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OUGD303 FINAL MAJOR PROJECT EVALUATION / My Preconception of my final major project has always been a big scary one. It always seemed to be something that would be a different and new thing, but this wasn’t the case. I went into the FMP with a clear vision of what I had to achieve. At times this was separated into what I had to do for the course and for myself but in both cases I had put an enormous amount of pressure on myself to blow myself and others away of how far I have come and what I am capable of. That is probably what hindered me the most this module, my own expectations after completing 301 with a clearer direction of what my portfolio needed to be. From OUGD303 I wanted to achieve the following things, produce at least five more briefs for my portfolio, build a larger professional network, gain some experience in a studio and have something to step off on to. I will start with what I did manage to achieve. I found that my time management, although not as strong as my last project remained under control. I struggled to settle into my briefs as quickly as I usually do and found myself lacking vision and creativity for a small period of time in the middle of the module. But apart from that I found the last few days before hand in a wind down of manufacture and more about organising and presenting. I think that that is something to be proud of as it is hard to maintain a consistent work loud across such a large amount of time. Another succession I think that I have made is finding a stronger sense of what exactly it is I do. I have found out what I enjoy and what I am capable of, even if just on a personal level. I think that I used the briefs well by having a range of different bases to work from. That is to say that it was right to use large brands like Colgate and Gourmet burger Kitchen, to show what I can do on an existing identity, but at the same time I showed what happens when you start from scratch with given content, for example the Recipe Collaboration and the book brief. The collaboration brief was a real positive to my module as it made me feel like image was worthy. On such a heavily typographically based course, it was great to have a brief to be based on just image. However, I still pushed this through into layout and format and I feel as though I was a good partner to Aaron giving devotion and consistent hard work, ideas, solutions and enthusiasm to the collaboration. I also think that even if not achieved to it’s fullest extent as you can always produce more, I showed a good demonstration of the diverse range of deliverables I can make from one starting point. It was important to me to show that I can do the essentials of a brief as well as pushing it further into more imaginative responses, even in the form of products. In my opinion the standard of my illustration has increased. I feel I have a better understanding of different elements of putting a drawing together, from stroke to colour. I feel as though I can judge an appropriate style and tone of drawing better now depending on the brief. My standard of presentation has increased too. I know what is expected now, by the course and by industry from a website and portfolio. However, that doesn’t mean that I met it. I feel my work suffered in the module by the presentation of it. Despite setting aside and spending a very long time photographing, I don’t think that the presentation is satisfactory for portfolio and web page standard and will have to re visit this part of the briefs. I think that there were sloppy parts to my briefs when it came to print specification as that is not something

I see myself wanting to be heavily in control of in my role as a professional. However, this has at least made me understand that. I have also found my design context, although fuller in this module to still lack in this area also. I can not get into the practicalities of design. I didn’t full fill this part of my ambition to become more print and process savvy. I feel as though I learnt some new skills such as laser cutting, fabric printing and improved my screen printing skills, but besides dialogues with printers concerning PPD business cards, I didn’t push this out to external resources very much. If I had more time I would have like to improve Brief 5 (wrapping paper). I started this brief on placement at Hallmark. Despite it teaching me a lot, it may have put up barriers to the brief in my head. It wasn’t until very recently that I began to think outside the box a little more with this brief, that is why the extra deliverables aren’t as developed as they should be. I would have liked to have pushed the decorations ideas as well as the crackers into more of a product to form a more solid range. I also would have liked to have worked with an interior design student to improve the presentation of Brief 3 (Gourmet Burger Kitchen). I think that this would have given it an extra punch in the right direction. I would also have liked to have entered more competition briefs. I believe that they help massively in my development as an illustrator and designer and in my professional presence. The main points that I will take on from this course would have to start with the work ethic. I don’t think I have ever worked this hard in my life. I can truly say I gave it my all. I didn’t really have a normal university experience, I worked a lot and didn’t have much of an extra curricular life. But that is ok because it was a choice I made in order to get the most out of my degree to set me up for my future. I hope to continue the amount of devotion and punctuality I have for my work and whatever organisation or client I happen to be working with as I have with this college and course. Another factor of OUGD303 that I will take on with me as a leave is the attention to detail that this course has drawn my attention too. Before this course I was quite a slap dash person. Although I’m by no means perfect, my standards of presentation and detail have improved a lot. I will try to retain the patience that I need when I work and understand that you do have to re do things to make them as perfect as you can. The word ‘range’ is something I will also take on with me. I think that the ability to take a project further, even if you;re not being asked to is a massive asset to have as it shows off your enthusiasm, drive and creativity above anything. The sky is the limit and I intend to improve this and go onto have no boundaries to what I could produce in response to a brief. As far as achieving everything in that first list, I have a definite five new pieces for my portfolio, A nomination for the Serco Prize for Illustration, a work placement and a successful talenthouse competition entry. I wouldn’t exactly say that I have a job waiting for me, but I have to understand that it can take a longer time to reach where I want to reach and I don’t think that my work is quite up to the mark, but I do think I know exactly what it should be. I’m excited to take what I have learnt from OUGD303 and this whole three years and apply it to the London Illustration and design community and see where it gets me. I believe that this course and the work that I have put in has given me a fantastic understanding of commitment and standards and with my ambition I hope that they will gel successfully in years to come. I want to thank everyone who has helped me, from the staff to my class mates and parents. In particular, the bubble and Mark Howe whom have both offered their undivided attention and expertise at the drop of a hat.


From OUGD303 I wanted to achieve the following things, produce at least five more briefs for my portfolio, build a larger professional netwo...