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Ways to Save Your Marriage By: Linda M. Poole


Ways to Save Your Marriage

There are times when, in the middle of stressful situations in a marriage, you may wonder what you were thinking when you stood at that altar. You didn't expect it to be that easy, but you didn't expect it to be this hard either. And that’s also when you start to wonder if you could have done better. But a marriage is exactly what it is: a commitment, a promise to stay together no matter what happens. It’s not something you could simply just back out of, even as you see millions of couples get divorced almost every day. So what are the ways to save your marriage? >>>Click here to get more information about ways to save your marriage<<<

Affirm each other. There are very few things that bring more encouragement than affirming your spouse. A marriage can be breeding ground for a lot of criticism and negativity, but it can also be the other way around if both of you just made it so. Acknowledge the good things your spouse does, and remember them, most especially during those rough patches. It’s not easy, but it will be worth your while. Know that both of you are responsible. The easy way out of a marriage problem is always to blame the spouse. Remember that there are two people in a marriage, and therefore both of you may have contributed to whatever problems may have arisen. She may snap at you at a request you make, but have you considered how her day went? He may be spending more time out of the house than in there, but what have you been doing to make your home more enticing to return to? Go for counseling together. A lot of married couples may be ashamed at first to go for counseling since it may be tantamount to washing their dirty laundry in public, but it is a very helpful option. It is healthy to have a third party’s observations once in a while, as you or your spouse may have gotten so caught up in your marriage problems that it is more difficult to see the bigger picture. A counselor may also encourage both of you to acknowledge the problems you’re experiencing in your marriage, and thus allow you to work on them. He or she may also help you think of ways to save your marriage that are custom-fit for you as a couple. Yes, counseling is costly; but so is divorce. Why not use your money to try and solve a problem instead of create more of them? To get more information about ways to save your marriage, please visit this site

Spend some time apart. Ever seen the movie Hall Pass? That is an extreme manifestation of this method, but if done in a moderate form, it works. Spending time apart can give the both of you more clarity of mind. It can also encourage you to appreciate each other, because absence indeed makes the heart grow fonder—it is a cliché because it is mostly true. Love is not just interdependence but independence as well: it is knowing that you can indeed live by yourself, and yet deciding and wanting to live with the other person. Marriages are sacred, and rightfully so. Keeping it that way, however, is entirely up to you. There is nothing more beautiful than to tell your spouse, “You’re still the one!” after so many years, and it is what makes marriages last. If you want to get more information about ways to save your marriage, please click here.

To get more information about ways to save your marriage, please visit this site

Ways to Save Your Marriage