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Travel Nurse Myths And Facts Travel nursing is a challenging and rewarding career. If you are thinking to get into this profession, you should posses complete knowledge about this. There are many myths and facts in this profession. The pay scale and benefits they get are good comparing to other full time, permanent nursing jobs.

Get detailed information about travel nursing myths and facts before you come to a final decision.

Travel Nurse Myths And Facts Myth: Only young students can get admission in travel nursing Fact : Many hospitals, clinics prefer nurses in the range of 40s – 50s due to their good experience. These nurses can get their partners, spouse or even pets along with them.

Myth : Travel nursing salary is not steady. Fact : Travel nursing is a rewarding career which provides steady income. The par-rates are high as compared to fulltime, permanent nurses.

Travel Nurse Myths And Facts Myth : Travel nurses need to move to a new city after every 13 weeks Fact : Travel nursing assignments are normally of 13 weeks but they can last longer.

Myth : Travel nursing means to stay away from family and friends. Fact : Travel nurse can take a job near to their homes and can work in shifts.

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Travel nurse myths and facts  

Evaluate if travel nursing is a right career for you or not ! Great pay, good perks are some of the good things about the profession. Explor...

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