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How to Have Lucid Dreams By: Linda M. Poole


How to Have Lucid Dreams Lucid dreams are technically conscious dreams. It is having dreams that you are able to control because you are aware that you are in a dream state. Sounds impossible? It is a lot more real than you think. It is a skill that requires mastery, though. Not everyone can do it but with dream control techniques, you should be able to increase your chances of getting lucid dreams. >>>Click here to get more information about how to have lucid dreams<<<

So, you want to learn how to have lucid dreams? The first step that you need to take is to remember your dreams. Lucid dreams are hard to achieve, so you have to start with actually recalling what you dream about. You can develop this by keeping a journal or a voice recorder by your bedside. Develop the habit of recording your dreams either by narrating it or writing the details down on a journal. Do this whenever time permits you. Once you have the ability to recall what your dreams are about, you will pick up the skill of identifying whether you are in a dream or not. When people dream, there are usually unique objects that appear in every single dream. These things are called dream signs. When you record your dreams, take note of these things and pay particular attention to how often these things appear during your subconscious state. These things do not usually exist in real life, so they are clear indicators that you are in a dream. Depending on how wild your imagination is, dream signs can be anywhere from flying pink elephants to giraffes with cotton candies for heads. Once you know what your dream signs are and you develop the ability of identifying whether you are in a dream or not, learning to control your dream should not be so hard. In order to have lucid dreams, you have to first sleep. This means you have to develop a regular sleep pattern to condition your body. Studies have shown that lucid dreams appear more often right after a short four to five hour sleep cycle. You have to keep yourself awake after this but stay in bed. Once you actually get back to sleep, the next few hours will give you lucid dreams. What you can do while awake is visualize how you To get more information about how to have lucid dream, please visit this site

want your dream to be. You should be as detailed as possible. If you want to dream of a specific person, you can also hold a photograph and stare at it to sleep. Once in a lucid dream, some people get too excited and wake up from it only to not remember that they indeed had a lucid dream. Do not join this pack and make sure to stay calm once you have identified a lucid dream. Studies have even shown that you can extend a lucid dream by visualizing spinning like a skater, running, or jumping in your dream. This makes your lucid dream longer and more detailed. Make sure, though, to wake up from it before the 90-minute REM cycle ends so you can still recall most or all of it. If you want to get more information about how to have lucid dreams, please click here.

To get more information about how to have lucid dream, please visit this site

How to Have Lucid Dreams