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Half frog pose – ardha bhekasana Half frog pose or ardha bhekasana is a backbend pose that stretches the quadriceps and shoulders and opens the chest and upper back. This is a good preparatory pose for Frog pose. It can be known as an intermediate pose in the Ashtanga series. Benefits : 

It help increase flexibility in back

Stimulates the energy

Helps improve posture

Stretches the hips and quadriceps

Stimulates abdominal organs

Half frog pose – ardha bhekasana Precautions Do not perform the pose : 

if you have neck, shoulder, lower back, knees or ankle injuries.

High or low blood pressure



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How To Do A Half Frog Pose  

Half frog pose stretches entire front of body as well as core. Read how to do a half frog pose at yoga tips