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Welcome I am delighted to welcome you to our latest – and my first – magazine.

Every day as I meet more supporters, hear from people whose lives have been touched by Longfield and get to know our dedicated team I realise what a wonderful charity this is. It is an exciting time for Longfield as we grow into our new identity and set to work to make our five-year plan a reality. I passionately believe that we will only deliver our strategy of reaching more people in the community if we tell our story, busting the myths about hospice care, explaining what we do and the importance in helping people live well with life-limiting illnesses. I also think we can achieve nothing by working alone and must work with partners and professionals in the NHS, as well as with patients, their families and our amazing supporters who make this work possible. In this issue you can read about our new community-based Art for Health groups

You will also see how we are committed to supporting carers, with the launch of our second carers’ group and will soon host a Positive Caring course. We are working in partnership with other hospices and care organisations in the county to ensure more and more people who wish to die at home can be supported to fulfil that wish. And, as part of Hospice Care week we are working with these partners in joint projects to spread the word about what we do to make sure more people know about the support and care they can access. But we could do none of this without you and the host of other generous supporters. Thank you.

Andrew Fletcher Chief Executive

Longfield is an independent charity providing specialist care for people living with or affected by a life-limiting illness in Gloucestershire. It is through the generosity of the community that we are able to provide our vital care and support free of charge to the people of this county when they need it most.

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– of which we have just launched our third – and how they are changing people’s lives.

Patron: HRH The Prince of Wales, KG, KT, GCB, OM

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My first 100 days... Chief Executive Andrew Fletcher reflects on his first 100 days at Longfield There has been a strong theme running through my first days at Longfield. It is the compassion, commitment and care provided by everyone in this organisation. I have experienced it everywhere. Whether it is the staff and volunteers in day services, Hospice at Home, fundraising, support services or in one of our 14 shops – that commitment and compassion burns brightly. Our patients are at the very heart of all we do so I have also spent a great deal of time talking to them and learning about the difference we make. Every person I speak with has a different story to tell, but they all talk powerfully of the difference we make, which only reinforces my belief in Longfield. We are committed to ensuring the people of Gloucestershire live well. It is a big ambition and one we cannot achieve alone. We must work closely with our partners and it is important to build those relationships. So, since my arrival I have, along with our senior team, been meeting key partners from across the county including Clinical Commissioning Groups, local authorities, Healthwatch, Gloucestershire Acute

Hospitals Trust and the Gloucestershire Community NHS Trust. These have all been productive discussions about how we can play our part in helping improve care for people with life-limiting illness across Gloucestershire. To that end, I was delighted to be part of the NHS Gloucestershire’s Strategy Board to look at the development of a new End of Life Care Strategy for Gloucestershire. If patients are at the heart of our organisation then you, our supporter, is the lifeblood. I met many in these first 100 days, at our Solstice Walk, on visits or company days at Longfield, or at support groups and the many community events across the county. But I have so many more of you to meet. Until then may I thank all who support us, from our corporate partners to those who donated goods to our shops. Thank you for believing in Longfield and what we do. Together we can continue to help people in Gloucestershire live well and get the support they need, when they most need it.


We are constantly monitoring and

NEWS NEWS NEWS Bringing care to your home... Families often tell us what a difference our Hospice at Home team make to their lives. They praise the team’s compassion and dedication and their high level of care. They talk about how that extra support is so important and so valued. Now our team’s good work has been officially recognised by professionals in a new Gloucestershire care award. They were finalists in the team of the year category in the Gloucestershire Care Providers Association Care Awards. We continue to see the demand for our care at home grow and these past four months have been busy for the service. From April-July the team provided more than 10,800 hours of care. Thanks to our team, Longfield has enabled 97 per cent of the people we supported to die in their place of choice – that is their own home. This is well above the national average of 20.3 per cent. Longfield is committed to caring for the people of Gloucestershire. We work closely with other charities to ensure that those who wish to die at home get the care and support they need. We work in partnership with Great Oaks Dean Forest Hospice, Sue Ryder at Leckhampton Court, Kate’s Home Nursing, Campden Home Nursing and Fairford League of Friends to provide county-wide care. 4

We are constantly monitoring and reviewing our service to ensure we meet the needs of the people we support. We recently carried out a Hospice at Home review with patients and carers asking them about their experience. The review found that 96 per cent said they felt confident in the care provided by Hospice at Home. Ninety-seven per cent felt that the Hospice at Home team treated the person they were caring for with dignity and respect.

While we are pleased with the findings we are now looking at improving parts of the service and to continue to ensure that the patient is at the heart of everything we do.

said Sian Cole, Head of Care Services at Longfield.


Leading the way... Longfield has launched a new drop-in day therapy service to enable more people to tap into our support and care. In response to feedback and comments Longfield is developing its day therapy services. Some people are not well enough to attend on a weekly basis or commit to a 12-week day therapy programme, some want to access support on their terms when they need it. Thursday morning drop-in sessions mean that people living with a life-limiting illness or carers can drop in for an hour or for the whole morning, no appointment is needed. It is all part of making Longfield more accessible. “You don’t have to be referred. You can come to talk to someone, try our services or simply have a look around, see for yourself how we can help,” said Sian Cole, Head of Care Services. Meanwhile Longfield is making a massive impact in improving care for people nearing the end of life – by passing on its expertise.

The GSF, a national organisation, has helped thousands of doctors, nurses and carers improve standards and provide better care for people nearing the end of their lives. “Until now there have been no GSF accredited care homes in Gloucestershire, so this is a huge milestone in improving care in the region,” said Andrew Fletcher, Chief Executive of Longfield. “Through our education and training programmmes, such as the GSF, we can spread that knowledge and expertise.”

Our own rainbow warriors More than 500 runners took part in our second Flying Colours Run at Cotswold Airport. Together they have raised more than £20,000 – enough to help pay for 800 hours of care by our Hospice at Home nurses.

Earlier this year Longfield was accredited as a regional training centre of the National Gold Standards Framework (GSF), recognising our organisation as a centre of excellence. Already we are running training programmes with care homes from Gloucester, Cheltenham, Burford, Bristol and Exeter.


Mikey Brown is a firm believer that art is the best medicine. He says Longfield’s Art for Health has saved his life. “I had hit rock bottom and I was suffering from depression and felt there was nothing left. This course saved my life.” The 52-year-old was diagnosed with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) in 2013 and had a triple heart bypass a year later. He had to give up his job as an electrician. “I couldn’t even carry my tool box on site. I would just carry the tool I needed for whatever job I was doing. I had to really slow down.” A member of the NHS respiratory team suggested Mikey join the new Art for Health group at the Ed Shed in Gloucester. It is one of the first that Longfield has run as part of its five-year plan to take more of its services out into the community. He admits he was skeptical to begin with but was soon won over. “I loved everything about the course. Every Wednesday for those two hours it took me away from my troubles and stopped whatever was going through my head. I put on a brave face and never told anyone about the depression that I suffered. 6

“I never drew, even as a kid and didn’t think I would be very good at it but that’s not important. When I put my mind into the drawing my breathing slows down and I start to relax.” During the sessions Mikey, who lives in Churchdown, said it helped to be able to talk with the Art of Health practitioner about what was bothering him and to share with other members of the group. “When I started I was using dark colours – dark blues, reds and browns. As the weeks went by my colours got brighter and brighter as I dealt with things and my life got easier. By the end I was using bright yellow, red and green.” Through the group Mikey has made a new friend and they are now looking at running some courses together.

I really believe that if I hadn’t gone to this class that I wouldn’t still be on this Earth. Men are not expected to show their feelings and so I didn’t.

Though the Art for Health sessions have finished Mikey says he is now using art to help him manage his breathing and his anxiety. “Now if I feel down I get out my box of crayons and start drawing. It helps relax me before I get too down.”

Art for Health Longfield has launched its third Art for Health support group in the community. As part of our five-year care strategy, we are taking our expertise out of the hospice and into the centre of communities. By making our services more accessible we can reach more people. Our first Art for Health group was launched in the Ed Shed at Gloucester Folk Museum and we have just launched our second group. We are also running a group at Quedgeley Village Hall.

Art for Health

The Ed Shed group focusses on supporting people with heart failure while the Quedgeley group is for people with respiratory conditions. The free groups, open to adults aged 18 or over, offer people the chance to meet and share with others in a similar situation. “Art for Health isn’t about creating a piece of art,” says Sian Cole, Head of Care Services at Longfield. “It’s about focussing on something different which helps you relax, de-stress and better manage your symptoms.”


caring for carers Here at Longfield we understand how hard it can be to be a carer. While we know that care is provided selflessly and with love, it can be exhausting and stressful. We are committed to supporting carers and looking after their wellbeing. Our first Carers’ Group was launched almost 18 months ago. They meet monthly and offer each other support and sharing experiences in a relaxed and private environment. It’s proven so popular that we have launched a second Carers’ Group.

Even though you look after someone who needs you because you love them, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the demands placed on you as a carer. said Johnny Coleman,

Carers Support Lead at Longfield.

“It is quite common to feel exhausted and, sometimes, isolated, frustrated and even angry. Sharing these thoughts and feelings with others in a similar situation can be very helpful and supportive.” We also run carers’ drop-ins on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings when people can pop into Longfield and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a chat. In October we will host our second Positive Caring course in partnership with Gloucestershire County Council. It is a free six-week course provided by Carers Gloucestershire and provides carers of people with life-limiting illnesses to meet other carers to share experiences, gain support and access useful information. Longfield has many exciting plans for the future including carers’ groups based in communities. We are working closely with carers and their feedback and needs will shape our future services.


We’re all in the same boat For Ron Manuel having a network of fellow carers has changed his life. He is one of about 15 people who meet monthly at Longfield for a carers’ support group.

We share information, experiences and frustrations, says Ron.

More importantly we are all friends and we are all in the same boat.

Ron, from Cam, has looked after Heather for the past 50 years as she suffers from epilepsy. Six years ago Heather was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, an added complication. He joined Carers Gloucestershire where he found out about the Positive Caring course run at Longfield. When you are a carer there is a real danger that you can become isolated, says Ron.

Joining a carers’ support group was the best thing and I’ve learned such a lot.

“The most important thing I’ve learned was that you can get angry and frustrated as a carer. It’s normal and nothing to feel guilty about.” Besides his monthly carer support meetings at Longfield, Ron volunteers two days a month at the Willow Trust. “They are both a bit of me time. I call them my respite days.” Some of the carers who attend Longfield’s support group have suffered bereavements but continue to attend the monthly sessions. “It’s knowing that you can draw upon the members of the group as friends. Whatever you say there stays there and that friendship is the most important thing.”


My journey to recovery

Pauline Hinder’s journey to recovery started with a box of oil paints and the names of colours. Windsor red, cadmium yellow, burnt sienna – for Pauline, an English graduate, the names were comforting, healing and spoke to her of opportunity. “On my first day at Longfield I sat in the art room and they brought me this box full of tubes of oil paint with wonderful, evocative names. Over the years I had lost the creativity in me, lost that colour in my life. Art for Health has brought me back to the person I was many years ago.” The first piece of art she created was a large canvas with thick stripes of colour, layer upon layer.


“Sometimes words aren’t enough to express what you are experiencing. Creating something is like a story unfolding. I may learn something about myself, about my energy, about my illness. In that art room the possibilities are endless and the staff - endlessly supportive.” Pauline first had cancer of the womb in 2013. She recovered but then last year she was diagnosed with cancer for a second time. Her GP recommended she visit Longfield.

I had had my operations but I still just didn’t feel right. Physically I was easier to repair. Mentally and emotionally I was in pieces.

The real changes came for Pauline a few weeks into the programme. “I thought I had had enough time in counselling at Longfield. Then I realised if I was a house, so far we had just been moving the furniture around inside when what I really needed was to shore up my foundations so I re-started counselling there.” Pauline has returned to work full-time but says the day at Longfield is her special day for herself. She wears the clothes she loves – long flowing maxi-dresses – and says at Longfield she can be herself and that this relaxed positivity is finding its way into the rest of her life. “Longfield - especially the art - has helped me redefine myself and to give myself permission to be me. Longfield has helped me come to terms with things in my life that I thought I had dealt with but in fact I had simply buried deep inside.”

Through art Pauline has rediscovered the importance of colour and creativity. “When you have cancer you lose confidence in your body; cancer takes away your confidence in thinking of ‘the future’. But I’ve stopped thinking about dying and am now getting right back on with living! “Longfield has given me back confidence in myself, my health and the bounty awaiting me that is my future. I have just booked a cruise for my birthday next year. I would never have taken that ‘risk’ before I came to Longfield.”

Day therapy Day therapy offers a friendly, therapeutic environment where patients can meet and share experiences. People attend one day a week for 12 weeks. We work with you on the goals that are important to you to support your wellbeing. Our care is personalised and we discuss your care needs and help you develop strategies to support you living with your illness. We support a range of life-limiting illnesses The day starts at 10am and finishes at 3pm and runs Wednesday and Friday. A home-cooked lunch and refreshments are provided. You can choose from a range of support including:

• • • • • •

Complementary therapy: a range of therapies providing relaxation and a sense of wellbeing; Counselling: one-to-one meetings with a trained counsellor to explore issues, cope with the change in your life and look at how to move forward; Creative therapies: opportunity to focus on discovering creativity through using different media. Nursing care: physical and psychological support and symptom control; Pastoral care: to explore spiritual concerns; Physiotherapy: assessment and practical advice.

You can come to Longfield on Thursday morning for our new drop-in day therapy. It is open to anyone with a life-limiting illness and carers and no appointment or referral is necessary. 11

I had to learn to live again


Helen Lynch says Longfield has lifted her black cloud and now she is able to move on with her new life.

Before the accident I was training to be a practice manager at a doctor’s surgery. I had two children and two dogs. My daughter was doing her A-levels. I had not long met Barry and we got on well. Life was looking good.

It was just those few seconds that changed my life.

Some times I couldn’t cope and would break down in tears. It made me feel so depressed and I think I was having a breakdown.

Barry and I had only known each other for three weeks. We were driving back from the stables after feeding my daughter’s horse. The young driver in the Volvo didn’t realise we had the right of way. He didn’t know it was a junction. It just took those few seconds for us to all be in the same place at the same time – or rather the wrong place at the wrong time. The impact was on my side of the car. It hit so hard that our car was pushed across the road into the ditch. The air bags went off. I hit my head. The young driver got four points on his licence and an £84 fine. I was left with a brain injury and shortly after the accident was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

My world was turned upside down.

After the accident I thought I would be fine. But I couldn’t cope. I so wanted to keep going and to keep my job but I just couldn’t multi-task anymore. I couldn’t concentrate.

The tremors started on my right side and spread from my arms to my legs and I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. In those first couple of years I didn’t want to meet anyone or talk to anyone.

I had to learn to live again. It’s like a rebirth. Three years on from the accident I have a very different life. When the Parkinson’s nurse suggested I come to Longfield my first thought was it’s a hospice. I have a brain injury but I am not on my way out. I didn’t feel I deserved the care and support. I wasn’t that ill.


I’ve never been a very good person at accepting help. Allowing people to help me has been a big internal change. The amount of times I cried at Longfield. I learned that I can’t bottle things up and that I need to allow all those pent-up feelings to come out.

I wasn’t planning to create anything but the journal just made sense. Sometimes I can’t always work things out in my head but if I write them down I can work them out.

He really helped me with his words as well as his healing.

no longer under a black cloud. I feel lifted.

Longfield has helped me get through my Day therapy was a wonderful experience. issues. There are still a lot of question The complementary marks but I believe therapies made a we have all the huge impact on me. answers within us I had reiki but it was – you just have to my reflexology with find them. Berndt that really I feel so much better now that I have had affected me. the healing 12 weeks in day therapy. I am Just talking to other people at Longfield made a difference whether it was a patient like myself, a volunteer or a member of staff. I met a woman who has a brain injury. I met another woman who has Parkinson’s. They are going through what I am and it helps to share experiences and to know that you are not mad! Being in the art room is amazing. So much energy. So many things I could do. While I was there I made a journal. Its cover is a collage of images of animals and colour – both which are important to me.


Thanks to that experience, I have the strength to leave the past behind and to see all of the things that I can do now. I now focus on what I can do, not what I can’t.

Longfield has provid learned to allow my

Helen and Barry

ed me with a healing space – and I self to have that day a week just for me. 15

Connecting Care Longfield is starting the week by opening its doors to the Stroud and Cirencester Parkinson’s group by providing a day of taster sessions and lunch. People living with Parkinson’s and their carers can try tai chi, music, complementary therapy and have access to specialist advice from Parkinson’s nurse. This is to help people with Parkinson’s disease understand the services on offer at Longfield and to help them live with their condition.

Our teams at Longfield are committed to ensuring Gloucestershire lives well and the best way to do that is to provide joined-up thinking when it comes to care. So we have partnered with other organisations to raise awareness of our services during Hospice Care Week. The theme of this year’s event, which starts on October 5, is Connecting Care. We are focussing on the special role hospices play in connecting with individuals and families, connecting with local communities and connecting people with each other. 16

We are working with Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court, Great Oaks Dean Forest, Kate’s Home Nursing, Campden Home Nursing and Fairford League of Friends to run information stands at community hospitals, Cheltenham General and Gloucestershire Royal.

We want to ensure people know what services are available and how they can tap into support from hospices. said Sian Cole, Head of

Care Services at Longfield.

“We know that there are more than 3,500 people in Gloucestershire who could benefit from palliative care but are not getting the support they need. If we can reach just some of those people then this week will be worthwhile.”

Reaching more people Longfield is committed to reaching more people than we have ever done before. There are more than 3,500 people in Gloucestershire living with a life-limiting illness who could benefit from our support and care but who do not come to us. Often they may not know about what we do or how we can help. There is also the misconception that we are a place where people come to die and not to live well. Breaking down those barriers of misunderstanding was at the very heart of Longfield’s new identity. We are committed to ensuring the county lives well and we are determined to get that message out to as many people as we can.

Every week more than 3,800 people visit our 14 charity shops. What better place to start talking about what we do and how we support people than in our shops? Each of our shops is now fitted with TV screens and noticeboards so that customers can read about our care services and fundraising activities. We have produced new leaflets explaining our services and the benefits and now provide them in our shops. Our retail teams work hard to ensure a visit to a Longfield shop is enjoyable. We have, in the past six months, refurbished the shops to make sure we are looking our best on the high street.

Now not only do customers find a wide range of good value high quality goods, they are also learning about our services. And that may make all the difference to them or to a loved one. 17

We’re like a family Cirencester Supporters’ Group: Tessa Turner, Audrey Parsons, Elaine Harris, Christine Huebner and Chrissie Howse.

Every year Longfield’s supporter groups raise tens of thousands of pounds enabling scores of people to receive much-needed care. In the past year the charity’s six supporter groups raised £30,000. The Cirencester supporters’ group may only have six members but it generated almost £6,000. When Elaine Harris, who now chairs the group, joined more than 20 years ago it was only meant to be temporary. But friendship and belief in the cause has kept her there. “My sister who lived in Northamptonshire received hospice at home support and I have a lot of respect for Longfield and the hospice movement,” says Elaine. “The group are such lovely people. It’s just a joy to meet with them and to work on events.”


Last year the group did a wide range of events from a fish and chip supper and a jazz saxophone picnic in a barn, to a Christmas fair and a luncheon at Rendcomb College. ‘We are always trying to encourage young people to come along,” says Elaine. “At every event we publicise the supporters’ group and would be delighted for some new faces to join us.” The group – Elaine Harris, Audrey Parsons, Tessa Turner, Christine Huebner, Chrissie Howse and Mary Kitchin – meet regularly. “At the moment we are getting together to work on Christmas decorations for our stall at the Cirencester lights switch-on. We simply enjoy each other’s company and we are like a family.” Longfield’s six supporter groups are in: Cirencester, Cam and Dursely, Severnside, Painswick, Tetbury and Wotton-under-Edge. If you are interested in starting a group in your neighbourhood or village, please get in touch with the Fundraising Team on 01453 886868.

Artists and celebrities are creating artwork in support of Longfield’s Art for Health community programme. Now you have the chance to bid for your own piece of art through our secret auction. The Big Heart Auction will open online on eBay on Wednesday 18th November and will run until Friday 27th November. Most artwork will be A5 in size (21cm x 15cm). To add some excitement and to help us raise more funds for Art for Health the individual artist’s identity will remain a secret until after the auction has finished. A list of all the artists who have taken part will be available during the bidding. The auction is open to all our supporters and members of the public. People who are creating artwork so far include international artist Sam Herman, award-winning wallpaper designer Karen Beauchamp, celebrity doctors Dr Dawn Harper and Dr Mark Porter, author Rachel Joyce and Metro illustrator Anthony Smith.

Be a Big Heart bidder Interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, who has also created a piece of artwork is championing the fundraising campaign.

If you are looking for a Christmas present that’s a little bit different and you would like to support Longfield’s Art for Health, register your interest now by emailing We will be in touch to let you know when you can preview the artwork and to remind you when the auction is about to start. You can also keep up to date with the latest news and see all the artwork on Instagram #longfieldart. Artwork will be sent out to successful bidders during the week of December 7th.


Thank You

These are some of the great contributions from other companies: team of six raised more than • A£6,000 by completing the

gruelling Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100. They were: Julia Mundell, Greg Power, Mark Tuckwell, Andy Claxton, Simon Hayman and Charlotte Mundell.

Julia Mundell, Greg Power and Mark Tuckwell

Our corporate partners are helping us care for more people than ever before thanks to their support.

maintenance company • Property Ian Williams saved the charity

£5,000 on helping rebrand our shops. They also donated £1,000 and raised a further £500 through a team cycle ride.

members from Gardiner • Four Haskins rode 100 miles cycling to all 14 Longfield shops in August.

Three branches of the Coventry Building Society – Dursley, Nailsworth and Stonehouse – have raised £31,000 for Longfield.

provided their new • Renishaw Innovation centre for our

“This is an amazing amount of money for three branches to raise in a short time,” said Andrew Fletcher, Chief Executive of Longfield. “That money will help pay for more than 1,200 hours of Hospice at Home care which will have a massive impact on people in Gloucestershire.

Building Society donated • Chelsea £2,000. & Co Solicitors LLP has • Wilmot chosen Longfield as its charity

“On behalf of all the people we care for, we’d like to say thank you to the county businesses for their ongoing support.” Companies have also provided more than 440 hours of work by volunteering during team days. Their efforts have made a huge difference to the gardens and grounds of Longfield. 20

successful Fifty Shades of Boden fashion show helping to raise more than £2,000.

of the year.

teams from Lloyds gave 102 • Two hours of volunteer work in our gardens.

teams from Ecclesiastical • Four gave 252 hours of work and donated £4,200.

from TSB gave 90 hours • Aofteam work.

A chance to win, a chance to care We have joined up with Ty Hafan children’s hospice lottery – Crackerjackpot – to provide a new way for you to support Longfield. For just £1 a week you can be in with a chance of winning up to £12,000. Not only will you be supporting Longfield but you’re 30,000 times more likely to win one of our weekly prizes than a national lottery jackpot. By playing Crackerjackpot, 60p of every £1 goes directly to Longfield. By playing Crackerjackpot you can help create a steady and reliable source of income enabling us to provide our specialist care service to people living with a life-limiting illness. That continued support means we can be there when people need us most. All of the money raised for Longfield through Crackerjackpot stays in Gloucestershire, ensuring that Longfield helps the county live well and provides supports to families and carers. Remember, the more weekly entries you have the more chances you have to win.

To become a member call 01453 243104 or email 21

Light Up A life to , go r a t as k/ ate rg.u c o i . d e ld To d longfie . tar www ppeal/s n a o ll us a c 8. or 686 8 8 53 014

Be part of something special this Christmas, remember a loved one. Christmas is a time for family and friends, for enjoying loved ones and remembering and celebrating the ones who cannot be with us. Light up a Life is a moving way to remember those special people who have died and celebrate their memory. We would like to invite you to join us and remember a loved one this Christmas. Dedicate a star in tribute to your loved one and keep their memory burning bright. We will send you your own star to put on your tree at home and also host a star for you at Longfield, which you can visit over the festive season. 22

Your dedication will help us raise vital funds for Longfield, enabling us to care for people with life-limiting illnesses as well as their families and carers. Be part of something special this Christmas, and make a difference to your local community. We also invite you to the Light up a Life Service, to be held on December 6 at Minchinhampton Parish Church. It will be an afternoon of music, readings and remembrance. After the service you are invited to enjoy mulled wine and mince pies. Your dedicated star will be displayed on the tree in the Church and then be displayed in our trees in the garden at Longfield throughout December.


OCTOBER 24 Annual Craft Fayre

Coaley Village Hall, 10am-4pm Tea, coffee and cakes on sale. Craft stalls include patchwork, sewing, knitting, children’s toys, jewellery, glass, cards, Christmas gifts, cane furniture and homemade cakes. Quilt Raffle and Tombola. Entry is free.


Film Night - The Choir

Dolphin Hall, Tetbury, 7pm for 7.30pm Tickets are £8.50 and includes a glass of wine. Organised by Tetbury Supporters’ Group. Contact Barbara on 01666 504656 for details.

NOVEMBER 11 Fashion show

Cotswold Edge Golf course, Wotton-under-Edge, 7.30pm. Tickets are £5 and are available from Longfield’s shop in Wotton.


Light up a Life Carol Service

St Mary’s Church, Wotton-under-Edge, 3pm. Remember a loved one in this special service. Organised by Wotton Friends.

DECEMBER 6 Light up a Life Service

Minchinhampton Parish Church, An afternoon of music, readings and remembrance. Contact Longfield for the time of the service. Phone: 01453 886868. 23

MAKE A DIFFERENCE, MAKE A DONATION Supporting families in Gloucestershire at a time when they need it the most.

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By ticking this box, and signing below, I can confirm that I would like Longfield to treat all gifts of money that I have made in the past 4 years and all future gifts of money that I make from the date of this declaration as Gift Aid donations. I confirm I have or will pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for each tax year that is at least equal to the tax that Longfield, and all the charities or CASCs that I donate to will reclaim on my gifts for that tax year. I understand Longfield will reclaim 25p tax on every £1 that I give on or after 6 April 2008. Signature(s):




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