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Concept to Launch

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Components: 1) Who are we? 3) In the beginning 4) Research 7) Consumer 11) Concept 14) Billboards & Advertisements 16) Location 18) Expertise 20) Public Relations 22) Celebrity 23) The Strategy 25) Press Release 26) Event 27) Digital 30) Website 31) The Future

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Who are we?

The Legacy Sercive are a brand targeted at the over 65 consumer with a product that empowers the client to create their own scent. Thus, being packaged in a specifcally ‘designed bottle that resembles a locket resulting in the perfume being a sentimental object.

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In the beginning.

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We are a brand that prides themselves on trust and sincerity with a USP of a refillable bottle catering for a specific gap in the market. Offering a new service that can be continued for generations.

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WGSN provided us with up and coming trends, this one inparticular captured our interest. ‘Epic Intimacy’ a trend on the increase of our digitalised world; how we’re crying out for interaction and conversation in our lives. In result, giving us the perfect platform to create a brand, brand image and target consumer to match.

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“Now part of the establishment and relatively wealthy in comparison to other generations yet are increasingly being left out of the cold by fashion companies keen to reposition brands in order to attract young professionals or the youth market.� - Harriet Posner

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Once we found our market. We found merely a number”. among many other

target market we conducted educated research on a 65+ gap in the women this age didn’t see themselves as old, to them; “age is With influencers like Iris Apfel, Leslie Winer and Daphne Selfe, elder women who continue to get modelling contracts for brands like Vivienne Westwood and Louis Vuitton.

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The Concept to Launch.

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As a new brand emerging onto the fragrance market, we believe that launching our product in a completely unfamiliar and unexpected territory will boost interest and awareness. At The Legacy Service we intend to promote our product through a working collaboration with RHS Flower show in Chelsea, Tatton Park and Hampton Court. The launch will consist of our own perfumery stand at the show where the public can come onto the stand to experience sample scents and fragrances. As well as this, customers can ask questions and generally have a chat about the days event. For us, this will allow us to build on already gained knowledge of our consumer group. Giving customers the chance to smell our scents will reflect our educated decision to hold our launch at a flower show where all smells are organic and naturally occuring.

Next we advise interested customers to give us their details, to receive more information from us. As a brand focusing on interaction and conversation we propose to write a handwritten letter to every client we build a relationship with at the show; enabling us to build a database of clients. RHS Flower show say “Based on 2009 figures, 82% of RHS show attendees are ABC1, 83% will order or buy something from an exhibitor and will spend an average of 4 hours 46 minutes at a show, providing ample time to browse exhibitors and for your business to capture new customers� proving this being the perfect place to target our consumer with a higher disposable income.

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To help promote being at RHS flower shows, we antedate on having our advertisements on bus shelters in the countryside, as the percentage of “bus users have grown to 74.7 per cent” (Daily Mail) since 2008, especially with the over 60’s as free bus travel enforces a “fitter lifestyle” (Daily Mail) as it encourages walking to and from places to catch the bus.

Therefore, advertising our collaboration with RHS flower shows publicizing our brand plus the flower show itself. Using an image from the flower show with an overlay tool over our advert will help depict the merging of the two brands, plus the use of their logo above ours will display clearly what brands are in the advert. fig 7. Page 16


As our concept is for a specific market of 65+, research into popular areas of the country with that age group was done. The western coast of England proved most popular with the elder generation as they felt the bustling life of a city wasn’t right for them. The perfect house to retire in is important and according to an article in The Guardian “They didn’t see retirement as something that comes at the end of life, but as something that marked a new life.” “In fact, the unpopularity of city life among the over-50s was marked. The single most important thing to people was access to the countryside. More than 80% of those polled put the countryside ahead of social life, access to healthcare, house prices, friendly neighbourhoods and good shops.”

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Proving that older people were more aspirational. After finding all this – it seemed fitting to launch our product away from the active streets of the British cities and more towards the calming countryside, launching at Hampton Court in Surrey, Tatton Park in Cheshire and Chelsea gives our consumer options, something they are given little of. Options to choose which flower show to attend to see our team, instead of restricting their opportunities.

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Ladies Day

Tatton Park in particular host a Ladies Day event in which visitors can listen to inspirational women speak of their achievements in horticulture and business, watch the exciting and eye-catching Graduate Fashion Show by the Manchester School Of Art and visit exclusive pop up stands. Becoming the perfect occasion for grandmothers, mothers, daughters and granddaughters to show interest in our Legacy Service.

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In order to get professionals on board with our brand The Legacy Service will invite perfumery specialist Michael Edwards who has made “significant contributions to the industry over three decades”( With him being the creator of the ‘Fragrance Wheel’, author of the ‘Fragrance Bible’ along with an online version archiving profiles of over 16,000 fragrances; the presence of Michael at our launch event will increase our brand image of trust and sincerity due to his wider knowledge in the industry. As a brand that allows clients to produce their own perfume having his expertise on archiving fragrance and opinion on scents can help guide our clients into making a perfume that really works for them personally.

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Public Relations

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It was paramount to our brand image that we picked our celebrity wisely and tactfully without patronising or demoralising our consumer. We looked at previous flower shows held by RHS to see which celebrity had attended. Despite royals such as the Queen attending Chelsea Flower, previous celebrities include Joanna Lumley, Amanda Holden and Dame Helen Mirren. We wanted a cult of celebrities that our women either aspire to or find inspiring in general. Celebrities such as Dame Judi Dench and Emma Thompson were at the top of our list due to their ‘national treasure’ status and being so well respected. Both are still working at their full potential, being living proof that life doesn’t end at the age of 50, therefore, being the perfect celebrity to promote our brand.

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Having the right PR firm is vital when emerging onto a new market, helping a brand build a positive image of a brand as well as powerfully advertising a product that, in the long run, costs less than advertising itself. If done properly. In particular we found Mantelpiece PR – specialising in beauty and fragrance PR. Mantelpiece PR prove to have expertise and experience in this field with previous client testimonials saying “We are already seeing the results with perfectly placed coverage in high profile media titles and are totally confident in them acting as our brand ambassadors in the UK.” Plus, Four Colman Getty are RHS Flower Show’s PR Company with leading expertise in arts, campaigning and events. Having a PR firm that can specialise in arts and other cultural events will help place our brand in a different category to other fragrances as our consumer may have interests in anything from fashion to food, arts to architecture.

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Product: ‘The Legacy Service’ A New Fragrance experience.

Identify a key message:

Conduct PR Activities: -Media Interaction/events -Customer/Celebrity events -Others

The Strategy

At ‘The Legacy Service’ our proposed strategy in PR is simple. Our message to our consumer is: We are a trustworthy, honest brand that wants to assist you in making a truly sentimental item for you and your family. Wanting to use minimal digital methods our way of connecting with our consumer will be down to invites, press releases, live experiences and the reading habits of our consumer. After our launch at the RHS flowers shows with the hope of building a client database, we intend to send out handwritten letters thanking them for showing interest.

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Along with this, we will cordially invite them to an afternoon tea event to experience our service further! Not only do we hope to contact our clients but also send out press releases to magazines appropriate to our consumer, for example Good Housekeeping, Red Magazine and prevalent supplement ‘Style’. By sending our press releases to these we anticipate that in return for using our service they write an article about us in their beauty section. Doing this will facilitate us with real opinions and feedback on our service.

Identify media based on: -Key message -Consumer reading habits

Choose Platform: -Digital -Taditional -Brand Ambassadors

Results: -Media Coverage -Influecne in Sales

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Press Release

Our letters being predominantly sent to Jane Francisco, Annabel Meggeson and Nura Khan all beauty editors of our chosen magazines. The benefits of using a press release document is that free publicity is being generated and can easily be passed from medium to medium. In todays digitalised world, newspapers, magazines and journalists “always demand for new information and angles for news stories.� Therefore a press release will feed their hunger with a concept that has yet to be marketed in the fragrance market.

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Afternoon Tea In regards to our Afternoon Tea event that will commence after being at RHS Flower Show’s we intend to hold them at Exeter Castle, Devon, Arley Hall & Gardens in Chesire and Clandon Park, Surrey. Staying close to the flower shows location but changing from Chelsea to Devon as it was proven that area was the ‘most popular’ location of our target consumer. As stated in the Press Release, choosing stately homes as a location for our afternoon tea event was after educated research on sentimental items the over 65+s keep and many said ‘fine china’. Having the afternoons spread over 3 days in 3 different locations, again links back to the 3 flower shows, giving our consumer options. Our caterers would be Sundae Surprise, an afternoon tea service that can come to any venue of our choice with their catering and it being ‘served on pretty vintage china’ – connecting our brand, service and consumer needs to their bespoke service. Having our editors there will also prolong the prospect of getting coverage from journalists in magazines. Guests will also be able to see a sample mock up fragrance in our designed bottle to portray the object they themselves could own. We will have consent forms on the day for our clients to fill in if they want to go ahead with our service. The rest of the afternoon will be filled with afternoon tea, conversation and memories.

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Digital From research gathered about emerging trends and finding ‘Epic Intimacy’ as a brand we feel it would be a waste of a lot of money to heavily focus and depend on digital marketing. However, one place in particular could help advertise our brand: ‘Advanced Style’ a blog we found when researching into our consumer. This blog is for street of style of the older generation in New York; its followers are mainly of an older age therefore targeting our consumer. Our strategy would be to write to Ari Seth Cohen, creator of the blog and tell him why our product would work well alongside his blogging activity. As he is also bringing out a documentary on his blog along with a book, this would be the perfect occasion to promote our brand through our video on television in the breaks of his documentary and the prospect of advertising alongside his book.

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Social Media After my research into the RHS flower shows, my google page began advertising when tickets were available at the side of the page. After seeing this I felt this could be a good way of promoting our brand as Google search automatically matches brands, products and events linked to your searches on Google. Therefore, we will target a consumer that may be looking for something that we provide. This can lead them to our website where they can find details, information and our brand video. Along with this, despite distinctly outlining we didn’t want to use much digital and social media advertising, it could be a possibility that we are promoted through another brand like RHS and House of Fraser have. As I follow House of Fraser on Twitter and they follow RHS I am instantly revealed to the shows without even having to search for the event, resulting in free publicity with little work done by RHS. A definite possibility for our brand through brand ambassadors and celebrity endorsement that may come about after emerging onto the market.

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Website While launching our product in general we also anticipate launching our website at the same time. Our website will have our short video and TV advertisement on the home page. This website will mainly be focused at our younger generation, as our product is an item that can be passed down generations and with the advances in technology that continue to grow we recognize we need to be able to contact and provide our service for our consumer that may have received our product. This website will give them the chance to understand our brand further along with finding where they can find their family members archived perfume.

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In regards to the future, with a potential growth in target consumer by later on targeting the younger generation that may have received our perfume; to continuing our path to please and build relationships with consumers, its obvious that retail is now about them, not what the brand wants. After our launch event has successfully finished and provided us with advertisements, awareness and feedback we aim to keep in contact with our consumers along with contacting new ones through current clients. Plus, once all that ‘new product’ excitement has calmed we intend on opening up our own stores, firstly, in Exeter, with the hope of opening pop up stores throughout the country. Choosing to have pop up shops has many benefits, for example; its more affordable than opening many standalone stores across the country, it generates a buzz for consumers as it draws attention from crowds and can be used as a brilliant marketing tool for our fragrances and last of all, it can determine spontaneous buying as consumers feel the need of urgency to buy something if its only around for a couple of hours/ days

“According to the co-founder of Think PR Claudine Gumbel, “There’s a certain passion about things that shout ‘act now!’ and that has transpired into the way we shop too.” (trendreports. as our product is like no other on the market, generating a fast buzz with spontaneous buying could help our brand. However, we don’t want to restrict our service and product so we are also directing our chances with QVC, as an online and television retailer selling fragrances they sell brands such as ‘L’Artisan Parfumeur’, ‘Penhaligons’ and ‘Miller Harris’ two of our three competitors. As our fragrance is more of a service that what we aim to sell to the customer on television, a service that has the ability to come to your home for you to experience a bespoke service like no other. To avoid mass, we aim to only sell a select amount of these offers on QVC as we don’t want to be seen as a mass producing brand.

The futures bright for The Legacy Service

To Conclude.

To conclude, collaborating with RHS Flower Shows enables us to promote our brand in an unfamiliar environment where guests at the flower shows are least likely to expect a brand like ours. Having celebrity faces like Amanda Holden, Emma Thompson and Dame Judi Dench will prove that our brand has character and it doesn’t matter what age you are, you’re still the same person on the inside. With the help of our PR firms, press releases and personal invites, our afternoon tea event will provide interested customers that extra interaction with us as a team so they feel truly comfortable with what they are about to produce. Advanced Style will widen our target consumer and hopefully get some online interest. All this put together will then assist the opening of our first store in Exeter along with hopeful pop up stores across the country to create marketing buzz and unprompted buying. Overall, our brand has many opportunities to grow and be successful.


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Word Count: 2,600 words

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Strengths -

Specific Target Market Repeat Custom with generational bottle Niche brand Offering a bespoke service We will create brand loyalty

Opportunities - To expand - Building relationships

Weaknesses - Will it become a popular option - Pricing, will we make a loss? - Advertising

Threats - Not enough interest - Capability of catering for a possible mass in customers

'The Legacy Service' Fragrance Launch Report  

First Year - Module 2 - Fragrance Launch.

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