty to gain the full range of characters. +44 (0)7525 422 944

Alice Vine OUGD303 Brief 2 Colgate Kids Range / Board 4/5

Here are some of the packaging nets and artworks used in the Colgate Kids range.

Ingredients Aqua, Sorbitol, Xylitol, Sodium Phosphate, Disodium Phosphate, Polysorbate 20, PEG-40, Hydrogenated Caster Oil, Aroma, Sodium Fluoride, Limonene, CI 4051.

I used turquoise and an orangey/red (i) to keep a relationship with the products with the minty association but I wanted the colours to be punchy and fun, different to it’s competitors and eye catching to appeal to a child at the point of sale.


M=85 Y=75

C=65 Y=27 +44 (0)7525 422 944

(i) Alice Vine OUGD303 Brief 2 Colgate Kids Range / Board 5/5

Proposed extras. There are endless possibilities of the continuation of this brief. Here you can see the start of furthering the range into electric toothbrushes (i) or even for a more specific sub audience of girls (ii) or a much younger age range of ‘my first toothbrush’. By using the characters and branding, the colour scheme can change as the Colgate family grows. The pattern design (iii) could also potentially be used across bathroom accessories such as towels or flannels.

(ii) (iii)

Ingredients sorbitol, aqua, hydrate silica, peg-12, sodiumlmuryl sulfate, cellulose gum, aroma, sodium saccriarin, polythene, sodium, flouride, mica, glycerin, limonene, c142090, c177841. +44 (0)7525 422 944