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painting the town a vision of new york’s future finds a home on a bustling corner in soho. by alice vincent

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Although New York City’s SoHo neighbourhood boasts cast-iron architecture from the 19th century, there’s another decorative signature that typifies the area’s buildings: street art. No surface is safe from the spray can, making it all the more fitting that Andy J. Miller’s vibrant, illustrated vision of New York’s future now calls the side of a SoHo apartment building home. “I feel like I’m connected to New York,” says the Indiana-based artist, who created a mural for NYLON and Smart car on the corner of Lafayette and Jersey Streets. The trippy, pastel montage features the sort of things you see regularly around lower Manhattan—girls in sunglasses, boys skateboarding, apartment buildings sprouting flowers (OK, that last one might be wishful thinking). Instead of the omnipresent yellow taxicab, Miller inserted a much more idyllic ride into his piece: the Smart car. “Smart cars are used by all sorts of people,” says Miller. “I love to draw things that are familiar to me. So when my research allows me to delve deeper into subjects I’m already interested in, it’s kind of like a personal work.” But while he enjoys drawing what he knows, Miller found it especially inspiring to focus on the future of the city. Which we can appreciate, except for the fact that it means, inevitably, his piece will eventually be covered up by spray-painted tags, graffitied stencils, and wheat-pasted posters. No matter, there are always other walls.

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Painting The Town  

An article about street art

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