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Natural Remedies for Warts By: Linda M. Poole


Natural Remedies for Warts Warts are a cosmetic condition. It does not hurt to have them as long as pressure is not applied against them. However, it is an unpleasant thing to have. It is a flaw no one wants to bear. Now, there are different procedures meant to get rid of them in an instant. But not everyone can afford them plus they tend to cause scarring. With natural remedies for warts, you can make them go away without spending as much. There are practices that have been passed on from generations to generations regarding the wart removal. Although some of them may sound rather odd, a lot of people attest to their effectiveness. The following are a few examples of these natural remedies that can eliminate problematic warts. >>>Click here to get more information about natural remedies for warts<<<

Rub with banana peel. The inside of the banana peel is commonly used for the treatment of warts. It is rubbed against the wart until the peel turns darker. After which, a fresh banana peel should be sliced and placed against the skin that carries the wart. To secure the banana peel in place, a bandage should be used. Some people suggest leaving it on for five days and the wart should eventually leave the skin. Crush garlic. Garlic is another example of natural remedies for warts. To do this, take a clove of garlic and crush it until it reaches a past like consistency. This pasty garlic should then be applied to the wart directly. Then, get a bandage for covering. Reapplication of the crushed and pasty garlic should be done everyday up until the wart is successfully removed. This natural remedy takes effect after a few weeks. Squeezed dandelion is effective. Dandelion contains a milky liquid. This liquid should be squeezed out from the stem. And as such, it should be applied onto the wart. The recommended application for this method is one or two times a day. Do this for several days and you should see results. To get more information about natural remedies for warts, please visit this site

Extract. Fruit extract can also prove to work against the common warts. You can get the extract from grapefruit, pineapple or papaya. Apply the at least a drop of the extract to get rid of the warts. After application, the wart soaked with extract should be covered with a bandage. These suggested fruits are effective in eliminating warts because they contain enzymes that work against the virus that caused the condition. Other Natural Suggestions There are other recommendations for removing warts and prevent them from coming back. It includes rubbing raw potato against the wart as well as applying Aloe Vera juice over it. Others use a suffocation method where they use a duct tape to cover the warts and leave it in place for weeks. Some people claim the warts eventually fall off. You can try these natural methods too. While some of them are proven effective, they may take a several days or a few weeks to take effect. Be patient and be consistent with the application of these natural remedies and you should see results soon. After all, trying these natural remedies is better than doing nothing at all and let warts infest your skin. If you want to get more information about natural remedies for warts, please click here.

To get more information about natural remedies for warts, please visit this site

Natural Remedies for Warts