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Looking back at your preliminary task (the college magazine task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? Cover and contents before-

Cover and contents after-

As i start my research and planning was of a bigger knowledge than my preliminary task. For example I didn’t have a target audience and had no other additional research such as knowing exactly what the target audience want from the magazine, experimenting with fonts to suit it best etc.. My photography has improved in comparison to the preliminary task having a better MP camera and equipment such as lighting. Allowing a higher quality of photograph to be achieved giving the impression if a glossier, upper-class yet friendly magazine that I wanted to achieve. It permits a view of a high-end magazine and of a quality being slightly more expensive of a less professional magazine, Having quality photographs means the audience supposedly be more inclined to pay a higher price. Also, the frame and composition has been done to attract my market, The stereotypical convention of having a close up face on the front of a magazine towards my audience is something I have portrayed, key in regards to a fashion magazine like mine. The shot acts to be more personal and is a quality to be achieved especially when the model is involved in the magazine ( in regards to mine a popular musician) overall the finished front cover seems filled up whilst the preliminary task has too many spaces and not enough cover lines- obviously done in a short amount of time compared to the finished product. As you can see my contents page is spatially and compositionally a lot different in my final contents in comparison to the preliminary contents page. I believe this is because of how much research had gone into contents page and seeing how they are conventionally laid out. From when I done my preliminary task to the main product I had a lot more experience on photoshop and have applied techniques that I didn’t know how to use before. For example using the photoshop ruler guides helped my magazine content to be lined up and looking neat.

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