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Design Considerations • Retail area, reception and screened off manicure/pedicure area • Two treatment rooms • Tanning room (tent 1m² plus changing space) • APOTHECARY • Medusa Dorchester as an example • Heated flooring in treatment rooms • Treatment couches 6ft long (need space all around) • Vintage look • French Style (feminine) • Use of light wood (French antique white)

The Inspiration – Medusa Dorchester

The design concept for La Belle Peau is inspired by Medusa based in Dorchester with the idea of the apothecary and vintage look.

Initial Design Ideas

Manicure and Pedicure Stations‌

Beauty Treatment & Tanning Rooms

Colours & Overall Finish


Design Description‌ The design concept for the La Belle Peau is a stylish and luxurious antique white colour scheme with an accent colour of aubergine. With a classic French style in terms of furniture, fixtures and fittings. The apothecary will be the style for the retail area, this space will also include a reception desk and a seating area for clients due for their appointments. There will also be a screened off area for manicure and pedicure stations. This will then lead towards the back of the building where there will be two beauty treatment rooms and a tanning room, the style will flow throughout.

Proposed Floor Plan for La Belle Peau

Apothecary Treatment room one

Waiting Area

Storage Reception

Manicure & Pedicure Stations

Tanning room

Treatment room two

3D Visual: Reception & Apothecary

3D Visual: Manicure & Pedicure Stations

3D Visual: Beauty Treatment & Tanning Rooms

Designed and presented by Alice Morice

Beauty Salon Presentation  
Beauty Salon Presentation  

Beauty Salon