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Natural Cures for Sinus Congestion By: Linda M. Poole


Natural Cures for Sinus Congestion

Did you know that there are natural cures for sinus congestion? Yes, you do not have to engage yourself in trying to remove the congestion by simply blowing. Too much blowing will surely damage your eardrums and it will not be good for you. Instead of engaging yourself in some strong medical drug, you should just try to consume a natural cure. There are several ways to treat your sinus congestion and you do not have to spend too much money in order to do it. Of course, the simplest way to prevent nasal congestion is to go away from the allergens. In most cases, the main cause of the sinus congestion is due to allergens in the air. In order to prevent the allergens from affecting your nose, you only need to move to a room which is well ventilated. If the allergens are triggered by food then all you have to do is to stop eating that type of dish. If you feel cold then you can actually use a sweater or some jogging pants. As long as you feel hot, your nose will be able to naturally remove the congestion. >>>Click here to get more information about natural cures for sinus congestion<<<

Are spicy foods effective? Yes, actually spicy foods can actually be used to resolve nose congestion. Eating food filled with black pepper or spicy ingredients can actually release your nasal passages in an instant. Foods from other countries, such as spicy kimchi and Ramen, can also be an effective way in dealing with your sinuses. Many people found out that most drinks also helps in dealing with this condition. For instance, a spicy tomato drink called the Bloody Mary can actually help you decongest your sinus in an instant. Saline Spray is also effective Another effective means of dealing with your sinuses is through the use of saline spray. A saline spray is a liquid based spray which is made from homemade saline. It contains baking soda and several drops of water mixed with table salt. Sometimes, people add 3% of hydrogen peroxide or colloidal silver in order to increase its effects. In order to To get more information about natural cures for sinus congestion, please visit this site

insert the saline into your nose, you can either use a rubber syringe or you can use a sprayer. The saline has an effect in the membranes. It can actually decrease the size of the membranes making it possible for natural drainage of air. Lastly, water is important for irrigation. Water is effective in curing the dried up membranes in your nose. You can either mix the water with a mixture of baking soda or you can simply flush it inside your nose. Tilt at around 45 degrees and place the spout of your syringe on top of your nose. Now, gently release the liquid and then blow in order to remove the water. You can also use tea in order to reduce the congestion. Basil leaves can be used as tea and it can actually have a significant effect in the congestion. Such are some effective natural cures for sinus congestion. If you want to get more information about natural cures for sinus congestion, please click here.

To get more information about natural cures for sinus congestion, please visit this site

Natural Cures for Sinus Congestion