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GE+SCAD Process Book

Team Awesome


Mike Avaenancio B.F.A. Industrial Design

Camille Sakoda-Chang B.F.A. Industrial Design

Cynthia Sall B.F.A. Graphic Design

Alicen Spurlin B.F.A. Industrial Design


Contents I. THREE PHASES / Discovery / Develop / Deploy




/ Primary Research / Secondary Research III. DEVELOP / Demographics / Ideation + Concepting / Final Concepts IV. DEPLOY

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/ Final Solutions








These phases are a strategy that we based on for our creative process.

I. Discovery

II. Develop

III. Deploy

The GE team provided an excellent brief about their brand, product line, consumer insights, and purchasing data. After combing through the given information, we realized we needed to do some research of our own. So off we went to conduct field observations.

With the data collected from the discovery phase and the implementation of affinity mapping, we identified the categories for potential design problems. At this point we also defined our target market and developed personas to guide solutions for the deploy phase.

After researching we began to formulate concepts that would solve the problems we identified for our persona. We attempted to solve these problems in a variety of ways before narrowing them down and consolidating the ideas into more complete appliances.

How can we began to answer the problem questions with design solutions? and How do we create these solutions according to our target consumer?


Discovery 27 %

Develop 50%

Deploy 23%





Primary Research

Why do consumers buy certain products from the same manufacturer? And what is the future of kitchen appliances?


DISCOVERY Research - Primary Research I Why do consumers buy certain products from the same manufacturer?

Why do people buy multiple products from Apple? There are more advantages when people use multiple apple products than just using a single machine.


One Apple ID to rule them all (all apps and media that is) The best way to get your purchases on all iOS devices is to use a shared Apple ID for them all. Create a family Apple ID if you’re starting fresh, or designate the most used (or oldest) Apple ID as the king. Connecting each device to that shared Apple ID will allow all future purchases to be shared — apps, music, books, newsstand magazines, etc. (Perez 2012)

For example: Apple Products

Chris Perez to How To Manage Multiple iOS Devices with Apple ID online forum, August 20, 2012,


DISCOVERY Research - Primary Research I What is the future of Kitchen Appliances?



(1) Claytronics that allow users to define shapes (2) Zero energy bio fridge (3) Mobile Integrated with light alerting system (4) Eco Friendly hood that spans the width of the counter (5) Multi-touch appliances built into islands



Primary Research

Secondary Research



DISCOVERY Research - Secondary Research Affinity Mapping


Dispersed throughout Savannah, Georgia, our class scoured a broad spectrum of places to study retail environments and layouts, consumer interactions with product and store representatives, and the overall buying experience.


The retail and hospitality sectors we observed included apparel and accessories, appliances, car dealerships, cellular phone providers, department stores, entertainment, electronics, hardware and home improvement, restaurants, and toy stores. We also identified trends in these markets to see shifts in kitchen design, materials, touch points, and technology.

Our research also extended to understanding the consumer demographic. Our goal was to determine historical moments and iconic innovations that may have influenced not only consumers’lifestyles, but their patterns in decision making as well. This information was found to be very useful for creating personas in the define phase.

DISCOVERY Research - Secondary Research Questionnaires



How are we going to solve these problem questions in different categories? Who are we going to focus to sell our product? Who are the target market?






DEVELOP Demographic Research



DEVELOP Demographic Research

Graph of average household size patterns over time 26


Hubble Telescope, a technological and scientific leap of the time

DEVELOP Demographic Research

We gathered information on what our persona, Jennifer, would have grown up with as a kid, a teen. We also included what we felt she would be familiar with now as a young adult mother. Trends we saw were a focus on me, a move towards user friendly design and a leap in technology. The key moments we focused on were the angularity of cars, the quick response to technology, and toys that would have shaped Jennifer’ s aspirations.


Example of toaster that might be owned today Example of range that might be owned today Example of microwave that might be owned today


DEVELOP Demographics - Persona






“I can’t wait for the bake sale at Daniel’s school. Everyone will love my new brownie recipe!”

JENNIFER BROWN 42 Female Divorced with live-in boyfriend

2 Kids Substitute Teacher $50,000

1. Bathroom 2. Accent Bowl 3. Dining Situation 4. Chair 5. Office Desk 6. Office Lamp 7. Coffee Table 8. Nightstand


DEVELOP Demographics - Persona Continued

Previous Kitchen Experience

A day in the life…

Bipolar Diagram












As a substitute teacher, Jennifer often has days to herself. When she isn’t out running errands, Jennifer is free to nurture her growing passion: cooking. Jennifer has always been a decent cook, but with the rising popularity of cooking shows and various potluck events for her kids, she has an urge to improve her skills. She has all sorts of cooking gadgets that take up a lot of space and are difficult to clean, but she treasures them because they are the tools that enable her culinary adventures. Today, she is trying out a new recipe she found online. Jennifer brings her laptop into the kitchen to follow recipes. She likes having it around to look up cooking terminology and tips, but often gets distracted by social networking sites while awaiting the next step in her recipe. When her kids get home, the distractions only get worse. Jennifer and her son, Daniel, live with her boyfriend, Geoff, and his five-year-old, Megan. Geoff spends a lot of time at work, so Jennifer is often left with the kids until late in the evening. Megan in particular seems to do everything she can to get Jennifer’s attention. This often leads to pots boiling over and lots of smoke. Burnt-on food and water on the cook top and loud smoke alarms have a way of discouraging an aspiring chef. Nevertheless, dinner always makes its way to the table - and onto Facebook® as well.


DEVELOP Demographics - Persona Q+A

From development stage of our persona we came up with these questions:

How can cooking be more fun? How can I cook like a pro mom? How can I cook a wider variety of foods easily? How can I make prep and cleaning easier?



We discovered areas in the kitchen that could be made into a better experience. As well as experience we found design aesthetics and technology we could draw inspiration from as we implemented our ideas.




Persona Ideation + Concepting


DEVELOP Ideation + Concepting / First Wave



DEVELOP Ideation + Concepting // Second Wave






Persona Ideation + Concepting

Final Concepts




Our appliances all feature a triangular aesthetic. This design keeps your kitchen looking sharp while reinventing the way we utilize space. By separating the input dials and the information read outs onto opposing triangles, an engaging, asymmetric cut is created. The new negative space adds to the windows which makes it easier and more aesthetically appealing to view food. The triangles also help us achieve more ergonomic angles, and create an opportunity for a new interaction with materials. By leaning the controls triangle back slightly, the surface is at a more comfortable angle to the eye, and the features are more legible. Starting to bridge the gap in the human to controls interaction, the design evolved further into something tangible. Keeping in mind child-safe kitchens, our“keep away”concept provides aesthetic, built-in child safety features that give adults a tactile experience. The controls are covered by a resilient skin – soft and smooth to the touch,

durable and well equipped for the kitchen. When in use, the controls are raised against the skin, revealing their form and function. Back-lighting, graphics and subtle feedback create ease of use and help to complete this sensory interaction. Intriguing for adults can seem enticing to children as well. To help keep everyone in the family safe, the controls recede and the skin becomes a flat surface when appliances are not in use. This tells children that there’s nothing for them to play with, and serves as a visual to everyone that the appliance is off. The handles on all of our appliances also follow the angles from the opposing triangles. This creates a handle bar which accommodates both left and right handed users.


DEVELOP Final Concept I Renderings



Cook-top & Tiles

The modular cook top allows the aspiring home chef to experiment with different cooking styles without taking up all their cabinet space. Different cooking strategies require different appliances. With our cook-top, sleek convection tiles with designated heating coil patterns and surface forms imitate grills, wok stands and hibachi-style cooking as well as a variety of round burners. The heating coils are built into the tiles, so you get all the luxury of a convection cook top without need for special cookware. They store away neatly in a slim drawer attached to the cook-top, and the tiles are also dishwasher safe, so clean up is a breeze.




Our in-wall oven is designed with accuracy, comfort and safety in mind. The oven door can perform two, separate operations: venting/ broiling and lifting. For venting or broiling, the handle can be pushed in and the door will tilt slightly like a regular oven. To open the door, simply push the handle upward, and it lifts up, never exposing the user to the hot side of the door. The interior of the oven is coated with a blue enamel which speeds up cook times due to the color’s heat absorption rate.






The in-wall microwave has the same opening mechanism as the oven so that the door doesn’t open into your space, but slides up and out of the way instead. The interior walls are made up of interlocking panels which are dishwasher safe. This makes scrubbing dried food off the microwave a thing of the past.

DEVELOP Final Concept I Renderings



Warming Drawer

Timing multiple dishes is difficult enough without worrying about when everyone will be ready to eat. The warming drawer is a saving grace for home chefs who have families to wrangle up for a meal. Our version of this under-appreciated appliance has a clear top window which helps you keep an eye on -or just remember- your food. The warming lights are also slightly visible through the housing. This visual feedback reassures you that your carefully prepared meal is indeed being kept warm at a temperature of your choosing.




The hood has a simple exterior, but houses great features. The space between the inner and outer walls leads to the fan which creates suction, pulling smoke and odors into a vent that has been hidden from sight. This perimeter venting system pulls in smoke from anywhere on the cook top and also opens up the center of the hood for other tools to help you become a better home chef. The first thing included is a pull-down shelf. This hidden compartment lowers smoothly with

a slight push, creating a unifying space-saver between your hood and cook top, housing all of your frequently used spices. This shelf can easily be slid back into the hood to prevent oil splashes and grease build up. Closest to the center of the hood is the realtime temperature (RTT) infrared sensor. This can tell you the temperature of any part of your cook top surface at any time. Whether your pan is still heating up or there’s a temperature drop because you just added something to the pot, you’ll know and be ready to compensate thanks

to this built-in helper. The next feature is a black smoke detector. If something starts to burn, the smoke will trigger the vent to turn on automatically and, if synced with the GE cook top, will automatically start to reduce heat of the targeted cooking tile. This detector can help save your meal as well as your cooking enthusiasm by reacting before blaring home smoke alarms go off. A camera is also included in the hood to take aerial photos of your perfectly prepared meal for tutorials, making recipes or bragging rights.



Final Solution

Three Families



Analog Right Now



GE Sync

Lead Screw Rack

GE sync is the capability to connect your GE appliances together. Connecting appliances gives the user the capability to operate multiple appliances from the control center of the kitchen -the cook top. With a simple push of the GE logo button on all of the devices, they will recognize each other, similar to bluetooth.

The racks in the oven are mounted on lead screws which allow for complete adjustability in rack height. By turning a dial, the user activates a mechanism which turns the lead screws in sync with one another. This raises and lowers the racks smoothly by minuscule increments.


Button Controls

The controls are flat dials that sit under the polyurethane-coated lycra skin. They contain a conductive membrane that reacts to human touch. The dials function like a click wheel – it doesn’t physically turn, but registers your finger moving against it, accepts the command and gives subtle feedback. When the appliance is no longer in use, the dials recede and the lycra skin becomes flat.




Hybrid Down the Road


Button Control


The controls are presented in the form of back-lit graphics projected against the lycra skin. There are sensors beneath the graphics that register your finger moving against the skin. With sweeping motions, you can select modes, change temperatures, and set timers. The intensity of the light gives visual feedback, and soft, audible tones are optional. When the appliance is no longer in use, the graphics dim, and the control panel appears blank


Electromagnetic Rack


By using Electromagnets to adjust the height of the oven racks, the user is given an infinite range of placement for their racks. Electromagnets work simply by charging a particular portion of a track so that it becomes magnetized. When the magnetized section changes, the rack- with its magnets- moves to realign with the newly magnetized section of track. The benefit to this is that it only requires electricity to run, eliminating the need of outside materials and periodic replacement. In case of black out, the oven is preprogrammed to hold enough power to gently lower the racks to the bottom of the oven so that they don’t fall unexpectedly.




Grid Guidelines

The grid guidelines is projected from the hood and gives guidelines based on the users input for perfect cutting. This will create a better experience for the user so that food cooks more evenly and looks professionally presentable.



Follow Along

GE Sync

GE sync is the capability to connect your GE appliances together. Connecting your appliances enables you to operate multiple appliances from the center of your kitchen. This feature is also used for the recipe follow along and various other functions.

Kitchen Dictionary The kitchen dictionary gives users an entire database of definitions, pictures, reference numbers, tips and tricks for cooking terminology.

The Follow Along concept is a step-by-step recipe assistant. Once the user uploads a recipe and chooses to start by selecting it on the hood touch screen, the option to turn on the follow along will appear. If selected, the recipe will be visually highlighted one step at a time. Through the GE sync, the screen of the corresponding appliance will light up along with the step in the recipe. This helps the home chef figure out an order for preheating, adding ingredients and checking on food.


Digital Into the Future


Claytronic Button Control


The control functions are preprogrammed into claytronic atoms (nano computers) that lie beneath the lycra surface. When inactive, the claytronics do not hold a solid form. The lycra skin keeps them in place until the appliance is ready to be used. When activated, the claytronics can be formed into any shape the user desires, but the functions they perform will remain the same. This allows for maximum customization in ergonomics, aesthetics and visual comprehension.


Superconductor Rack


Super conductors are implemented in the design as a way to accurately manipulate height of racks within the oven. Controllable superconductors when accurately modified through the use of nitrogen compounds are programed to both attract and repel magnetic substances; this specific engineering produces what we often refer to as levitation. When the amount of negative force to a magnet is decreased, an object will float lower to the surface in which it travels. These elements in conjunction with a controlled environment such as the interior of an oven will produce stable, infinite lift, able to support any given weight applied by the placing of food.


GE Sync & Kitchen Dictionary These same functions from the hybrid family also appear in the digital family, unchanged.


Social Kitchen

The social kitchen allows users to earn points through the use of their GE appliances during each meal. Users photograph and share their food creations on social media sites, and compete with their friends or against GE appliance owners, city or state wide. This feature aims to bring out the competitive nature of aspirers. Healthy competition and a desire to be better than friends and neighbors fosters courage to try more complex recipes, and makes additional GE appliances more desirable. Leaderboards keep track of scores, and there are many possibilities for prizes or other incentives.


Thank You!

Team Awesome GE Process Book  

Final Process Book done for GE Kitchen of the future, Fall 2013 SCAD

Team Awesome GE Process Book  

Final Process Book done for GE Kitchen of the future, Fall 2013 SCAD