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Midwives - overview A midwife is a healthcare provider who offers necessary care for pregnant women, infants etc. They usually offers personalized care. You can see them working in homes, hospital and birthing centers. Apart from helping pregnant women, midwives do consultation with women's family about the different options, questions, doubts and concerns. A midwife gives all the information which the women’s family needs to make certain decisions.

Midwives - overview When a woman is in labor and birthing process, a midwife offers support and medical care. A natural delivery is most preferable by most of the midwives. So they provide suggestions to women to ease the pain naturally. A midwife also schedule the check-up after delivery. And provides information to the family. They solve the doubts if the family is having any. A midwife may work beyond the caring of pregnant women. They may involve in overall health of a woman.

Midwives - overview It includes : family planning, menopausal support etc. Types of midwives : 

Certified Nurse-Midwife

Certified Professional Midwife

Direct Entry Midwife

Lay Midwives

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What Is A Midwife Nurse  

midwife nurse are a health care provide who offers care for pregnant women, infants. Read what is a midwife nurse and their types at online...

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