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FINAL MAJOR PROJECT STATEMENT OF INTENT Name: Alice Vine Blog Address: Rationale “An image driven investigation into design for print and web with a focus on promotional material”. I am focused on image making. It is adamant that from now on the images I do create are acting as a solution to a problem and as a bonus to the answering of the brief. “It has to be broken before it is fixed” Lorenzo Madge. I intend to use my design practice to produce image in a range of different ways. I would like to trial as many processes of using colour as well as drawing styles and it’s relationship with the concept. I want Illustration for surface pattern will play a large role in the work that I produce but I would like the application of the designs to be used as part of a larger solution. Editorial illustration is also something I would like to work with in this module. I think that it will show good variance of the application of my work in my portfolio. However, briefs that allow me to experiment with image making in a more abstract concept is important to me whilst I still have the opportunity to do so in order to exhibit interesting concepts in my portfolio. This could be put into practice by using collaborations with other courses such as Interior Design to mock up less practical design solutions. I have learnt that I feel comfortable and capable to produce quick turnarounds of ideas and artworks. By proposing shorter briefs throughout this module will allow me to push myself to make the most of every split second and keep the objective of the brief clear in my head. However I think one or two longer briefs will encourage me to work on creating a wider range and to develop and idea to the last possibility. From the last three years I have discovered that I find it hard to research existing designers and Illustrators as I have strong determination in keeping my ideas as original as possible and want to avoid subconscious copying. That is why I intend to use Design Context not concentrate too much on the way in which the designer works, but how they are using the design as a solution and how they have earnt the commission or space in publications or on the web in the first place. In short how have they made themselves a USP. This is a crucial lesson to learn as it will allow me to follow example to find my way into industry.

Subjects / Themes Themes Children’s Education/Development/psychology. Wall coverings (wallpaper/stickers), fictional/non fictional book covers and book extras such as book marks/promotional posters for the adult and child sector, editorial illustration for newspaper articles, documentation and categorisation of found objects/clothes eg fashion blogs. Subjects Domestic Pets, dental care info graphics and maintenance products, baking/recipes books and info graphics, pattern design, restaurant interiors such as wall coverings to menus, domestic home wear.

Design Disciplines / Creative Development Public Sector inforgraphics Textile printing muktiple techniques Book cover design fiction/nonfiction/all ages Wall stickers/ Wall paper in public places and large scale image production Editorial illustration in newspapers/articles online and paper based. Image based packaging design Illustration Surface Pattern Practical Skills / Workshops – what, why and when? Textile printing for bedding curtains to go in a Children’s ward to improve the living space of the patients. Photography for reference to draw from and for content for editorial image. Type collaboration for editorial and packaging content. Screen printing-cards/gift wrap for the finish and a cheap and easily mass produced solution. Woodwork-multi disciplinary postcards/mail outs to be used in Make your Mark. Collaboration with interior design for mock-ups.

Brief 1: Zizi Competition Brief


Produce Artworks and extra designs for restaurant apparatus for ZiZi including wall art with corresponding menu designs and takeaway packaging. Brief 2: ‘Brush your Teeth’ Campaign for Children


Produce a solution to the problem of Children neglecting looking after their teeth. This will include info graphic of the problems as well as packaging of a product that enables a more frequent brush. Brief 3: Brighten up a Children’s Ward


Produce image to be included in the interiors of a children’s ward to improve the aesthetic of the patient’s living areas. This will include bed sheets/curtains and wall art. Brief 4: Greetings for Pets


Design a range of Gift Accessories for Pets during calendar events of each year. These can cater for a multiple range of domestic pets. Events such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentines day and Birthdays. Brief 5: Redesign ‘The Big Book of Baking’


Produce editorial illustration and a book cover for “The Big Book of Baking’ Brief 6: Penguin Competition Brief; Puffin Design a book cover for the ‘Grimms Fairy Tales’. Brief 7: Revisit TFL tube seat design Create a pattern Design for London’s Tube system. Brief 8: WWF Bag for Life Design a Bag For Life for WWF. Brief 9: D&AD Make Your Mark Design an inventive way to draw professional attention from an inspirational agency of your choice. Brief 10: Personal Website Collaborate to create a personal professional website. Brief 11: Design Context ‘Publication’ Produce a presentation showing influential design context resolutions.

RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Portfolio Feedback


Send an up to date portfolio out to previous reviewers such as Debbie Powell, Julia Rothman, thornback and Peel, Cath Kidston as well as new found influential agencies. Try an online version with a printed reference for example a post card or a card with a usb device attached to it. RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Visit stores


Visit stores in which sell relevant products to my own design practice. For example Columbia Road stores, Covent Garden, Liberty, book stores such as Waterstones and boutique equivalents. RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Publication


Study home magazines such as Elle Decoration, 25 Beautiful Homes, Country Life, Cath Kidston Monthly to find articles which include designs based around home wear and other such subjects. RESEARCH ACTIVITY Interview


Interview editors, buyers ie the staff in which choose the designer which appears in the articles or have received other such commissions to find out what it is about their work that is successful. RESEARCH ACTIVITY Book Illustration


Research into alternatives of in house designing for book covers. Who has been commissioned to whom and why.

RESEARCH ACTIVITY attend exhibitions Research and attend relevant exhibitions to my practice, such as ‘Illustrators’ in Leeds during December.

BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS / TEXTS - (Harvard Refernced) Illustration (mini) ‘Packaging Now’

MAGAZINES / JOURNALS / ARTICLES – (include publication date and details) 25 Beautiful Homes Country Life Elle Decoration Cath Kidston Magazine ANORAK magazine Articles which include influential Editorial Illustration

ON LINE REFERENCES / WEBSITES / ARTICLES (include specific urls) Blogs such as MOOD FFFound Sartorialist ZEMM Webpages such as Grain Edit which act as a good reference point to collections of work alike. Online magazines found on Issuu and ANORAK.

OTHER REFERENCE MATERIAL (Films, events, exhibitions, conferences) Scans and ‘mobile’ uploads of inspirational things I see and collect around and about. Such as, Tickets, leaflets, wrappers, gift wrap, wallpaper, samples, paper samples, colour combinations, packaging, evidence of a characteristic of an audience in a brief, for example a proof of children’s behaviour. Videos from Vimeo, Youtube etc including trailers, tutorials, footage of production, footage of exhibition.

ACTION PLAN – use this section to identify specific tasks that you need to complete in order to resolve the brief. Week 1




What do you need to do? Statement of Intent Formulate Briefs Blog work over Christmas Assemble and link up blog Penguin Placement Application IN Year Book Pitch Work Prepare Portfolio for Monday Statement of Intent Formulate Briefs Secret Seven Brief Deadline Portfolio Surgeries Screen prin mail outs Prepare for ppd pin up Finish brief writing Start Book Cover Brief

Deadline 13th Jan

20th Jan

27th Jan


Module Title FINAL MAJOR PROJECT I am focused on image making. It is adamant that from now on the images I do create are acting as a solutio...