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High Blood Pressure Treatment By: Linda M. Poole


High Blood Pressure Treatment A high blood pressure treatment is a safe alternative to treatment with drugs. If you want to avoid the adverse effects of prescription medicine, then you might want to consider the natural blood pressure treatment. Here are five (5) ways how to benefit. 1. Keep track of the measurement of your waistline and get rid of unnecessary pounds. High blood pressure or HBP is asymptomatic. According to the American Heart Association, while HBP is among the top killers in the country, most of those who suffer from hypertension are not even aware of it. >>>Click here to get more information about high blood pressure treatment<<<

You can tell if you are at risk for HBP through your waistline measurement. For the male, if your waistline exceeds 40 inches or 102 centimeters, then you are at risk. For the female, beware of a waistline measuring 35 inches or 89 centimeters or more. Get rid of your excess weight naturally. You can do this by watching your diet. Limit your intake of processed and instant food, and avoid eating junk food. Instead, load up on fruits, vegetables, and water. 2. Exercise for your physical fitness. You can lower the pressure of your blood when you exercise regularly or at least 30 minutes a day. It does not have to be strenuous ad rigid, simple exercises are beneficial to regulate your blood pressure. The key is to find a routine that is easy to follow, or physical activities that you are interested to do. For instance, walking is a good alternative to running or jogging. If you love certain sports such a basketball or tennis, do it more often. 3. Lessen your salt intake. One of the most common recommendations, decreasing your intake of sodium or salt, no matter how little, proves to have a positive effect in lowering HBP. Here are some of the ways you can reduce sodium or salt: Avoid processed food as much as possible as they are rich in sodium.

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Instead of using salt to enhance the flavor of your food, use herbs and spices such as ginger, red pepper, and garlic to name some. Read the labels before you buy or consume. Check if the food is high in salt or sodium, and then consider buying or consuming alternatives. 4. Avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. The nicotine in cigarette smoking, whether you are a first hand, second hand, and even third hand smoker, can elevate your blood pressure. The same is true with drinking alcoholic beverages when you drink beyond moderation. 5. Get rid of stress and anxiety. Stay away from the triggers, as stress and anxiety can cause temporary spikes in your blood pressure. Learn how to relax your body and mind such as doing meditation or yoga. It is also best to identify the cause/s of your stress so you can manage your stress and anxiety more effectively. Living a stress-free life is one of the best ways to prevent HBP. Make it a habit to measure your blood pressure regularly, whether or not you are at risk for HBP. This habit can save your life, as HBP normally happens without signs and symptoms contrary to common belief. Start with a high blood pressure treatment and you will see how it can bring much benefit to your health. If you want to get more information about high blood pressure treatment, please click here.

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High Blood Pressure Treatment  

High blood pressure treatment. A natural treatment for high blood pressure is a safe alternative to treatment with drugs.