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FINAL MAJOR PROJECT STATEMENT OF INTENT Name: Alice Vine Blog Address: Rationale “An image driven investigation into design for print and web with a focus on promotional material”. I am focused on image making. I intend on the images I do create to act as a solution to a problem and as a bonus to the answering of the brief. Producing image-based design for it’s own sake isn’t something that I want my practice to be about. “It has to be broken before it is fixed” Lorenzo Madge. I intend to use my design practice to produce image in a range of different ways. I would like to trial as many processes of using colour as possible as well as experimenting with different drawing styles and it’s relationship with the concept. I would like illustration for surface pattern to play a large role in the work that I produce but I would like to push the application of this discipline further than the expected. Editorial illustration is also something I would like to work with this module. I think that it will show good potential context to my work in my portfolio. Contemporary and useable images is something that /I want to achieve by setting myself boundaries such as two colour rules and large scale image making. However, briefs that allow me to experiment with image making in a more abstract concept is important to me whilst I still have the opportunity to do so in order to exhibit interesting concepts in my portfolio. I have learnt that I feel comfortable and capable to produce quick turnarounds of ideas and artworks. By proposing shorter briefs throughout this module will allow me to push myself to make the most of every split second and keep the objective of the brief clear in my head. However I think one or two longer briefs will encourage me to work on creating a wider range and to develop and idea to the last possibility. From the last three years I have discovered that I find it hard to research existing designers and Illustrators as it deflates my motivation and I feel as though subconscious copying is inevitable. That is why I intend to use Design Context not concentrate too much on the way in which the designer works, but how they are using the design and how they have earnt the commission or space in publications or on the web. This is a crucial lesson to learn as it will allow me to follow example to find my way into industry.

Subjects / Themes Themes Children’s Education/Development/psychology. Wall coverings (wallpaper/stickers), fictional/non fictional book covers and book extras such as book marks/promotional posters, editorial illustration for newspaper articles, documentation and categorisation of found objects/clothes e.g. fashion blogs, menus, restaurant info graphics, diagrams of methods or machines, working to confined spaces such as album covers, book templates. Subjects Domestic Pets, dental care info graphics and maintenance products, baking/recipes books, images of food and food info graphics, pattern design, restaurant interiors, domestic home wear, mark making from different tools such as crayon, felt tip, wax, ink. Design Disciplines / Creative Development

Learn and improve: •


Surface Pattern

Public Sector info graphics

Textile printing

Book cover design fiction/nonfiction/all ages

Wall stickers/ Wall paper in public places and large scale image production

Editorial illustration in newspapers/articles online and paper based.

Image based packaging design

Practical Skills / Workshops – what, why and when? •

Textile printing induction, screen print and digital fabric printers

Professional photography for portfolio shots

Fast paced photography for reference to draw from / blog found objects on design context.

Type collaboration for editorial and packaging content

Screen printing-get better to make sellable cards/gift wrap

Woodwork-upkeep the use of wood and multi disciplinary variant of stock for experimental printing.

Induction of laser cut

Visit surface pattern to learn how they create an on going pattern to a professional standard. I.e. surface pattern dos and don’ts.

Collaboration with interior design for mock-ups when putting work in context

Brief 1: Secret Seven


In association with the teenage Cancer Trust, Design an album cover for Noah and the Whale-Old Joy Brief 2: Dental Care


Produce a solution to the problem of Children neglecting looking after their teeth. This will include info graphic of the problems as well as packaging of a product that enables a more frequent brush. Brief 3: Zizi Competition Brief


Produce Artworks and extra designs for restaurant apparatus for ZiZi including wall art with corresponding menu designs and takeaway packaging. Brief 4: Greetings for Pets Design a range of Gift Accessories for Pets during calendar events of each year. These can cater for a multiple range of domestic pets. Events such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentines day and Birthdays. Brief 5: Redesign ‘The Big Book of Baking’ Collaboaration


Collaboration to Produce editorial illustration/ cooking vocabulary info graphics and a book cover for “The Big Book of Baking’ Brief 6: Penguin Competition Brief; Puffin Design a book cover for the ‘Grimms Fairy Tales’ to be entered in Puffin’s competition ending March 2012. Brief 7: Revisit TFL tube seat design Create a pattern Design for London’s Tube system. Brief 8: WWF Bag for Life Design a Bag For Life for WWF. Brief 9: Draw the Alphabet Practice and improve illustration skills by selecting a word a day to draw through the dictionary and publish on twitter. Brief 10: End of Year Show Pitch Pitch, aiming to design the promotional material for the end of year show. Brief 11: Brighten up a Children’s Ward Produce image to be included in the interiors of a children’s ward to improve the aesthetic of the patient’s living areas. This will include bed sheets/curtains and wall art.

RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Placement / studio visit


I would like to gain a placement from The Artworks or other illustration agencies in order to inform myself more about client interaction, commercial commission deadlines and ways of working as a freelancer. RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Visit stores online/offline


Visit stores in which sell relevant products to my own design practice. For example Columbia Road stores, SCP, Covent Garden, Liberty, book stores such as Waterstones and boutique equivalents. RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Publications


Study home magazines such as Elle Decoration, 25 Beautiful Homes, Country Life, Cath Kidston Monthly to find articles which include designers and illustrators that have gained commissioned work in a field that interests me. RESEARCH ACTIVITY : Interviews with freelancers/agents


Contact and question freelancers to find out their journey to becoming the professional that they are. Question their agents to discover why they have been represented. RESEARCH ACTIVITY : Production Networking primary/secondary


Research online into processes such as textile printing and large scale printing for objects such as wallpaper to try and build some contacts of potential suppliers once graduated. Understand the printers and what they do. RESEARCH ACTIVITY : FOUND


Document found objects on my FMP blog that might be irrelevant to design but inform my design practice.

BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS / TEXTS A penguin Book, 2007, Seven hundred Penguins, London, Penguin Destalten, D. 2010, Contemporary Illustration and it’s Context, Verlag D&AD, 2010, D&AD Annual, Taschen, London YCN, 2011, YCN Annual, London, Taschen Baines, P. 2010, Puffin by Design, London, Penguin Weidemann, J. 2010, Illustration Now, UK, Taschen Walton, R. Cogliantry, J. 2010, The big book of Illustration, UK, Collins Design MAGAZINES / JOURNALS / ARTICLES All Monthly-found in library or by subscription Creative Review 25 Beautiful Homes Country Life Surface

Elle Decoration Wallpaper* Cath Kidston Monthly catalogue Articles which include influential Editorial Illustration Articles which debut or feature a freelancer or in house designer ON LINE REFERENCES / WEBSITES / ARTICLES Blogs such as Designworklife <> MOOD <> ABE books <> Twitter <> FFFFound <> Colour <> Print&pattern <> The Indigo Bunting <> Webpages such as Grain Edit, which act as a good reference point to collections of work alike. Online magazines found on Issuu, Creative Review and ANORAK. OTHER REFERENCE MATERIAL Scans and ‘mobile’ uploads of inspirational things I see and collect around and about. Such as, Tickets, leaflets, wrappers, gift wrap, wallpaper, samples, paper samples, colour combinations, packaging, evidence of a characteristic of an audience in a brief, for example a proof of children’s behaviour. Videos from Vimeo, Youtube etc including trailers, tutorials, footage of production, footage of exhibition.

ACTION PLAN – use this section to identify specific tasks that you need to complete in order to resolve the brief. Week 1

What do you need to do? Formulate Briefs Penguin Placement Application IN Year Book Pitch Work Prepare Portfolio


Formulate Briefs Secret Seven Brief Deadline Portfolio Surgeries

Deadline 13th Jan

20th Jan




Arrange laser cut induction Reshoot penguin brief Research textile printers suppliers Formulate DC contacts and question Brief 9: Draw the Alphabet

3rd Feb





Research content & problems in briefs Brief 9: Draw the Alphabet

Reading Week BRIEF CUT OFF POINT, point of no return. Make your last changes. Draw up questions and send to freelancers Contact Printers Prepare for crit Brief 9: Draw the Alphabet Brief 6 One week brief. Puffin Competition Brief 3 Zizi Brief Visit surface pattern and ask for a crash course Brief 9: Draw the Alphabet Brief 3 Zizi Brief Brief 4 Greetings for Pets Brief 9: Draw the Alphabet PENGUIN COMPETITIONS BRIEFS IN

10th Feb

17th Feb

24th Feb

2nd March


Brief 3 Zizi Brief Brief 4 Greetings for Pets Brief 9: Draw the Alphabet


Pull together DC content to Design publication Brief 2 Dental Care Brief 9: Draw the Alphabet

16th March


Pull together DC content to Design publication Brief 2 Dental Care Brief 9: Draw the Alphabet

23rd March


Design Context IN. Brief 2 Dental Care Brief 9: Draw the Alphabet

30th March


Brief 2 Dental Care Brief 7: Revisit TFL tube seat design Brief 10: End of Year Show Pitch

9th March

6th May


Try and ignore my 21st Birthday Brief 10: End of Year Show Pitch

13th May


DONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T PANIC

20th May