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Holistic Treatment for Dry Eyes By: Linda M. Poole


Holistic Treatment for Dry Eyes

The eyes are the organs responsible for the sense of sight. These organs have to produce moisture in the form of tears in order to continue its normal processes and mechanisms that provide visibility. Tears are responsible for giving sufficient lubrication that would facilitate better function of the said organ. However, there are instances where in the eyes produce an insufficient amount of tears. There are also some cases wherein tears produced lack certain substances that cause them to evaporate quickly. These abnormal mechanisms then lead to the dryness of eyes. Thus, scientists have exerted their full efforts to come up with the most effective natural treatment for dry eyes. This article will provide a list of the most frequently used remedies for dryness of eyes. >>>Click here to get more information about holistic treatment for dry eyes<<<

One of the holistic treatments for dry eyes is flax seed oil. The said substance can be obtained through the extraction of oil present in the seeds of flax. Flax seed oil is usually taken orally, although companies have started to manufacture capsules that contain its extract. A study was conducted among 200 patients to observe the direct effect of the liquidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dosage. Daily intake of 2, 000 mg of omega-3-rich flax seed oil manifested significant reductions in eye dryness by approximately 85 percent. Omega-3 has properties that reduce eye inflammation, an effect that is usually associated with dryness. Hence, flax seed oil has been established as a natural treatment for dry eyes. Aloe Vera is another plant that is frequently used to treat dry eyes. Various components in the said herbal medicine have been examined by experts. Recently, it was discovered that pure Aloe Vera has soothing properties for symptoms caused by dryness of eyes, such as redness, burning and itching. Little amounts should be applied in areas surrounding the eyes. However, people are misguided by the idea that direct application of liquids from Aloe Vera extractions will promote lubrication. The gel and solutions produced in the leaves To get more information about holistic treatment for dry eyes, please visit this site

do not have any direct effect on the production of tears. You should never place Aloe Vera gel straight to your eyes because they might increase irritation in its superficial layers. Because of the plantâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s prevalence in numerous places in the world, most professionals claim that Aloe Vera should be an immediate solution to reduce the symptoms caused by dry eyes. Another natural treatment for dry eyes is chrysanthemum tea. The beverage uses a cleansing mechanism to free the bloodstream from unnecessary compounds. The said tea is capable of eliminating harmful toxins that cause eye dryness. Chrysanthemum tea is relatively simple to concoct. All you have to do is obtain its dried yellow flowers and mix them with water. Experts in traditional medicine usually use this tea as an effective cure for dry eyes. Evening primrose oil is also a substance that cures abnormal eye dryness. Its seeds are abundant in linoleic acid. This viscous liquid is not produced in the human body, since this component is normally found in plant oils and fats. The said polyunsaturated fatty acid serves as an effective eye lubricant. If you want to get more information about holistic treatment for dry eyes, please click here.

To get more information about holistic treatment for dry eyes, please visit this site

Holistic Treatment for Dry Eyes