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Brief. Brand and Style an organic city based green grocer in a way that successfully competes against competitors of it’s kind.

Considerations. What exists already? How will I make it different? How will I make it better? What is my product? What is my range? What is my distribution?

Deliverables. Product

Branding involving a logo and imagery to trigger association to Lettuce Eat. Interior of the shop design including Ipad interface to act as the point of sale is also a focus point. Packaging design and extras for the goods and seeds will also be made.

Range Audience. Organic/food enthusiasts who are living a fast paced, health conscious city life, which enjoy new experiences. Approximately aged 25-50, both male and female.

Tone of Voice.

Proposed potential room for growth through an instore ‘grow your own’ range, including gardening equipment and overalls for staff use and customer sale.


The packaging design contributes to the distribution of the brand out of the store, and the point of sale retail design distributes Lettuce Eat’s image and mood. Designing of the shop front will be crucial to invite potential customers in, whilst small local advertisements and business cards will also be made.

Modern, Specialist, Luxurious, Efficient, Humble.

Concept/Proposition. Lettuce Eat is a re introduction of the Green Grocer, letting us buy quality organic fruit and vegetables in a whole new way. Lettuce Eat replaces the slapdash bargaining and grabbing with an efficient and luxurious/boutique feel with a technical twist. Consistence in quality of goods at Lettuce Eat allows the customer to enjoy the experience of the brand and embrace the new system in front of them, without having to rummage, compare and inspect their purchases.

Some initial logo designs, before picking a simple solution to be accompanied with relevant memorable imagery. ^

Alice Vine /\ Graphic Design Year Two OUGD203 Part Two Product//Range//Distribution Board One

These pattern designs further Lettuce Eat’s Branding. They reinforce the humble traditional feel of the green grocer whilst still appealing to the trendy organic lovers of London town. The hand rendered imagery also represents a ‘one of a kind’ boutique feel which balances out the black and white harshness of the modernised green grocer that Lettuce Eat has introduced.

The patterns can then be continued onto other promotional material to create a stable recognition of the brand. For example larger scale materials such as a canopy outside, and smaller scaled features like labels.

Alice Vine /\ Graphic Design Year Two OUGD203 Part Two Product//Range//Distribution Board Two

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Organic Apple Somerset-Charlton Orchards £1.20 per kg

Organic Orange Gautang Grown £1.60 per kg

Organic Melon Cornwall-Bodmin Moor £2.90 per kg

Organic Lemon Hale Stone Farm £2.11 per kg

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Organic Lime

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Organic Tomato Hale Stone Farm £2.11 per kg

Growing Instructions

Organic Tomato Hale Stone Farm £2.11 per kg

Recipe 1-1.25kg/2lb 4oz-2lb 12oz ripe tomatoes 1 medium onion 1 small carrot 1 celery stick 2 tbsp olive oil 2 squirts of tomato purée (about 2 tsp) a good pinch of sugar 2 bay leaves 1.2l hot vegetable stock Firstly, prepare your vegetables. If the tomatoes are on their vines, pull them off. The green stalky bits should come off at the same time, but if they don't, just pull or twist them off afterwards. Throw the vines and green bits away and wash the tomatoes. Now cut each tomato into quarters and slice off any hard cores (they don't soften during cooking and you'd get hard

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The precise point of sale in Lettuce Eat is it’s unique selling point. This is where the old concept of a green grocer is left behind. Instore, the aesthetics are that of a mobile phone shop. There would be one of everything, of the highest standard of course. However, the actual browsing and ordering of the fruit and veg is through ipad interface which would feature all around the store walls to be used by the customers. Extra’s such as recipes and growing instructions for the customer to use at their own disposal would feature at the payment stage of the goods on the customised ipad.

The presentation of the fruit and vegetables would be as shown. Cut out segments would be made to fit the designated fruit or vegetable. A short description of it’s growth and price would feature, screen printed by it’s side. Alice Vine /\ Graphic Design Year Two OUGD203 Part Two Product//Range//Distribution Board Three

Once ordered instore through the ipads. The customer would be presented with their goods, big or small in this versatile string bag.

The seed packaging would come into use in a possible ‘grow your own’ section of the store where recipes and instructions can be found on the instore

As well as it’s practicality, I chose to include this style bag as economically they fit into the interest’s of my target audience.

The packaging represents the modernised black and white clinical green grocer, with an injection of humbleness and hands on tradition through the illustration.

Alice Vine /\ Graphic Design Year Two OUGD203 Part Two Product//Range//Distribution Board Four

Promotional proposals involve more instore extras such as aprons that could be worn by staff or even sold to the organic cooking enthusiasts. Branding onto the products themselves could be easily done with edible inks and a stamp or stencil.

The grow your own section could expand, introducing gardening equipment such as tools, gloves, watering cans and wheel barrows all consistently branded with Lettuce Eat.

Alice Vine /\ Graphic Design Year Two OUGD203 Part Two Product//Range//Distribution Board Five

An idea of the environment I intend to distribute. The backdrop injects some life into the clinical and contradicting green grocer. Lettuce Eat intends to be not for the grabbers and hagglers, but for the city organics that love a new experience.

With this aesthetic as well as it’s technical twist, Lettuce Eat can now jump out from it’s many competitors in the same field and put it’s name on the map for being different due to it’s branding.

Alice Vine /\ Graphic Design Year Two OUGD203 Part Two Product//Range//Distribution Board Sic

As well as the distribution of the brand through packaging, the out of store appearance also plays a role in Lettuce Eat’s Marketing. A punchy black and white appearance draws attention to the store but is softened by the humble window display and humorous title to create an inquisitive attitude to it’s audience.

Business cards are on hand instore to distribute Lettuce Eat even further into members of the public. Features on local company search websites and publications such as the yellow pages will also give Lettuce Eat an oppertunity to stand out from it’s competitors and distribute it’s name successfully.

Alice Vine /\ Graphic Design Year Two OUGD203 Part Two Product//Range//Distribution Board Seven

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